– We have all this Coca-Cola, a bunch of balloons and Mentos. So I think you guys know
what we’re gonna do today we’re gonna take that Coke and Mentos because every day’s a new day – And we’re gonna make it an awesome one – [Carl] That’s right. – Don’t push me in the pool please. – I won’t. We have 525 total balloons
on top of the Coke. Its gonna be awesome. All at once, go. No turning back. (screaming) and I’m gonna smack it right
here on the side of the pool and try to see how far it goes underwater. How long do I shake it? – [Jinger] Shake it. – Oh my gosh – [Jinger] Oh no. Oh no (laughing) – [Carl] Oh my gosh. Are you guys boxing out
here, what is going on? – Gage thinks he’s so strong. – [Carl] Oh really? – But his mom can still take him. – [Carl] How come you guys are wrestling? (laughing) – I don’t know, he always
acts so tough these days. – [Carl] I know, he
thinks he’s getting all– – I did just swack one. – Oh my, punched me in the lip. (upbeat music) (laughing) – [Carl] Oh, mom wins, huh? – I won! Who wins, Gage? (Gage laughing) – Submission. – Mom. – Full submission. (children babbling) – I don’t know, do they know how to, oh they do know how to like, go Oliver, go! Run, run, run, you gotta get him! You gotta go get him. That’s how you gotta get Kyle. (children laughing) You’re the goose, you
gotta get him goosey. Daisy’s just like, what is going on here. Look at her, she’s just like, just getting my little free bounces, my little free bounces here. She doesn’t even care, that’s hilarious. Look at our cute little planter box with succulents and cactuses and stuff. I got this box off of Amazon. And then we also got these plants in here. I don’t wanna show you too much. We have some special
secrets in this little succulent garden that we just
planted in our house as well. But you guys, if you wanna
check out more about that we actually just filmed a
Facebook exclusive video that’s all about some of our lifestyle preferences and choices. Like, with things like that. We’re doing with home decor and
fun things that we’re doing. Just to make our life awesome. It’s more about not
just like going out and doing crazy shenanigans and like Coke and Mentos and all that. But it’s like a whole way of life. And we felt like, maybe Facebook or a website is a better
place to share all that, more open format. So we’re posting a lot
of exclusive videos now on Facebook and our website in order to go check out more content there. So if you want to see a little bit more about like some of the
choices that we made with our little succulent garden, we have a new entry way. We posted some pictures on Instagram about picking stuff out there. If you’re curious about all that and you want to know more a little bit behind the scenes about
our life and what we do, go follow us on Facebook
to get exclusive videos that you can’t see anywhere else. Also, don’t forget to
turn on notifications and subscribe if you haven’t already so you can become apart of
our notifications squad. Coke and Mentos time. Are we ready to make today an awesome Coke and Mentos experience? – Oh yeah.
– Yeah. – Awesome. – [Carl] We got a shout out from Faze Rug. He has a awesome huge YouTube channel. And he did the bunch of balloons on Coke and Mentos challenge. He got the idea from us
and gave us a shout out. So we thought it would be fun
to give him a shout out back and say, thanks for the shout out. so we’re gonna do Coke
and Mentos experiments too but we’re gonna take it up a notch. Today the big thing that
we’re gonna attempt to do is see if we can get a bottle of Coca-Cola in this swimming pool to
launch through the water underwater, like an underwater
Coke and Mentos rocket. Something that we learned
that’s really crucial, that Faze Rug actually figured out in his Coke and Mentos video that he did, was that we were trying
to suspend the Mentos in the top of the bottle
of Coke exactly like this. But then the mistake that we were making is we would try to unscrew the lid, let the Mentos drop and then
put it back on really quick. And Faze Rug figured out a hack or like a trick or cheat in order
to make it work a lot faster. So what Faze Rug figured
out is instead of trying to undo the cap or the bunch of balloons and let the Mentos drop it’s a really obvious simple hack but all you have to do is
turn the bottle sideways or upside down and shake it
and it’s exactly the same as if the Mentos dropped
down into the middle. It works the same, you
don’t lose any momentum. So Luke is gonna rocket launch one of these just to show you. So the Mentos are in there. Do you see them? They’re in the top just like
that so here’s the trick. They’re taped in a loop
with some scotch tape. And then the lid is put on and it’s, everything’s perfect so
you can walk around now. Watch what he can do. Ready? – Yeah. – [Carl] Go for it. Turn it over and shake it, turn it over. That’s the hack. – Ready? – [Carl] Yup. (loud splashing) (Luke screaming) Nice! Nice! (Carl chuckling) – Whoa that was awesome.
– Totally works. See it worked exactly the same as if you’ve dropped the Mentos in and then tried to screw the cap back on. The trick is, is just to
turn it over and shake it up, even with the bunch of balloons. What that means is since we
learned this trick from Faze Rug and how to actually run
the Coke and Mentos bottle way more effectively, we can do all sorts of
crazy new experiments. Like, a whole bunch of Bunch
O Balloons at the same time. We can even attempt to do one rocket launch underneath the water. It’s gonna be awesome. We got all of these Bunch O Balloons how many do we have Gage? Count em.
– One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine,
ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. – 15, okay. So let’s get the ones that
don’t have Bunch O Balloons and we’ll go set those to the side. We’re gonna do 15 Bunch O Balloons. How many is in a bundle? Let’s check on the packaging
and see how many that is. We just went and looked
at the packaging and we have 525 total balloons
on top of the Coke. It’s gonna be awesome
and we’re gonna try and set ’em off pretty much
all at the same time and see what happens. As well as launching some
in the air and in the pool. It’s gonna be amazing. Should we do it? – [All] Yeah! – Alright now we gotta
get out Mentos strips and set ’em up and try to
be really careful not to set ’em off on accident. (relaxing music) – [Jinger] Carefy Carl, carefy. – Well some of these
Mentos are on the tape a little bit wonky there, Jinger. I don’t know about your little
taping skills cause this– – [Jinger] Prank bro, prank bro. – Is it a prank? – [Jinger] Just kidding. No it’s not, actually. – [Carl] If these accidentally
go off on us here– – [Jinger] The catastrophes
that can happen with filming with me I guess, I don’t know. – Really trying to get
the lids on good this time ’cause we don’t have to worry about like, locking ’em down after we
drop ’em we’re gonna use the Faze Rug technique, right? – [Jinger] Yeah. (upbeat music) – It’s time we have all the
Mentos loaded in the Coke. Are you read to do this? – Oh yeah. – Should we do like one at time? What do you guys think? Should we do one at a time or all at once? – [Kyle] All! – [Jinger] Just go for it. – Let’s just go for it. – Okay, let’s try and do ’em like over the front of the table kind of. Are you ready? It’s gonna get messy. No turning back now. Ready, set, go. (upbeat music) – [Jinger] Oh, wow. Oh wow. – The tape, the tape
coming out of the top. It’s kind of causing a problem I think. – [Jinger] It’s working. – Is it? – It’s totally working.
– Oh let’s go. – Go on. – Oh, oh, there’s a– – Oh no, Just lay them on the table. – All at once. – No turning back! Never! Ahh! – Ahh! (Ginger laughing) – [Jinger] Oh my gosh, oh my goodness. – Ahh! – [Jinger] Oh my goodness. – Ahh! (laughing) Look kids. Ouch. Here you go Jinger. – [Jinger] Oh no! (laughing) – That’s so awesome. – [Jinger] You guys, that is crazy. That is a lot of Coke and Mentos balloons. Oh my goodness. (screaming and laughing) – That was awesome. Can you believe that? Okay, I think next step
we gotta rocket launch some of these and try to do
some in the swimming pool too. Don’t you think? – [All] Yeah. – [Jinger] Yes let’s do it. – What a mess. Hit me right in the nipple. (laughing) – [Jinger] All of a sudden
it’s boys against dad. In this Coke and Mentos balloon fight. (screaming) – Okay, ow! Right in the neck! Alright, alright. I think we’ve accomplished
what we set out to do for that part. Should we try and launch
and do the pool now. – [Jinger] Yeah, let’s do it. – Let’s do it. – [Jinger] Before anything,
look at this mess you guys. It looks like an Easter egg
hunt with all these balloons. – We need like a bunch of
little kids over here that think it’s fun, right? – [Jinger] I know right. – Cause right now it
feels a lot like a chore. (laughing) – [Jinger] Look at this, this is crazy. – [Carl] What an aftermath. – [Jinger] Oh my goodness. – A fresh one! – Wait, you’re gonna get the camera! I’ll protect you, I’ll protect you. – Sometimes when you just drop them down, I know you’re gonna throw that at me. – [Carl] What were you saying? – And then you like, you drop it and then it can go, it can just pop. – [Jinger] That was a long explanation. This is never gonna end. We have got to get this stuff cleaned up. We gotta do our next experiment you guys. – Okay that’s, ow! – [Jinger] Carl why did you start it. – Right in the love handles, owie. That doesn’t make me feel loved at all (laughing) Alright Coke and Mentos
rocket in the swimming pool. Ready, let’s do it. – [Jinger] You guys ready for some fun? – Oh yeah.
– Yeah. – [Jinger] Alright, here we go. – Here’s my plan, I’m
gonna take the bottle of Diet Coke and Mentos. I’m gonna turn it over and shake it up and I’m gonna smack it right
here on the side of the pool, and try to see how far it goes underwater, if I can get it underwater. That’s the goal. Are you ready? – [Jinger] Yes, let’s do it. – Okay, ready? – [Kyle] Yeah. – [Luke] Yeah. – Here we go. How long do I shake it? – [Luke] Shake it. – Oh my gosh. – [Kyle] Oh no! – [Jinger] Oh no. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Oh, we just have a nasty
cup, get it out of here. Oh no, get it! – [Kyle] Get it! – [Carl] Oh no! – [Jinger] Good job Kyle. (laughing) Good job. That was funny. I think it’s dead. – Man, that did not work at all. – [Jinger] Oh Kyle. – As I soon I went to hit,
my hands just went whoop, and slipped right off of both
sides, it totally didn’t work. We got another bottle, another
Mentos thing ready to go. Let’s try it one more time. We’re gonna break a chunk
of the concrete, or my hand. – [Jinger] This is the thing. – That’s what it feels like
I’m supposed to decide on. – [Jinger] Okay, Carl
explain what you guys are trying to decide. – Do I wanna catch a two
and a half pound hammer to the face, or the concrete? – [Jinger] We’re gonna use
the hammer to chip off a hole in lid, after it’s under pressure, to create a rocket effect. – Don’t smack me in the head please. We ready? – [Kids] Yeah! – Okay, don’t knock my teeth in Jackson. Here we go. – [Jinger] Coke and
Mentos in the pool, go! – There? – Yeah go! – Put it down on the edge. – [Jinger] Shoot! (kids exclaiming excitedly) – Jackson! Aw, gross. Swimming pool full of Coca-Cola. – [Jinger] Oh man. – That’s all we accomplished. We totally shot it into the bottle. It just instantly shot out everywhere. That was like, I think we have
what, one more bottle to try? – One more bottle. – Let’s try more, and
then it’s gonna too gross in the pool to do anymore than that. It’s obviously not working very good. – [Jinger] Okay, that last
one did not work out the way we had planned, so what’s
your plan this time Carl? – I don’t know if I
really have a plan per se, I’m just gonna try and
get the thing started while it’s already underwater, instead of just like
having it all blast out all over the pool deck. So Jackson’s gonna have to
try and smack it in the water. Not with my fingers and stuff. – [Jinger] Jackson, it’s all, I hope you just pull it together. – Let me try and hold it like right here. – Alright perfect. – I’ll put the nose right on the end here. You ready? – [Jinger] Okay, let’s do it. – [Kyle] I hope it works this time. – Me too. On your mark, get set, go. (upbeat music) (shouting and laughing) – This is crazy. Look at how brown it is. – Now we know, that’s why
we do experiments right? – [Jinger] That didn’t
turn out like I planned. – Not as cool as I thought at all. But it’s cool. You’re basically just opening
a two liter thing of Coke, and dumping it in your pool. So not as cool, not as
cool as I imagined at all, not even close. – [Jinger] We might need to add a little more chlorine to the pool, so. – We got one last Diet
Coke and Mentos set, I think we’re just gonna
launch one into the air for a finale, and then I
think that was pretty fun. – I love Diet Coke, so this is like one of my favorite experiments to do, but also a little sad, ’cause
I just wanna drink it all. – Luke, are you ready to launch this Coke and Mentos bottle for
one big grand finale? – Yeah. – Are you? Alright let’s see what you got rocket man. – Ready? – Shake it up. – [Jinger] Oh that’s a
good one, I can tell. – Let’s see where it goes? – [All] Oh no! – [Carl] Get it again, get it again. – [Kyle] It’s gonna explode. (upbeat music) (shouting and laughing) – [Carl] Where did it go? – [Kyle] It’s all the way over there. Wow! – [Carl] Coca-Cola in the eye? – I think, it felt like it. – I know how to fix it. – [Gage] How, no don’t! (laughing) – I have some in my hair dad. – Kyle has some in his hair Jinger. – [Jinger] Oh goodness,
you better help him. – Don’t dump that in the pool! There you go. – [Jinger] That was so cool. – You guys, that’s it for this vlog, thanks for hanging out with us. Click anywhere on the screen
in order to subscribe, or to watch more videos. And don’t forget to go check out our exclusive lifestyle Facebook video. And we’ll see you guys next time. – [All] Bye.

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