Convert Euros Per Liter to Dollar Per Gallon Using Unit Fractions

The cost of gasoline in a European country was 1.24 euros per liter. What would the equivalent cost
be in US dollars per gallon? Use the following conversions. The first step is the right, the rate of 1.24 euros per liter in fraction form which is 1.24 euros per one liter. And now we will multiply by unit fractions to convert Euros to dollars
and liters to gallons. And because we have two conversions we will have two unit fractions. Let’s first convert euros to dollars and because we want the units of euros to simplify out, and we have euros in the numerator, we need euros in the denominator of the unit fraction. And since we are
converting euros to dollars we will have dollars in the numerator. And the conversion is $1 is approximately 0.876 euros, and therefore the first unit fraction is $1 over 0.876 euros. Notice how now because
we have euros divided by euros, the units of euros simplify out. And now let’s convert liters to gallons. Because we have liters
in the denominator here and we want liters to simplify out, in this unit fraction we will have liters in the numerator and
gallons in the denominator. And since a conversion is one gallon is approximately 3.785
liters, the unit fraction is 3.785 liters over one gallon. And notice now here we have liters divided by liters, and therefore the
units of liters simplify out. Notice now we’re left with
units of dollars per gallon. So now we multiply. In the numerator we have 1.24 times one times 3.785, and the units are dollars. In the denominator we have one times 0.876 times one, which is just 0.876
and the units are gallons. The next step is to
find this quotient here. Let’s do this on the calculator. In parentheses for the
numerator we have 1.24 times 3.785, close
parentheses, and then divide it by the denominator of 0.876. Because this represents dollars and cents we’ll round to two decimal places. Since there’s a seven in
the third decimal place you round up. The value’s approximately
5.36, which means the rate is 5.36 dollars. And to make this a
fraction, the denominator would be one and the units are gallons or we could just say per gallon. So the unit rate is 5.36
dollars per one gallon or we can say the equivalent
cost is $5.36 per gallon. I hope you found this helpful.

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