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*Commotion* Why didn’t you add Iynavaram?
I’ll break your mouth! Why are they fighting? Will be the question on your mind. The answer to that question, is another question. If Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu,
then what can be the capital of Chennai? What are for Chennai? Definitely Mylapore only We have the Kapaleshwar temple, Maami’s mess, City centre… Why, the world’s second largest beach Marina is also ours only If we have to name a capital for this city,
there is no other choice than Mylapore *crickets chirping* *quack* *quack* What will you do with a big beach? Sit in the wind and eat Sundal Do you know Usman road?
-Huh? Do you know what is it’s net worth? have you ever been to Ranganathan street? You would have definitely gone We see your weekend crowd on a weekday during Matinee hours! Located at the heart of the city… T.Nagar, is the ONLY choice for capital! So much buildup for an area without a theater? uh?
-Actually sir Don’t call Krishnaveni and all a theater pah PLEASE! You all keep talking about Chennai amongst yourselves… It is only because of the movies we take at Vadapalani and Kodambakkam… That the entire world knows about Chennai! You saw Kaka-Muttai didn’t you? Vadapalani! The capital for cinema, the capital for Chennai! No matter what movies you take We supply the regular audience for it every weekend Velachery, is the hands down choice. *intense zoom-in that represents nothing* Does anyone know what is the GDP of Chennai? Do you know it? Do you know? Why don’t you just say it. Google it! We are the industrialists We provide 52.7% of employment for the city We are the reason for Chennai’s development! So, Guindy is the capital of the city. What sir Once you become a big person, you will forget your roots? Don’t you know who it is? Educational Epicentre. Adyar! Anna Gem, St.Michaels St. Patricks KRMM, St.Patrician Madras School of Economics Bala Vidya Mandir Govt. school, Bharat school CEG, IIT If you install a satellite above our area… The country itself will get a degree! Dude What you guys are saying is just oblivious to me I mean Lets get to the real deal huh Talk premium… talk KNK! Chennai’s very own Times Square! Van Heusen! LP! Sandys Haagen-Dazs! Where, try saying it let’s see. We have the best food! The best properties! And most importantly… The best girls! Bro… Keep your eyecandy to yourself Because at the end of the day All of you along with your eyecandy are going to come here to timepass So what’s the point in fighting You guys need to learn how to chill like us Look at us We are so chill.. We are not even competing for the Chennai’s capital post Peace Then what are you doing here? They said free coffee after the meeting, right? *facepalm* See I’ll tell you all something Have you come near Anna Nagar? Planned roads, pucca layouts. Why. Anna Nagar tower park.. If you go on top of that park you can see the entire of Anna Nagar Then Anna Nagar arch… I don’t even have to talk about that Sir You don’t have to say anything No ji wait
-Anna Nagar is another city We called you to this meeting by accident
-Boss I am Chennai guy Oh no Chennai, you say, We should say no? Mistakes happen man, come on It’s OK Anna Nagar
– Journey will be stressful Be careful Have the tea and coffee Ok ah?
Don’t forget to change the Timezone! Ei What are you saying huh? You keep saying Capital Capital We only provide capital to the entire city no Come to our area Do you know how many sweet shops are there? come You can spit pan anywhere you want Hey! You can celebrate Holi! Interesting area Ho! Sowcarpet ka capital! T.Nagar! you say it too!
Sowcarpet for capital! Sowcarpet for capital I’ll give you Jalebi Maami, Sowcarpet for capital! Jalebi? Where Jalebi? Ah, you sleep, sleep. Vadapalani! You say it na, Sowcarpet for capital Get lost Hello! You will come to take a film right For you alone 5 times the interest Ah! *Yawwnn* You oldies are all Bo-Ring! Alwarpet is the shizz yo! Do you know which is the capital of the US? New York!
The Big Apple The city that never sleeps
Just like Alwarpet After Small world there’s Havana, then Dublin then Illusions! You know what?
Tonight, the party is on ME! And guess who is DJing ha! yours truly Peace out bro! Alwarpet for capital Sir! Sir! Sir! He is calling you What is it? Maybe say something? What to say? If I push Tambaram for capital will you all accept? Will you let me in? Somehow do something Anyhow, you will all earn and come build houses in my area only no,
I will take care of you then! Oh what sir… We have 1000s of flats in our area You can relax What ma. What do you know about Tambaram? Just like how Mumbai is India’s gateway,
Tambaram is Chennai’s gateway do you know? Everyone who come to Chennai instead of spending time in Chennai… Spend more time in Tambaram because of Traffic jams Settu, what is your problem? Another question?! You yourself know where this will go end. *Co-mo-tion* Heeey! Stop stop STOP! STOOOP! What is the time? 7 30! Today is Mumbai Indians CSK match! This is Chennai! Despite everyone being unique Even for a small matter, everyone will become one This is despite knowing about the CSK Ban Only one person came from North Madras The rest of them Went to see “Maari” hence he also left in between Besides, we didn’t really decide which IS the capital for Chennai But you can Go to the comments section and recommend the area of your choice! And please press the subscribe button on the way. O:) Most importantly, before leaving If you can order 2 idlys and one chutney We will happily do the next video.
*For real :’) *

100 thoughts on “Chennaiyin Capital | Madras Meter

  1. parrys corner should be capital because parrys corner"s another name is begging of chennai.

  2. Ada Poanga pa Tamil nadu capital chennaiye kedayathu madurai than varalaru mukkiyam amaichargale ……………

  3. kk nagar, t nagar or alwarpet..keep anything as capital but do something to change the name of city back to Madras..the 375 yr old legendary name is dying..afterall chennai is not a tamil name & Madras is not a English name..pls google & check out the truth..

  4. velachery is the capital of Chennai because it has the Chennai's biggest mall, area size biggest in population and has many restaurants , malls, theatres, and has many buildings

  5. First of all,Chennai should be renamed as Madras again..The name "madras" is epic,right from Madras regiment to Madras cricket club..Its a legendary name for the beautiful city!
    What say?

  6. City-ikku capital thevaiya?. Is there really a need to add another hierarchy to governing body?. Appo antha postinga SUB-Minister'nu(assistant to "cabinet Minister of state"!) label pannalama?. Chief SUB-Minister and SUB-Ministeraukku salary enna?.

    Amma election eppadi, budget irukka?. Election budget, assembly building, Secondary secretariat body venum(puthu secratariat buildinga open pannida vendiyathu than, Amma vera illa easiya than irrukkum permission vanga).

    Sollunga oye … eppa poojaya arambippum?. 😛

  7. Mostly capital of the city based on government offices. Now decide which is the capital. Residents may change thier house to any where.But government offices very rare.

  8. Koyambedu tha chennnai capital because Asia largest bus stand and largest market is in Koyambedu Endha uru ponunun asa patalum inga tha varanum

  9. Kilpakkam
    Aaa chennai oda capital illa Madras metre native place kk mairu ?chennai la thaniya varala athukku sanda poduga da na chennai kku capital fix paranuga first tu TN kku sariyana CM ma fix pannuga aprm pakka la chennai kku capital ennanu

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