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  1. It’s the acidity in the lemon juice that “cooks” it… technically you don’t need the coffee mate.. you can just mix water with the condensed milk and the lemon juice and pour it over your crust and let it set

  2. OMG – GIRRRRRRL ! I MADE THIS AND DID IT KETO AND IT IS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS !!!! If anyones interested in how I DID IT, all I did was substitute the sweetened condensed milk with evaporated milk and 1 1/4c sugar substitute that measures like sugar. I cant have the crust, so I made parfaits with it and just ate one- it tasted just like (actually BETTER) than no bake cheesecake. Hope this helps any fellow KETO-CRUSADERS. 😁

  3. I was intrigued so I gave it a try. Its kind of similar to a non-bake lemon cheese cake I make. Its the reaction of the acidic fruit to the condensed milk that thickens it.So you could use lime or orange in the place of the lemon. I cant buy Tennis biscuits here in Ireland but we have a coconut type biscuit here called "Nice" which I believe comes over from the U.K. It made a really lovely biscuit crumb base. I used Coffee Mate which i believe is our version of coffee creamer. The dessert was really pretty good but I still favour a cheese cake dessert made with cream. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. OMG finally a South African dessert! It's absolutely delicious, my mom made it all the time. If anyone is looking for a good substitute for tennis biscuits there is a cookie in usa called coconut bar that works

  5. I decided to give this a chance, despite being a little bit frightened by it. We made your coffee flavored whip stuff with water, and… well, we hated it. But, it was incredibly interesting and I had fun trying it as t home. Expecting a similar experience we said what the hell, and tried this too.
    Far better than the water/coffee whip. But also quite strange. My daughter has celiac, so we made a crust from coconut and almond flour. Very interesting. A fun experiment! Thank you.

  6. I would not make this (non-dairy creamer — ewww), but I made a similar no-bake "cheesecake" this weekend (guava, white chocolate, creme fraiche). The crumb crust is stuck to the bottom of my pan, despite no baking and the same procedure as shown here. My biscuits were even similar: a coconut flavored biscuit called Krispie, a New Zealand standard. Maybe this very sweet cookie accounts for the sticking crust.

  7. “Smells like tanning lotion” and “the texture is smooth like plastic”… and then I think about the ingredients of non-dairy creamer. Eeek! I still want to try it though 😅

  8. Hey Emmy-you should make this 2 ingredient sweet bread: https://dailydishrecipes.com/ice-cream-bread-two-ingredient-recipes/

  9. It looked like sweetend condensed milk so thats what I added. My can was 396g (14oz). It's in the frig. Hope we can eat it.

  10. I really think this would b great if u lived somewhere really hot like Hawaii or S.Africa—you get the nice cheesecake vibe without the heaviness of dairy. It’s like cheesecake-lite😂💗 I’m totes gonna try making this w the graham cracker crust!

  11. Ms Emmy i just love your videos…you have so much personality and sparkle❤ I wanted to tell you I think I may possibly have an alternative to your tea cookies…they sound like these coconut cookies I get in huge packs from Dollar Tree….they come in a blue pack and are called Global Food Brands…its $1 for…I think 6 or 8 packs……I'm gonna try your recipe and use these cookies….I'm feeling hopeful about this…..if only I hadnt forgotten the condensed milk😭✌ thanks again for the great videos…..you're the best !


  12. I like corn bread with my bean soup but the corn bread always dries up and the next day is not Good and there is plenty of bean soup left ,so I use a yellow cake mix add an extra egg and oil with corn meal, the corn bread is a bit sweet and it stays moist and is better the next day with bean soup

  13. Can you make peanut butter play dough my mom used to make it with us all the time, it's a edible and you can play with it

  14. That is not authentic Cremona it’s crappy coffee mate if you want to make something from my country use the right ingredient

  15. Just for the vegans out there- coffee mate is
    not non dairy. It has milk protein called casein similar to that of whey. For the dairy allergic and intolerant ( like myself), I’ve had my fair share of stomach aches from this hidden “non-dairy”ingredient

  16. I wonder if these Mexican coconut cookies shaped like little bars we have here would be a good substitute. Maybe mixed with Marias cookies for more of that biscuit consistency.

  17. So I got morbidly curious watching your video! I tried this tonight, with a chocolate chip dough crust instead and creme brulee creamer with a dash of matcha powder thrown in! Can confirm this absolutely works, even if you do your own thing like I do! It's really yummy and different without being too foreign. I want to make all kinds of different varieties now! Easy, impressive, cheap and tasty! Thanks as always for the inspo! ♥

  18. *EMMY* You got the measurement's wrong on the creamer stuff. 250gram's= One cup.. not two. Although you put two cup's of the stuff in the bowl. You got it right on the juice. 125 is half cup. Sorry, had to point that out.

  19. My husband (South African born Kiwi) made this for Christmas dessert 2 years ago. He made it with pineapple juice instead of lemon juice and it had lumps of pineapple in the cremora. I was obsessed with it! Such a good dessert for Summer.

  20. In this instance, I'd wager that the lemon juice is curdling the condensed milk. So even tho the creamer is non-dairy, the tarte itself is not. The creamer likely is just the flavouring xD

  21. We make no bake cheesecakes in Britain too. Different recipe to this, though. You use digestive biscuits or ginger snaps for the base, then mascarpone cheese with a little bit of powdered sugar for the cheese part, and whatever fruit you like on top. Even tinned cherries. You stick it in the fridge for a couple of hours, and it’s done. Ready to eat.

  22. It's actually derived from a
    ''jailhouse cheesecake" recipe from the federal system.. 🤔. Made with one vanilla pudding cup, 1 creamer, 1/2 squeeze lemon as you whip and whatever you use for a crust. I used Graham Crackers but the best is oreo crust and the cream in the middle of the Oreos get put in the cheesecake mix. It is the thickest, vanilla tasting and creamer than a cheesecake

  23. The background music at 6:55 sent me down a rabbithole of lounge music and I could not be more thankful, thanks Emmy!

  24. I love making cremora tart and I also love making cremora tart homemade ice cream. Cool video. Hallo all the way from South Africa

  25. Can I ask how large the can of condensed milk you used? Here in my corner of the world, it comes in 300 ml and 168 ml cans. I'm really looking forward in making this version of cake.

  26. I'm going to make this and add 2 table spoons of lemon juice powder and some fresh lemon zest to increase the lemon flavor.

  27. It isn't non-dairy. Only the creamer and the lemon are non-dairy (maybe the biscuits as well). Condensed milk is dairy, so if someone is lactose intolerant, this isn't for them.

    You created a type of cream cheese by adding condensed milk and the lemon little by little.

    If you add an acid to milk it creates curds. You broke the curds down during the wisking, which created the creaminess. That is how cream cheese is made, just with less acid, which is why it resemble a cheesecake but with more lemon flavor. A lemon cheesecake so to speak.

    With that said, I'm trying it.

  28. Hmmm. Looks tasty! I wonder what could we use instead of butter for a 100% dairy free cake? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. What would you use if you hated the lemon in that tart? I love cheese cake but not with lemon. I understand the fact it thickens with the milk turning into a sour cream kind of mixture when sets. Cream of tarter?

  30. I wish she would stop referring to a traditional South African dessert, that is absolutely not a cheesecake, as a cheesecake.

  31. That is our south african best dessert,and that coffee mate is exactly the same as cremora,it is just called cremora here,you can also make that same tart,with drained crushed pineapple mixed in,and cherries.

  32. A question for you Emmy, is it essential to use lemon or lime juice? I am wondering if I can use apple juice because I have a can of apple and cinnamon condensed milk and would love to make this apple flavored with cinnamon graham cookie crust. Any thoughts?

  33. Pineapple cream cheese tart

    1 blik kondensmelk (tin condensed milk)
    125ml suurlemoensap (lemon or lime juice)
    1 houer room (cream)
    1 houer roomkaas (cream cheese) 250g SMOOTH
    1 blikkie crushed pynappel (tin crushed pineapple ) DRAINED 125g
    1 pakkie tennisbeskuitjies (tennis biscuits)

    Klits kondensmelk en suurlemoensap saam en sit een kant (mix condensed milk and lemon juice till thick)
    Klits room styf en klits roomkaas in (beat cream to stiff peaks in seperate bowl,beat cream cheese till smooth in seperate bowl,now mix the two together,don't over mix)
    Klits kondensmelkmengsel by roommengesel in (beat condensed milk mix in with cream mixture)
    Voeg pynappel room en kondensmelkmengsel en klits (add pineapple drained into mixture and stir thru with spatula)
    Gooi in bak waar tennisbeskuitjies gepak is (place mixture on top of layer of tennis biscuits that is packed in a pyrex bowl)
    Crumble a few biscuit over the tart and refrigerate till set.

  34. I did some time in prison years ago (mistakes of my youth, I have since changed my life around) and we used to make this all the time… We called it cheesecake lol

  35. So, at least in the US, my understanding is that trans fat doesn't need to be reported if it's less than 0.5g/serving. With the partially hydrogenated oils in non-dairy creamer, it's almost certain to contain some trans fat. At this kind of serving size, that could be way over your recommended limit of 2g/day. Obviously doing it few times a year wouldn't be a big deal, but I DEFINITELY wouldn't eat this on the regular. For 2 cups, that's about 32 servings. If you cut the tart into 8 slices, that's 4 servings per slice. So you could be conceivably be just short of your daily trans fat limit after one slice. Just something to keep in mind

  36. Delta Airlines biscuits are my favorite. I forget who makes them. I think Biscoff, who also makes a delish cookie butter. I used to take the Delta cookies all the time bc after moving a plane, the workers were just going to throw it away anyway.

  37. I wonder if it would be possible to make this without any dairy? Perhaps substituting coconut cream for the canned milk would work, but I'm not sure if the reaction with the lemon juice would still happen with it ^^*

  38. Tennis biscuits are like big Nice biscuits that we get here in the UK, so I'm sure any UK people could make this recipe with Nice biscuits instea of Tennis biscuits.

  39. Hi, I have a healthy cheese cake recipe. I made it yrs ago. What about making this w/a Gramcracker crust instead?🤗🐽✌❤, Sheryl

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