Cleaning and Disinfecting: How to Save $1000’s in the Classroom (Annually!)

I want to challenge you to find a sanitizer
and disinfectant, and even other cleaners, for less than a dollar per quart. If you’re purchasing pre-mixed sanitizer or
disinfectant, or using wipes, consider if you’re buying that from Sam’s or Walmart or
a big box store, or even a grocery store, you might be paying a dollar fifty, two, or
even three dollars and fifty cents or more, per quart. These concentrated chemicals can get those
costs down to under fifty cents a quart sometimes. So, if you have a local distributor in your
area, I recommend calling them and have them do the homework, have them break down the
costs of their chemicals, down to the quart, so you can measure that cost apple to apples
to other types of products. And then also, pay attention to wait times. For sanitizer, our current wait time is only
one minute, and three minutes on disinfectant. So when you’re talking about waiting to wipe
down tables, or waiting between changing diapers, those wait times, as you know, are really
critical. So you can find the right chemical, the right
price, the right wait time, is critical in our industry. So, Matt Lopez, was at a recent presentation
and talked to some of our directors in Mesa County about different options that he has
through Western Paper, that has been a great lifesaver for us when it comes to our disinfectants,
our sanitizers, and other all purpose cleaners. Hopefully you can take some tidbits from today,
and we can help you out. Like I said, we’ve worked with Kirk for many
years at both his centers, and what he wanted me to show you guys is a system that we call
our clean on the go system, which you do have a brochure of. And what this is is a chemical dispenser that
we put up that is going to monitor. You put the two liter concentrates in there,
and we put measuring tips in, which we do, we mount it for you, we label it for you. You have a quart size that you can get, and
then you have a gallon that you can do mop bucket or any other buckets that you may fill
around your facility. So what we do is, it can go location by location,
but some of my big users here is the hdq, and there’s some more information in there. This is a disinfectant that we use, and we’re
going two ounces per gallon for these. So, once you break this down, out of one of
these two liters, you get a hundred and thirty three quarts of product that you’re using. Your breakdown on that, looking cost wise,
you’re looking at forty nine cents a quart for all around disinfectant. Okay, the same quart you’re going to go buy
at the dollar store, wherever you may go. We have these fancy little labels that you
put on there that the health department likes, that are gonna match up. You see the number two there, the number two
there, they say, “Hey, what are you using the number two for?” I’m using it do disinfect this, bathrooms,
etc, whatever it may be. Okay, sanitizer, same type of deal, sanitize
any areas or surface areas. Any changing tables, anything like that going
to the system. Our peroxy cleaner, which is a little more
drip cleaner, the more all around that you can use to clean glass, to clean floors, to
clean carpet, walls, anything like that. So yeah, we can go over some of those costs,
you’re looking at forty eight cents a quart on that. Your peroxy is a little more rounded, and
you’re looking at seventy one cents a quart and then obviously if you’re gonna use it
for floors, your cost is gonna go up a little bit more on the buckets. But concentrate wise, and this dispensing
locking system, you just lock it up and that’s the only way they can dispense it is through
this. Nobody’s doing the chug-a-lug deal, and cost
per unit, it’s just a no brainer that me and Kirk have worked for years to dial in and
we finally got an opportunity to show you guys something like this. If you’re not in my local market, search them,
or find a local distributor in your home state or home area and let them do the homework
for you. Let them come and break down those chemical
prices for you, and give it a shot. Consider doing a metered chemical, and the
thousands of dollars it could save you every year. So you guys right now, Spartan Chemical is
running a promotion so the chemical dispenser is free. If you were to look at this online, you’re
probably looking at four to five hundred dollars for this dispenser. Let’s say that you have a chemical, let’s
say you use a quart of sanitizer, one quart per classroom, per week. If you’re purchasing that at two dollars and
fifty cents, that one quart for fifty two weeks. If you can now purchase that same quart at
fifty cents, a quart, you’re going to save two dollars a week. That’s gonna be a hundred dollars a year. If you have five classrooms, that’s gonna
be five hundred dollars a year. If you have multiple centers like myself,
that’s thousands dollars worth of savings a year, just on one chemical. So I just encourage you to consider, concentrated
chemicals and the thousands of dollars you can save annually.

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