Chocolate Milk Bottle Surprise – Food Life Hacks

Today I’m gonna show you how to make this really cool milk bottle out of chocolate! You can fill it with sweets and candy and if you like, you can break it open. It’s the same idea as the chocolate Coke bottle I made recently. And to make it we’re going to need an ordinary milk bottle. Once you’ve emptied it, give the bottle a good wash out with some fresh, clean water and leave it to dry. If you like you can use some kitchen paper to help absorb any moisture Then carefully remove the label and keep it to one side because we’ll be using this later Next, we need to put a bowl into a pan of hot water to make a bain-marie. Ready to melt some chocolate! I’m using white cooking chocolate open it up and break it into pieces. Place it into the bowl and you should find it slowly starts to melt. Because of the size of the milk bottle, we’re going to need a lot of chocolate, so I’m adding a few more slabs When it’s all melted, remove the bowl from the pan… and sit it on the side for a minute Then place a funnel in the top of your milk bottle and carefully pour in the melted chocolate. We want the bottle to be nice and strong so we’re going to need quite a lot of chocolate to make a nice thick layer. Next, we need to carefully tilt and rotate the bottle to completely coat the inside. Make sure the handle is full and slowly work your way to the top of the bottle. When it’s all being covered… sit the bottle down and leave it to dry. As it’s setting, we need to regularly spin the bottle to continue building up a nice thick layer inside. We want the chocolate to be nice and thick to make the bottle nice and strong. If you need to, you can pour in more melted chocolate. Once it’s completely set it’ll look like this. And now we need to remove the plastic bottle. So take a sharp knife and carefully cut off the plastic. Try not to damage the chocolate with your knife and if you start down at the bottom, the label will cover up any mess. It is a little tricky but if you go nice and slowly you should find it comes off okay. I removed the bottom section first and then started on the top. You need to be especially careful around the handle to make sure it doesn’t snap. Clear up any mess and there’s our finished chocolate milk bottle! Slide the label back over and screw on the lid. It looks great and most people would think it’s just an ordinary bottle of milk. If you like, you can open it up and pour in some sweets or candy. I’m adding a selection of different things so it’s a nice surprise. You can fill it up as far as you like and I’m filling mine right to the top. Screw the lid back on and there’s our finished chocolate milk bottle surprise! Pretty cool, huh? If you like you can open up the lid and pour out the contents. Or what’s really cool is to lay it down on it’s side and break it open to spill out the sweets. I’m gonna use a hammer. It’s really thick so it takes a few hits. Tidy it up a bit, remove some of the crumbled chocolate and it looks like this! Pretty cool, huh? It looks amazing and it’s great fun to make! It’s perfect for parties and you can fill it with whatever you like! You could make it for someone instead of a birthday cake. If you like you can stand it up, and display it however you like! And if you haven’t already seen my other video: you can also make a chocolate Coca-Cola bottle! I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video! If you want to see more you can click on the links on the right hand side or take a look at my YouTube channel page. Stay safe, have fun and as always; thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “Chocolate Milk Bottle Surprise – Food Life Hacks

  1. Which do you prefer, the chocolate Coke bottle or the milk bottle? For more Chocolate Videos click here:

  2. Imagine how awkward it would be if someone tried to pour milk into their cereal with that and out comes Smarties, maltesers, and m&ms

  3. Random 1st of april breakfast
    Dad: son heres the milk
    Son: pours candies in cereal
    Dad: APRIL FOOLS! * takes hammer and slavs the bottle before son gets to put lid back on*

    Me:It’s made out of chocolate the real milk is on the second shelf
    Mum: HUH?

  5. But here in America, our milk jugs have 4 stickers, one on each side. We don't have labels that surround the entire bottle. And the stickers are really hard to rip off.

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