100 thoughts on “Cheap Vintage Lenses on Arri Alexa Classic

  1. Damn dude so sorry to hear about the bike. My wr was stolen in March. Fuck thieves. Hope you get another dual sport soon!

  2. I had an old Pentax 6×7 medium format camera, those things had nice glass down to f2.4 and cheap too, don't know if they would fit your rig though.

  3. Have broke the arm, somebody stole bike… Man, you have bad luck! Be very careful with you arri camera)

  4. Potato Jet is a professional not using the instructions or manual and fails, yeah fuck instruction.

    OMG your bike, how about my Mavic mini!! waiting for it…

  5. Sorry your bike got stolen. I'm surprised someone with your fame and your arri alexa and other super expensive equipment that you don't have security cameras. I am not saying it's your fault or that I am jealous but I strongly recommend that you invest in security cameras now. I live in a LA suburb and got 5 bicycles (but regular cycles not motorized) and my mom's car got broken into and someone attempted to steal my truck. Not trying to be mean but hurry and get those security cameras

  6. C'mon guys, stop it with those "Up" comments, the guy just had his bike stolen. Maybe a Golden Retriever and a couple of tennis balls can cheer you up

  7. Starting video with "today is a good day" got bike stolen and still puts a "vintage lens" in a title 😀 dude you are a god of positivnes

  8. I was cringing so hard when you used the power tool. Please buy some proper hand tools. iFixit toolkits have their place but shouldn't be anywhere near an Arri, just saying. Love your content and sorry for your loss.

  9. The problem with these Arri Alexa videos is that the transition is so jarring. Can we just agree you shoot with the Ari Alexa all the time? The transitions to something inferior are just painful.

  10. 4:28 "You can kind of see the triangular bokeh …

    …like a Stop sign" ?!?

    Bro, Stop signs are everything, but not triangles, where did you steal your license? 😛

  11. 7:48 – Reaction of operator in US – "Oh I'm so sorry. Oh my goodness…". Reaction of operator in my country: "Wahahaha. Dumb! Next time chain your shit-bike to the wall, idiot. This is your problem, don't call me anymore. Looser! Beeep Beeep Beeep…" :)))

  12. The dream team ! 
    But seriously … Cheap vintage lenses … for $600… man you should check my channel for really cheap amazing lenses = $20 is cheap

  13. You should check Craiglist and facebook got anyone selling your bike or bike parts on the surrounding area.

    That sucks man that makes me mad for you. I know how it feels to wake up with something you own gone, and you thinking wtf, where my stuff and your heart falling in your stomach

  14. Potato's bike got stolen.
    Potato: Nah the title will be 'Cheap Vintage lens on Arri Alexa' that's more clickbaity???

  15. Uhm didn't you use the bike in the morning to drive to the studio????? or is that almost the same bike..? I am confusion

  16. Bruh. Legit my phone was picked last saturday and I was in a funk for like 4 days straight. And you just laugh off that your bike was stolen. Wtf?!

  17. Oh Gaaawd !!! I feel for you. I got my bicycle stolen back in 2001 and I couldn't even eat for like two days. I was so shocked and devastated. And you know what, after a month, I was at a grocery store and I saw my bicycle parked outside. Although it was modified but I still managed to recognize it. It was dear to me, I used to go to school on that thing. So.. when the new owner saw me looking at the bicycle (he was grown up man while I was a kid) he took the bicycle and started riding it away from. I got hold of it from the carrier on the back seat. He tried to hit me on my hand there but luckily people saw me running after a bicycle and stopped him !

  18. I love the part of the video where the text says " The lens is 600$ but I keep the title because is click bite!!!". Sure "my bike was stolen" was not clickbite enough XD

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