Changing the fuel filter on a Toyota Tacoma Truck

Ok, so the fuel filter on a Toyota Tacoma
is right underneath the driver side door. It’s this guy right here. It’s right next
to the transfer case. So basically all you got to do is unscrew these bolts. There are
two; one on either side. And get this bracket off and just slide the new one into place.
So once you get this bolt undone, remember that the gas line is under pressure so it’s
going to let out probably about half a cup of gas. Just be ready for that. And then as
you can see on this side of it, the person who did this before me kind of stripped that
nut. So what I’m going to try to do right now is get a 19mm wrench on this end on the
black part of it and a 14mm end on that and see if I can just twist them apart. Hopefully
that way works. I got this end pulled out here easier. There’s less of it sticking
inside the filter. So that pulled that end out and then the whole thing just slid apart.
Then next thing you got to make sure is the arrow on the filter is always pointing away
from the gas tank so it’s filtering the fuel from the tank and spitting it out into
the engine. So I’m going to pop this end first and then the other end and then just
bracket it in just like it was before. There you go. All installed and ready to go.

54 thoughts on “Changing the fuel filter on a Toyota Tacoma Truck

  1. Dude…. you're lucky. Mine is under the intake manifold. I got nothing but a fuel line next to that parking brake lever.

  2. There is an awesome spray called 'PB Blaster' Spray that on it and wait 10-15 min (or overnight) and that might help you get it lose. You can get 'PB blaster' or any other penetrating spray at an auto parts store, or click the link in the video description and search on Amazon. You can usually get it for under 10-15 dollars.

  3. Doesn't get much simpler than that. Thank you brother. Iv got over 200,000 on my 01. Everything under hood is original other than water pump. It just started cutting out a little today. I'll start with fuel filter. Pray that's it.

  4. Thanks, I have 330k miles on mine and never changed the fuel filter so I didn't know where it was, awesome

  5. The generic filters have been tested and receive just as high, if not higher ratings than the Toyota filters.

  6. Only on a V-6 engine it's located on the left side underneath on the floorboard, if it's a 4 cylinder engine it's a little harder to replace, it's attached to the intake manifold under the manifold near the number one cylinder, towards the front of the engine. I so happen to have the 4 cylinder and it's not going to be easy to replace as your video here on a 6. Thanks for posting…now show us a 4 cylinder filter replacement. ha!

  7. How about you make a video, and ill post it as a video response to mine. That way everyone can benefit from your expertise. I am fresh out of 4 cylinder Tacomas at the moment.

  8. Wow, a lot of people seemed to give you flak on this. Thank you for taking the time to record, edit and post this. I appreciate your effort 🙂

  9. Thank you, JerryRigEverything. I think you are a smart guy, not a jackass, that he who tries to degrade others with disparaging comments only degrades himself and that even one with vastly superior intelligence, no Enida, you have yet to prove that, who puts down anybody who has even inferior intelligence, only reflects negatively on he who puts others down. You, JerryRigEverything have obviously put some time and work into this and have done us a fine favor in that a garage mechanic would probably charge at least $100 for this where I live in Southern  California. Again, thank you very much. Subscribing to you videos.

  10. Did you have to use washers or o-rings to on the fuel line? My fuel filter came with 4 tiny small washers and I am not sure where they are supposed to go.

  11. Is that thread tape i saw at the end? I installed one of these today on my 92 yota 4×4, leaked some…i took it off and cleaned the threads, still leaked, tried teflon thread tape, still leaked. The crush washers didn't seem to help, they crushed down crooked and leaked as well.
    This is the 2nd filter over several years, i noticed last time i had to tighten it as humanly possible, today i bent the larger built on nut on the filter, the larger nut caved in on both ends from so much force tightening it, and yet leaked. Maybe the fuel line ends are worn? IDK but tomorrow i'm cutting the flared ends off the fuel lines and goin to install a K&N inline see through filter with new rubber fuel lines attached to the freshly cut metal lines.
    The truck sat for a couple years prior to me buying it and i realize things wear out but damn, half a day trying to get a new fuel filter to stop leaking is ridiculous. New outlook on a new fuel filter setup tomorrow.

  12. I have a 95 tacoma 2.7 4×4. I wish it was that simple as your video but unfortunately my fuel filter isn't there. Just wanted to throw out that some tacomas have their fuel filter under the intake manifold and is a pain in the ass to get your hands in and replace.

  13. Invest money in some Flare Nut wrenches. Prevent stripping of the nuts. Take off the fuel cap. That'll help depressurize the fuel tank.

  14. Note: Do not make this filter change with a full tank of fuel, the flow of fuel through the line doesn't stop. my job was horrendous because i did it this way.

  15. Not true on the 1998 Tacoma the fuel filter is underneath the manifold where it is a bitch to get to they said you would have to take off the manifold  but you can to it by  taking  off the tire and reach though the inside but you have to have small arms  I am doing this as we speak good luck   !!!!

  16. Thanks for posting this video.  I have a 96 T100 and my filter is exactly where yours is. 

    My problem is that my truck idles very rough on warm starts.  In other words, I can go into the grocery store for 30 min and when I come back out she will start but idle very hard and if I put her into a gear the motor dies.

    Could this be the fuel filter, the fuel pump, or both?

  17. Hey Jerry, it depends on the engine type.  In a 2003 tacoma with a 2.4 liter engine, the  fuel filter is under the intake manifold.  Not an easy replacement!

  18. The fuel filter on my 2003 Tacoma 2.4L is in a more difficult location: under the intake manifold. It can barely be seen from the top.

  19. My 1998 Tacoma has the fuel filter right under the intake manifold. Damn near impossible to get to without some disassembly. Plus, mine is connected with Banjo Nuts, so no line wrench required

  20. Ummm what about the copper washers? Just did mine twice ugh! Use the rubber cap from new one to stop flow from tank while changing.

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