College Math – Measurement Chapter P.S. 8, “Convert English to metric, & vice-versa, Part II”.

Practice set 8, convert each metric
unit to the indicated English unit. In problem number six they’re asking us to convert 350 grams to an equivalent number of ounces. We’ll go to our conversion table on a page 38. We’re interested in that third column.
English to Metric conversions and were after a mass or a weight and their relationship given first is 1 ounce is equal to 28.3 grams. Just the equivalent values that we need to solve this problem. We’ll
start with what is given 350 grams expressed as a fraction
so we’ll put in a nominator of 1. We’ll arrange these equivalent
values in a conversion factor fraction. So that the grams in our initial value cancels out that means we will choose
the arrangement of one ounce over 28.3 for our conversion factor fraction. The grams cancel out simplifying the fractions we multiply
the numerators 350 multiply the denominator values 28.3. Do the indicated division by taking 350 divided by 28.3 gives a value of 12.367 Continuing on rounding this to the
nearest tenth, we have a 12.4 the 6 in the hundreds is greater to increase our tenths value and the
units that didn’t cancel out. Our ounces the desired conversion
value that we wanted. In problem number 12, we have 113
kilometers per hour and they’re asking us to convert them into miles per hour. Going back to the
conversion table the third column which has English to
Metric kilometers to miles is a length. In the last relationship here it’s given 1-mile is equal to 1.61
kilometers is the one that we need. So if we make note of that, 1-mile is equal to 1.61 kilometers. Starting with what’s given expressed as
a fraction we’ll take this horizontal representation, and put it in a vertical form. 113
kilometers per hour or 1 hour. Multiplying it by the conversion factor fraction that replaces kilometers with miles meaning we want to cancel out
kilometers dictates putting the 1.61 kilometer in the denominator and the 1 mile in
the numerator. Kilometers cancel out multiplying the numerator values together here 113 miles in the denominator 1 hour times
1.61 leaves with 1.61 hour. We’ve got the miles per hour
designated relationship that we wanted during the indicated division 113
divided by 1.61 gives us 70.186 Continuing on rounding to the nearest
tenth we would call this 70.2 miles per hour for an equivalent speed.

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