CRAZIEST Things That Happened At The AQUARIUM!

Hi, it’s Katrina! The aquarium seems like a pretty safe place,
but after today’s video, you may think twice about your next visit. Just kidding, have fun and learn lots when
you go, but keep an eye out because here are 8 strange things that happened at aquariums! 8. A Stolen Shark During the summer of 2018, two men and a woman
stole a 40-centimeter-long (15.75 in) grey horn shark named Helen from an interactive
touch tank at the San Antonio Aquarium in Texas. They smuggled Helen out of the aquarium by
wrapping her in a blanket and pushing her away in a baby stroller. Staff members noticed water dripping from
the carriage and repeatedly requested to search it as they followed the thieves into the parking
lot, but they were brushed off by the trio, who claimed that their baby was sick and needed
medicine. Police thought they were being pranked when
they received a call about a stolen shark, but luckily Helen’s kidnapping was caught
on surveillance footage. Two days later, the thieves confessed to the
crime. Authorities had traced the license plate of
the “getaway car” the group drove away in, and they knew they had been caught. The mastermind behind the act, 38-year-old
Antone Shannon, was apparently a marine enthusiast. Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio
told San Antonio TV station KSAT that when officers went to Shannon’s home to retrieve
Helen, they noticed that it was filled with various tanks containing fish and other marine
species. Salvaggio also said that Shannon appeared
very knowledgeable about marine life and stole the shark because he was trying to replace
one of his that had recently passed away. Shannon was arrested on a state felony charge
for stealing Helen. About a week later, he found himself in more
hot water, and was charged for stealing pots and pans from a department store. This takes kleptomania to a whole other level. The shark was already traumatised enough by
being in a touch tank, let alone taken out of the water for such a long time. 7. The Shark Tank Skinny Dipper One man decided that it would be a fantastic
idea to jump into a shark tank naked at a Canadian aquarium in October 2018. Hours after committing an assault outside
Medieval Times in downtown Toronto, 37-year-old David Weaver proceeded to the nearby Ripley’s
aquarium, where he disrobed and leapt into the Dangerous Lagoon exhibit, which contained
17 sharks. The footage was caught on video and went viral
on social media. He fled the scene, but was apprehended the
following week in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and was transported back to Toronto to face justice. Weaver faced a total of three charges for
the assault and for his skinny-dipping stunt. A judge ordered him to stay at least 100 meters
away from Medieval Times and Ripley’s, and at least 50 meters from his assault victim. He was also required to seek therapy for alcohol
abuse and attend anger management. After posting $2,000 bail, he was released
from custody. This story is proof that if you’re thinking
of doing something absurd for shock value, humor, or any other reason – don’t. And leave the poor sharks out of it! 6. Shark Tank Shatters In February 2017 at the Acuario de Mazatlan
in Mexico, a shark tank containing 13 different species shattered. The incident happened after an 80-centimeter-thick
(31.5 in) section of acrylic glass detached and collapsed, causing a small leak. That small leak quickly turned into a bigger
one, and as cracks appeared in the glass of the enclosure, millions of liters of saltwater
spewed forth. As the aquarium flooded, emergency services
rushed to the scene. Thankfully, the hole wasn’t big enough for
any of the tank’s inhabitants to escape, and emergency responders were able to close
it back up. Even more fortunately, the leak occurred after
the aquarium had closed for the evening, and there were no visitors present. The incident drew widespread criticism, including
from local politician Fernando Pucheta Sanchez, who asserted that the aquarium had been reopened
“in an irresponsible way” that past December, after undergoing 8 years and millions of dollars
of renovation and construction work. Additionally, local media claimed that the
aquarium’s director, Milay Quintero, had been warned days prior to the incident about
some breaks in the enclosure, and that a structural review had been requested by aquarium inspectors. 5. People Fall into Shark Tank Nearly 20 years ago, ten visitors fell into
a 400,000 gallon (1.5 million liter), 20-foot-deep (6 meter) shark tank at the Aquarium of the
Americas in New Orleans, Louisiana. The group was on an after-hours tour in August
2002 when the footbridge they were on collapsed, causing all ten people to plunge into the
shark-filled water below. There were four children among them, and for
15 terrifying minutes, the group thrashed around in the tank as they awaited rescue. If this were to ever happen to you, there
is no need to panic and thrash around! Not the best idea… Most of the 24 sharks, which ranged in length
from eight to ten feet, were frightened by the ruckus and avoided the group – not that
it made the experience any less terrifying for those who went through it. There was supposedly one particularly brave
shark that lurked beneath the frightened swimmers’ feet, according to the account of an eight-year-old
onlooker named Amanda Kruse, who stated “its lips were peeled back and its teeth were showing”
– an allegation the aquarium later denied, pointing out that the sharks were well-accustomed
to humans due to frequent divers in the tank, and that they were also well-fed. Kids do have vibrant imaginations, but businesses
also tend to protect their reputations at all costs, even if that means downplaying
the seriousness of an event. Who do you believe? Let me know in the comments. While there were no serious physical injuries,
the incident left psychological scars on some of the victims, including a two-year-old girl
who woke up screaming later that evening due to nightmares. 4. Shark Jumps into Swimming Pool At the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas in December
2008, a female reef shark bypassed the one-foot-high (30.5 cm), 18-inch-wide (45.72 cm) barrier
around her exhibit and tumbled down a pool slide called the Leap of Faith, ultimately
landing in the hotel swimming pool. The 12-year-old shark initially survived,
but her body was unable to handle the chlorine content of the hotel pool, and she died shortly
after being returned to her tank. According to hotel staff, the shark never
posed a threat to humans, not only because the incident occurred before swimming hours,
but because it had swum with numerous guests in its enclosure. In a statement to TMZ, the resort said that
they believed the female shark jumped out of her tank after being startled for an unknown
reason. Or maybe was just playing around, it’s hard
to say. They also, not surprisingly, mentioned that
she was well-fed at the time she landed in the hotel pool. 3. The Great Escape In early 2016, an octopus named Inky escaped
from New Zealand’s National Aquarium, proving that members of the animal kingdom are often
smarter than us humans give them credit for. (Or as you already know, because you saw my
octopus video from a couple of weeks ago! If you haven’t, be sure to check it out!!) First, Inky moved the lid to his enclosure,
which he shared with another octopus. During the night, he slipped through a small
opening, landed on the floor, slid across, and squeezed into a narrow drainpipe, which
led to the open ocean. Freedom!! If this story sounds familiar, it’s because
this was the inspiration for Hank in Finding Dory. Aquarium staff figured out how Inky escaped
by following the trail of water he left behind. In the aftermath of the escape, Rob Yarrell,
the aquarium’s manager, described Inky as an octopus who was “very inquisitive and
liked to push boundaries.” He had been donated to the aquarium in 2014
by fishermen who had caught him in Pania Reef. At the time, he was battle-scarred from getting
into fights with other fish and who knows what else! Employees quickly took to Inky, whose inquisitive
nature made him rather likable and some employees were favorites while others were not so much,
and he would try to shoot water at them while they were cleaning his tank. According to marine biologist James Wood,
who has worked with octopuses for many years, it’s surprisingly common for them to escape
from captivity. They have the advantages of being intelligent
and having soft, boneless bodies that can navigate through tight spaces. There were no hard feelings on behalf of the
aquarium following Inky’s quest for freedom, according to Yarrell, who said: “We’ll
miss him, but we hope he does well in his new life.” 2. Great White in a Tank What happened at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
in 2005 was an example of just one of many reasons why great white sharks cannot be kept
in captivity. The aquarium officials decided to try to keep
a great white shark in a tank. They put her into an exhibit with several
other species, thinking that as long as the occupants remained well-fed, they wouldn’t
attack each other, which is normally the case – but not with great whites. Despite receiving plenty of nourishment, the
five-and-a-half-foot long, 100-pound great white attacked and fatally wounded two of
its tankmates. The female shark had been at the aquarium
for about six months when she decided, one day, to take a bite out of two soupfin sharks. Since we don’t really understand their behaviour
that well, it is hard to say why. Following the attacks, officials made the
wise decision to release the great white back into the ocean. She was lucky compared to other great whites
that have been put in confinement, as most of them died tragically within days or weeks
of being placed in captivity. I wonder where she is now, and how she’s
doing? 1. Mysterious Illness More than 100 high school students reported
having a flu-like sickness in May 2018 after attending prom at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. In the days after the dance, 111 students
from Victor J. Andrew High School were confirmed ill, citing symptoms consistent with Norovirus. Investigations into the cause of the mysterious
widespread illness were launched by the high school, the food caterer, the Cook County
Department of Public Health, and the aquarium. The food that was served at the prom was quickly
ruled out as the source of the sickness. To make things even stranger, over 24 kindergarteners
had become ill with Norovirus when they visited the aquarium ten days before the prom, and
none of the kids had eaten there. Norovirus can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea
and is very contagious. Although health officials vowed to determine
what caused all these children and teens to fall sick, this information was apparently
never made public. And while all signs point toward the illness
having been contracted at the aquarium, some of the prom attendees reported in a survey
that they had been experiencing symptoms before the event, and the aquarium therefore deserves
the benefit of the doubt. I hope your next visit to an aquarium is a
little less eventful than any of these I told you about! Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe to Origins Explained,
and to let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more videos like this. I’ll see you next time! Byeeeee

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