Convert Foot Unit coordinates & dimension into meters Unit coordinates & dimension in Urdu / Hindi

Start with the Name of ALLAHA, My name is Aamir Shahzad Today my video is about Autocad In this, I will answer 1 question which ask by Muhammad sami How to convert foot units drawing into metric units Let’s Start So here I open Autocad 2017 Here I have a drawing which units are in inches 1st check units of this drawing for unit command short key is UN here is drawing units which are in inches if you want to know more about units then watch my video which title is units & limits Now I am going to convert this drawing into metric units 1st i convert this drawing into block if you want to know in detail about a block then watch this video in my playlist which name is free AutoCAD for beginners For write block short key is W Write W then Enter 1st I am going to pick my point on this drawing before the start, I tell you about coordinates I start coordinates from 0,0 Let check the upper right corner coordinates just write in command bar id & click For write block just write w in command bar & press Enter pick point of block select whole object & press enter here in downside showing path of block for change path or name click on botton I am writing the name of block (Question) after click the right side button & save Now I jump other drawing 1st I am set unit of this drawing write UN in command bar & press Enter Now set units in Meter now insert block in this drawing Write in I command bar & press Enter Click on Brose select block which name is question & press open Scale use Unform & press OK after giving the coordinates of pick point if you see this drawing is still in foot because this drawing is still in block So for change units simply explode this block which short key is X After exploding block, you can see drawing changes in metric unit

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  1. As salamu alaikum brother. I am Md. Shariful Isalm from Bangladesh. I am a big fan of you. I already watch and downloaded your all of videos.. I think All of videos are good for every surveyors. Brother, i have an one question, How to calculate Easting and Northing from degree, minute, second by manual calculations and auto cad. If you answer this question, it will be well-being for me…I have another question about manual calculations, if you give me your E-mail i will send you a photo for solved this… Tnx….

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  3. sir mera ik questions hai
    for example jab mian consultant ko kise pilot k asbuilt data dayta hoon tou aus data ko cross check k laiy fgl data ki surface bana k manual tou spot elevation cheak kar layta hoon
    masla yeh hai jab point bhout ziyda hoon tou ais k liay koi tareeqa hai civil 3d mian jo fgl aur asbuilt k different point label k sath show ho jay for example 2cm cut or fill

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