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Chinese Wey-S Forward Is With The S And X
Crossover Concepts The Wey-S concept is designed to preview a
production model called VV5. Chinese automakers had a limited presence
at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but that didn’t stop Wey from unveiling the S and X concepts. The Wey-S Crossover Starting with the Wey-S concept, the model
is an electric crossover that previews the next-generation VV5. It features a bold “Pioneer
Tension Aesthetics” design which is “dynamic and fashionable” in order to appeal to young
people. The company didn’t say much about the crossover,
but it has a fully enclosed grille, slender LED lighting units and video camera side mirrors.
We can also see flush-mounted door handles, aerodynamic wheels and vertical rear brake
light fins. Also Read: This Concept From WEY Comes With
A 3D Holographic Virtual Assistant Moving into the cabin, there’s a digital
instrument cluster and a freestanding infotainment system. Designers also installed a panoramic
glass roof, stylish seats and a ‘floating’ center console. Detailed performance specifications weren’t
released, but the concept has all-wheel drive and a combined output of 349 hp (260 kW / 354
PS). This enables the crossover to accelerate from 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) in 4.9 seconds
and travel approximately 249 miles (400 km) on a single charge. The Wey-S is also pretty high-tech as it features
a Level 4 semi-autonomous driving system, intelligent facial recognition and gesture
recognition technology. Other highlights include a Bluetooth key and augmented reality (AR)
navigation. The Wey-X Autonomous Crossover The Wey-X is a bit more radical as it’s
a Level 5 autonomous vehicle which has digital screens incorporated into the grille and tailgate.
They can be used to communicate with pedestrians and inform them when it’s safe to walk in
front of the vehicle. Other notable styling features include “smart pixel headlights,”
a panoramic roof and suicide rear doors. The latter open to reveal a 2+2 interior that
features a full-length center console with an integrated screen. The concept also has
a minimalist steering wheel, ‘floating’ seats and what appears to be a digital display
that spans the entire width of the dashboard. In terms of performance, the concept can accelerate
from 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) in 4.5 seconds before hitting a top speed of 124 mph (200
km/h). The crossover also has a range of approximately 371 miles (510 km).

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