Chilly day ahead for Tuesday, rain on Jeju and east coast

good afternoon hope you dressed warmly
it’s forecast to be clearer than yesterday in fact most regions at lows
below 10 degrees Celsius this morning and daily highs will also be couple
notches lower than Monday so daily highs will be ranging between 18 and 21
degrees Celsius but the skies will get sunnier as the day goes on meanwhile
Korea’s East Coast and Jeju is forecast to receive five to ten millimeters of
showers and mountainous regions Encounter province casitas seasons first
snow and it’s going to be another chilly morning on Wednesday then readings will
return to sea sonorous piety and of the week but mostly sunny skies will stay
with us for the rest of the week and with chewer weather here it is time to
start changing our daily habits to prevent loose dry and itchy skin and
these tips should help you keep your skin self during the colder months
that’s Korea for you and here’s the International weather for viewers around
the world

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