Conversion Video Fluid Ounce to Milliliters and back again.wmv

Working with conversions. In this video
we are going to be converting fluid ounces and milliliters and then back again
Fluid ounces are not the same as regular ounces. Fluid ounces deal with
volume. Here is our example. We have three fluid ounces that we’re going to convert
into milliliters. Here is our conversion factor. Fluid ounce is equal to 29.57 milliliters and this is an approximation. Here we have the three fluid ounces we are going to insert our conversion
factor. And remember that to convert we are going to be multiplying or
dividing by the number one to change the label. Here is our conversion factor.
We turn that into a ratio. This ratio equals the number one. We now multiply that
conversion factor into our 3 fluid ounces. What we are converting to is on top.
We are converting to the milliliters. Again we are inserting one label in an
effort to cancel out another label. So, our fluid ounces cancel out. Now we are left with 3 times 29.57 milliliters. We multiply that.
We end up with 88.71 milliliters which is our solution. Three fluid ounces
equal 88.71 milliliters. Now we convert
from milliliters back to fluid ounces. Again, we convert 88.71 milliliters into how many fluid ounces. We begin which our given here.
We insert our conversion factor. This time we are going to take our conversion factor and put the fluid ounces on top. This ratio is equal to one.
We have 88.71 milliliters. We multiply by a conversion factor
Again, notice that what we are converting to is on top, the fluid ounces.
And we are going to be cancelling out the milliliters. Now we have to multiply the
88.71 into the fluid ounces. Now we have division that is left.
Once we divide out, we are left with just the three fluid ounces. And this is our
solution. So, three fluid ounces equal 88.71 milliliters And that is the end of our video. Thanks!

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