Community Meter: get activity reports on Google+ communities

Google+ Community Meter
is a Google Chrome extension. It analyzes the content of
any Google Plus community over the last 30 days. Very easy to add to Chrome, it measures activities
like the number of posts, comments and +1’s, top contributors and
most liked and commented posts. You can also see on what days
the community posted most and a pie chart
about the popularity of the different topics
in the community. Anyone can use this extension. It’s a good way for community
owners and managers to learn about their members
and engage with them. Finally, you can get a report
by email.

2 thoughts on “Community Meter: get activity reports on Google+ communities

  1. The email report feature appears to be broken. I can get the in browser snapshot but no pdf. This would be even better if it reported to a spreadsheet.

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