ComEd Meter Readers: We’re Here to Help

A ComEd Meter Reader in the field is responsible
for reading an electric meter to provide a reading for a customer’s bill for billing
purposes. We also do inspections of the meter to make
sure that there’s no damage or anything that could a potential safety hazard. AMI stands for Automated Meter Infrastructure
and that is essentially the automated meters that are replacing the legacy meters that
are currently in the field. It will no longer require a monthly meter
reading from an employee. It’s all done electronically. Greater technology always provides more for
the customer and this is just one avenue to provide additional services to the customer. We’re required once every four years to
do a meter inspection on the AMI meter. So, we will go out and perform a visual inspection
on that meter and take a reading on it and just to make sure that everything is okay
with the meter. Customers can identify a meter reader from
their uniform. Every ComEd employee will have ComEd logo
attire on, whether it be sweatshirts, coats. They also have baseball caps or stocking hats
on. In addition to that, they will be outfitted
in a Class 2 Hi-Vis yellow vest that has ComEd logoed on both the front and the back. When a customer sees a ComEd Meter Reader,
that employee is there to perform a service, whether it be to read the meter or to perform
the once every four-year visual inspection. And they should grant that employee access
to the yard. Customers should know that an employee will
not enter a yard if a dog is out. The dog will have to be secured inside the
house in order for one of our employees to actually physically enter the yard. All of our employees utilize ComEd logo vehicles
that are all white in color. They range anywhere from small pickup trucks
to sub-compacts four door sedans with logos on either side of the vehicle. A customer should not be alarmed if a ComEd
Meter Reader is on property. If the meter reader is in full uniform, can
provide their ID, ultimately, that employee will be there just to read the meter, inspect
it and they should allow the employee access to the meter. It’s important for customers to understand
that even though that we’re transitioning from legacy meters to AMI meters or Automated
Infrastructure Meters, that the customer understands that we are still going to be out in the field,
and there may points and times where even if you have an AMI meter, that we may be at
your premise to do a visual inspection of the meter. If a customer requires more information or
has a specific question, they can go and call 1-800-EDISON1 or they can go right to Ultimately our employees are out there to
provide a service to the public. They are amongst the most safe employees that
we have out in the field and they’re not only there for their own personal safety,
but they’re also responsible for your safety as well as a customer and they look out for
you as well too.

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