Chicken Bacon Supreme Sandwich Challenge in Spain!!

¡Hola a todos! Mi nombre es Randy Santel “Atlas”‘ estoy muy muy contento de estar aqui con me amigo Joe Burger Challenge
and MandelVsFood estamos in Asador El Pastoret (applause) it took me four tries to say that but
Valencia in Eastern Spain and we’re taking on El
Reto Supremo, or the Supremo Sandwich Challenge which this is just one massive
sandwich of chicken, I think chicken legs a whole bunch of bacon,
we’ve got cheddar cheese and then a whole bunch of healthy vegetables on the
bottom but I know there’s lettuce, tomatoes, and I think some others, but
we’ve got 90 minutes to finish this thing,
if we fail it’s going to be 23 euros but if we win we’re going to get our
sandwiches for free, we will get sweet t-shirts and we will be the second third
and fourth hopefully on their Wall of Fame because only one winner so far, and
this guy he lost his first try but he’s going to dominate tonight, just like I’m
going to dominate this guy! You guys have watched me lose the last three to him
but I’m gonna get him tonight, alright let’s get this challenge started! All right, quite a few have tried only
one winner, the time limit is 90 minutes and the guy finished in just under the
90 minutes so we’re all trying to do a lot better than that, I know Joe’s gonna
try to get the win this time and then even if I lose I still must eat more
than this guy! Un, dos, tres… Boom! This sandwich comes out to about 2.5
kilos total for 5 to half pounds let’s eat! We’re 12 minutes and 45 seconds in I
think there were like seven slices or seven pieces of chicken and they were
all delicious! I saw them throw the bacon on lose the bacon but it was all just
delicious! So I got all the filling pretty much
done along with the tomatoes I just got the bread and the lettice to go! Mandel
over here dominating, he’s had some of the bread already and then so has Joe,
but let’s go! We’re just over 20 minutes in it’s gonna
be a close one 25 minutes 14 seconds is the new record
for Retp Supremo or The Supremo Sandwich Challenge that was delicious!
Still have tons of time, over 1 hour left so let’s go man! 27 minutes and 13 seconds In honor of win number 639 and we’re
just about hit 500,000 subscribers, It was overall win number 639 and win number one against Mandel Vs Food!

100 thoughts on “Chicken Bacon Supreme Sandwich Challenge in Spain!!

  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching the video!! It was great getting to eat with Joe and Mandel so many times!! Wednesday's video will be a fun one, featuring our $20 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Fast Food Challenge!! Then Friday's video will be another tour video featuring a team challenge that Magic Mitch and I attempted together at a Venezuelan restaurant in Valencia, Spain!!

  2. I want this guy in the yellow shirt to be your competitor in every video. You two together….thats very entertaining 😂😂🤟
    And hes a damn good eater🙄

  3. Pretty awesome! You enjoyed the competition and camaraderie on that challenge! Looked almost as fun as it appeared to be delicious.

  4. I have just realised something, you don't need any weight training because it is already in you gut. How do keep yourself from going massively obese? You must do a killer work before and after.

  5. I always laugh when Randy says and some healthy vegetables when it turns out it's only lettuce and tomatoes…LOL

  6. @randysantel You better than me Randy. That's like 2 days worth of food to me. Yet I'm heavier set than you!

  7. Thank you Randy Santel. God bless you & your loved ones. If it wasn’t for this channel I wouldn’t have gained my love for food & eating healthy back 🙌😇

  8. Randy seems like such a cool humble dude
    Hope he keeps on with career in eating and continuing with making these entertaining videos

  9. If I may, and I’m not being rude not disrespectful, just curious.. Why is it that you mention healthy vegetables when you’re eating food that has sooo much calories and cholesterol and sooo much other bad things???

  10. Those sammiches look sooo good!!! Im no pro eater but i think i would do well in this challenge😊 Great job as usual Randy and friends!!

  11. Stonie is better but at least you're eating your food with table manners and enjoying it while finishing the whole thing

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