good afternoon have an umbrella handy
today western regions including Seoul have been seeing a good amount of rain
with up to 40 millimeters of precipitation in the forecast but
showers are due to let up this afternoon starting in the central parts of the
country the rain has brought chillier air to the country and daily highs in
many regions will only be in the teens so do wrap up warm most of the regions
will also have a breezy afternoon today a relatively cold pattern will set in
for the next few days this Wednesday which is hunger day in Korea will have
the chillest morning temperatures of the season at a low of 8 degrees here in the
capital but readings will return to near Caeser norms by the end of the week but
another typhoon has formed off the east coast of Guam tropical storm Haga bus’
for now it does not seem like it will impact Korea but a cruise ship attract
due to difference in surrounding atmospheric pressure that’s Korea for
you and here’s the International weather for viewers around the world

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