Comparing 3.0L Diesels to Find the Best in 2020

Perry Mack here without a lot of fanfare
let’s get to it and take a look at which diesel engine ranks #1 in half-ton trucks for 2020. General Motors introduced the all-new 3.0
litre Duramax for the 2020 Chevy Silverado and GMC 1500 in June 2019 this rounds out the diesel offerings for half-ton trucks from the big 3: Ram, Ford and GM. Now if you’re a brand loyalist then it won’t matter to you which is the
best diesel engine however if you’re open to some brand exploration let’s take a look at which diesel ranks #1 for half-ton trucks in 2020. There have always been pros and cons to owning a diesel engine and whether or not you
should own one still depends a little bit on your driving, towing and payload needs. However many of the cons from previous years are slowly diminishing to the point where your choice of gas or diesel is a matter of wallet size and not necessarily needs. The new diesels are quiet, have great fuel economy, require a little additional maintenance, but open the doors of opportunity for
fuel efficient towing for work and play. You may not take advantage of them this
year but what will you want to tow or haul in three to five years or what if you decide to transform your truck into the ultimate overland vehicle? The Ram EcoDiesel was first introduced in 2011 in the Grand Cherokee and then in 2014 to the RAM 1500. This second generation VM Motori an Italian subsidiary of FCA built engine is a V6 which generates 240 horsepower at 3600 RPM and 420 pound-feet of torque at 2,000 RPM. With an epa rated fuel economy of 20, 28, 23 miles per gallon; city, highway and combined. By the numbers for 2020 it has one of the lowest performing engines but not by much and since it has a roughly 7
year production run there is a proven history behind the engine. Call it the devil you know. As Ram has had time to iron out the wrinkles and settle some
emission violation lawsuits. The aftermarket has also had time to design and test engine upgrades so you can save some cash buying a used Ram EcoDiesel and then enhance the engine to suit your needs. The third generation of the EcoDiesel will appear in the 2020 Ram 1500 producing 260 horsepower
at 3,600 rpm and 480 pound-feet of torque at 1600 RPM. With a fuel efficiency virtually guaranteed to top the 30 mile per gallon mark on the highway be careful buying the diesel Ram 1500
2020 though. As the second gen engine will still be offered in the 2020 Ram 1500 classic. Alongside with the third gen in other trims including for the first time the off-road equipped mouth-watering Ram Rebel. The unseen, undocumented side of the equation for the second gen is really interesting. The rock-solid design architecture lends itself to aftermarket upgrades. That could reportedly boost the engine to over 500 horsepower which means there
will be some great opportunities to get an affordable and powerful diesel truck. The Ford 3.0 litre power stroke ended Rams solo reign in 2018 when Ford introduced their new 3.0 litre diesel into the F150 Like the EcoDiesel it is a 3.0 litre, 60° V6. But in another case of one-upmanship over the 2nd gen EcoDiesel Ford has this engine producing 250 horsepower at 3250 rpm and 440 pound feet of torque at 1750 rpm. Now the extra 10 horsepower that kicks in a little sooner than the second gen EcoDiesel isn’t the big story here though. It’s the fact that the extra 20 pound
feet of torque kick in at 1750 rpm. That’s 250 rpm sooner and they stick around until 2250 rpm. 250 rpm higher. Behind the wheel it means more pulling
power earlier and the relatively flat torque curve means it sticks around longer. Bottom line if you’re looking at buying at 2019 3.0 litre, by the numbers, the power stroke wins. Ford also managed to squeeze out 22, 30, 25 miles per
gallon; city, highway, combined. A 2 mile per gallon bump compared to the EcoDiesel. Although the fuel economy success has to be shared with Fords 10R80 10-speed transmission. We have two great videos just on the
3.0 litre powerstroke and i’ll include those links below and then boom GM’s 3.0 litre Duramax has landed in the 2020 Chevy Silverado and once again
the landscape has changed. Stepping away from the classic V design, Chevy engineers designed an inline 6 turbo diesel that generates a max 277 horsepower at 3,750 RPM and 460 pound-feet of torque at just 1500 RPM. More torque and it’s delivered sooner than the Power Stroke and the Duramax
delivers it right through to 3,000 rpm. Chevy has pushed some design boundaries
compared to Ram and Ford. They’ve reduced the weight of the engine by moving to a cast aluminum block compared to a graphite iron block and taken the high
pressure rail to 36,250 psi. Compared to 29,000 in the other two. Which has led some detractors of the design to question its longevity which is typical when a new designing technology is introduced. Time will tell if they are
right. The engine is mated to a 10 speed transmission, the 10L80, designed in conjunction with Ford and although at the time of writing the official EPA
fuel economy numbers have not been released we expect the highway number to
come in north of 30 miles per gallon but not as high as the 40 miles per gallon
estimated by a number of optimists. We test-drove the new configuration in June
of 2019 and were really impressed. It is a peppy, quiet, half-ton diesel that
has great acceleration and handling for a half-ton truck. It’s a shame we weren’t able to test the towing or off-road capability at the same time which is
something Ford impressively let us do. Which diesel engine in a half-ton is
the best for 2020? We’re gonna give it to the engine with a track record, the devil we know and the big potential with a little bit of tweaking. So for us it’s the 2nd gen Ram EcoDiesel only available in the 1500 classic in 2020. After that it’s a close race for us between Ford, Chevy and RAM. We’ve driven the 3.0 litre off-road and towing so I would be confident buying one and they’ve had two years in production under their belt by 2020. The brand-new 3.0 litre Duramax in the Chevy is really great to drive and
I’ve had great track record with GM trucks. Hauling and towing to the max and the same goes for RAM. So I have faith in their engineers. Now, no brand is flawless Do you agree with my choice for the best half-ton diesel engine in 2020? If not, please tell us why and what would you buy in 2020 in the comments below. If you enjoyed this video, share it, smash that like button and if you’d like to see more please subscribe and ring that bell so you’re the first to know when a new
video comes out. Until next time, stay safe and we’ll see you on the trails.

100 thoughts on “Comparing 3.0L Diesels to Find the Best in 2020

  1. I'd have to give it to the inline 6 design for duramax. Now I'd really wish they stuck to a CGI block but hopefully they know what they are doing. An inline 6 is way better then a v6, everything is inline on top of the motor. 2 vs fours camshafts and the inline 6 is a perfectly balanced motor, so the dmax takes the cake. Now for a track record the ecodiesel does win but I'd have faith in powerstrokes v6 because ford can't afford another diesel engine failure…..

  2. well im a Ford man but i think fords baby powerstroke is the best option that said i will never buy one because the trim limitation

  3. I would never buy one of these so-called "eco-diesel" powered trucks. High failure rate, High maintenance cost, Avg. mpg., Low on power. Plus not to mention, High cost to buy. If I owned one I would be sure to unload it as the warranty runs out.

  4. Hell no! I will go with a Ford any day over a Dodge or a Chevy. Everything is in the house. And their trucks are proven.

  5. The old 1st and 2nd gen Jeep/Ram eco diesel was garbage in Canadian prairie winters regarding… working.

    Maybe 3rd time’s the charm? Lol

  6. Wow good to learn that GM stepped up and tried some new things, while staying with the Inline design that made Cummins so famously reliable. Great vid. I guess in 2020 stick with the reliability of the Ram ED that some have taken up to 300K miles+ but be careful with oil changes. Or tune it with GDE.

  7. I believe the GM 3 liter Duramax I will dominate! It will dominate in every category and it will easily get 34 miles to the gallon

  8. Inline sixes in the agriculture and highway diesels have always trumped the V 8 offerings for .torque and reliability , the 855 Cummins engine had few equals . So let s see how the Duramax fairs in 2 years .

  9. These half ton diesels will all be sent to the chopping block in the near future after they realize how little they will sell

  10. In my experience desiel vehicle s all most all ways achieve or surpass their EPA mpg estimates, while gas vehicles rarely do.

  11. I am dreaming of a 3-Liter Duramax Diesel installed in a 1982 Checker Marathon with a custom 10-speed DCT transmission enabling it to comfortably achieve 40 miles per gallon on the highway. With the Checker's 24-gallon fuel tank, this union should yield 960 miles on a cruise-controlled road trip.

    Think about it.

  12. So the new GM junk has a belt for the oil pump, a belt in the rear of the engine for timing and 2 chains in the front for cam drive. I think not.?

  13. Find old truck for 1000 dollars, buy used Detroit 6v53. Get complete overhaul for 2500 dollars. Install and drive till you die. Can and has been done.

  14. Literally Dodge has a track history of crap transmissions and their new 3.0 diesel had several bottom end catastrophic engine failures and had recalls for EPA fudging. So naturally them…. Out of the 3 it is Ford and honestly wait to see what the Chevy does. I'm a Ford guy the " crap Triton's" in my 98 f150 has 250k and runs like a clock. But I would rather go blindly with Chevrolet over Dodge. Chevy isn't particularly known for bottom ends on their engines at least and it's using a proven transmission. So order Ford, Chevy, bicycle.

  15. I own a 2015 Ecodiesel and absolutely love it. The only issue I had was a blown turbo gasket causing a turbo whistle on acceleration. The dealer replaced the turbo all gaskets and the charge tube under warranty at no cost to me.

    I will say I was hoping FCA/VM would have abandoned the V6 design and followed GM with an in-line 6. There were rumors that was what FCA was planning but they were only rumors.

  16. you know anything that is man made on this planet can last anywhere from 1 minute to 100 years there are no guarantees anyone saying other wise is from another Galaxy or work for congress and we know they all lie…
    just luck of the drawl just have to grow balls build a bridge and get the hell over it and deal with it

  17. I've had great longevity from all my GM trucks; both past and present. My only hesitation on the GM 3.0L Diesel is the use of a belt to power the oil pump versus a chain and the lackluster interior. My concern with the FCA 3.0L is all the problems they had with the previous Gen 2 and the overall build quality of FCA products, in general. No concerns about the Ford, though; as I've given Ford every opportunity I'm ever going to afford them.

  18. After test driving the Ram I would never buy one. What a slow ass piece of shit. With it to the floor it couldn't reach merging speed for the highway.

  19. I work for Dodge dealership as a salesman long time ago, and i know Dodge analyze any truck for the competitors on the market, i remember a training class back on 2006 they brought us to a big convention center in Atlanta Ga and for my surprise it was no only Rams at the place , Ford, Toyota, Gmc & Chevrolet, Nissan Titan and that was the best training of my life no doubt.
    We be able to compare every part of the trucks screws by screws, we don't miss anything and at those years Ram stays ahead of the competitors so you can imagine now.
    I'm a proud owner of a Ram 1500 4.7 and i completely agree with your decision.

  20. Making choices on an engine no one has any experience with yet. Wait a year and lets see how the Duramax fairs with the competition

  21. I feel you chose the Ecodiesel foolishly. Have you not read about all of the catastrophic engine failures Ram had?! How about all the vehicle fires & the constantly malfunctioning emissions systems?! Mine had the exhaust pipe break under 5,000 miles, filling my cab full of raw diesel exhaust & FCA wanted to argue about it! I was never able to even come close to their flawed EPA fuel mileage. I was lucky to get between 19-24 mpg, depending on which way the wind was blowing. I even had others drive it, to rule out my driving as the problem. They were equal to or worse than my mpg. The Ecodiesel is nothing more than Fiat sourced garbage. FCA vehicles consistently have failing reliability ratings in comparison to Ford or Toyota. Fiat is one of the worst rated vehicles in the world & you think the Ecodiesel is the best??? I’m not sure I would buy any of these three, based on a lack of reliability. Unfortunately, with the increased EPA requirements, diesel is dying.

  22. Chevy.. uses a rear timing chain and a rear belt driven oil pump.. ??we'll have to wait and see how that works out for longevity ?? and serviceability

  23. We love our 2016 Ram Ecodiesel 4×4 Longhorn with Ramboxes!! 53,00 miles on it and so far , so good. (bought it when it was 1 year old) Also cannot live without my Ramboxes!! This ecodiesel is also installed in the Maserati Sedan in Europe I heard… My first diesel and we love it!! These Rams ride on coil springs which is more comfortable ride than these other trucks, which have leaf springs in the rear. Railway cars run on coil springs and not leaf springs, so they can be manufactured strong..

  24. I will never buy a vehicle built by Fiat! Piss poor quality and I know this from my brother-in-law who owns one thats a year and a half old and he hates it and is trading it in…

  25. NONE of these are "GOOD" choices from a mechanical standpoint. NONE are well designed. It is like they all INTENTIONALLY designed P.O.S. engines!!!

  26. I just bought a Ram 2500 with a Cummins. I had a 2006 Cummins and stupidly bought a 2012 Duramax that I left at the Chevy dealer after they couldn't get it to run without going into limp home mode. 50K miles and junk. There is only one diesel I will buy now.

  27. straight 6 is better than a V6 in everything. So very easy choice here.

    less vibration. Lower consumption. Durable and less moving parts. Good sound.

  28. It’s amazing how EPA regulations have screwed up so many great Diesel engines. The 100k timing belt interval is horrible.

  29. Ram has warrantied several hundred ED’s a month in the early days 2014-2016. Yikes!! To be honest I’m not sure the numbers for last few years. I just got rid of my Jeep jk due to very little low end torque. I would just get pissed off roading in the mountains. I think I would roll the dice on an ED in a jeep. To bad they never offered a Hemi. They would have sold 100,000 wranglers a year more if they had.

  30. I had a 2015 Ram ecoDIesel, and loved it. But, I lost confidence in it when a piston broke and the engine seized at 50k miles (truck was always perfectly maintained by the dealer). FCA made good on replacing the engine (to the tune of $10K), but the failure left me and my travel trailer stranded 250 miles from home. I traded in the truck a little over a year later for a 2500 Ram Cummins.

  31. I'm not convinced with the Fiat diesel engine. Ford and Chevy, I would wait a few years to see what problems it has or experiences in its first years with their new engine.

  32. I have ordered the 2020 Ford F 150 Powerstroke King Ranch with 6' bed 4X4. Based on brand loyalty. Had to order couldn't find one with 6' bed. I want to get my 4 wheeler in the bed.

  33. Not a peep if there are 4 head bolts per cylinder or 6 studs per cylinder? Ever hear of head gasket failure when you have 18:1 compression and 20 lbs of boost? Oh wait, remember the 6.0? It had only 4 head bolts per cylinder and numerous head gasket failures which was corrected in the aftermarket with ARP head studs and when Ford designed the 6.7 they used 6 bolts along with duramax and cummins. 4Four bolts per cylinder do not last, what do these engines have????

  34. lmao timing belt, and wasn't Ford just sued over false MPG numbers? Chevy using an aluminium block in a diesel with a rear timing chain? Ram is the way to go here.

  35. I am partial to Ford, but I can't see any reason to buy a Fiat diesel. If it was a Cummins 3.0 liter, it might be a different story.

  36. With fords timing chain problems, and seeing a timing belt in the power stroke, I'll pass on the ford. The looks of the new silverado are keeping me away from GM, but that fuel economy might make that ugly duckling tolerable.

  37. Making a GEN2 EcoDiesel into a 500 hp truck likely requires changing the turbo. FYI, most say that changing the turbo is a cab off activity, so it’s not a cheap / fast / remotely simple affair. Recommend caution on some of your ‘recommendations’.

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