Hi! I’m a programmer in Tennessee. Comcast, voted “worst company in America”, recently announced a new data usage charge in my area! Watch how this new overage fee is a huge fraud. It started while I was out of town. Metering an empty house,
they warned that I consumed three times my usual usage. I do not stream videos, play games, run servers, or give any access to anyone. As a test, I disconnected my router from my cable modem. For internet I relied entirely on phone tethering. Oddly enough, the meter still kept going up and up! So I unplugged my modem completely. Yet the meter kept going up! A total of 66 gigabytes in six days! I called to complain Charging for phantom data is pure fraud! I should tell them there is only a 94% chance I’ll pay my bill… How much Internet do I actually use? My phone measured about 8 gigs per week. Let’s generously double that to 20 a week. Fine! But 50 gigs in one day? Hundreds of gigs in a week? When the connection was off? And you want to charge me for this?!!!!!!!! Hogwash!

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