Criniti’s $250 Pizza Challenge w/ Magic Mitch (2 METERS)

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” with Atlas and Zeus Promotions and proud owner of! Very
very excited tonight I’m going to overall win number 490 I’m here with my
friend Magic Mitch be sure to check out his videos if you haven’t already, but we
are in the Katara area Newcastle, New South Wales we’re at Crinitis, there’s
locations all over Australia we’re at the Katar one, we’re taking on their 2
Meter Long Pizza Challenge! now we’ve got one full hour to finish and 2 meters of
all this pizza it’s broken up each meter is broken up into three different
topping options, I don’t know the names but oh there’s a barbecue chicken,
there’s a vegetarian one, and then there’s more of a kind of a margarita of
a little bit more to it. If we lose this thing’s gonna be friggin 250 Australian
dollars so we are not going to do that we’ve got one hour to finish if we win
we’ll get the meal free and we will get basically for a full year, a lot of Criniti’s. You ready? Yeah Alright let’s get this challenge started! All right so I apologize in advance it’s
a bad setup but Criniti’s pretty much is making us do this I know you’re not able
to see a whole lot but we’re just doing what we can do but we’ve got one hour to
finish we’re going to get it down Mitch will be working on his and I’ll be working on on mine and then yeah let’s see let’s get this $250
pizza for free! 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! 12 minutes in – Mitch is over here
dominating a lot of is half. I am more than halfway done with mine, but we are
really working it like I said we’re 12 minutes and 15 seconds in now it still
have plenty of time, over 45 minutes so let’s get eat and get this challenge
done! I think Magic Mitch is actually beating
me, but I’ll catch up! Another thing with this challenge is we
only allow to use water so no soda or anything else, but luckily the pizza’s
really frickin good, going down but I’m gonna get the rest of the topping this
cheese whatever it is into prosciutto, get it down then I’ll get the rest of my
slices that’s Mitch over here I’ll get him in the end! Oh, I miss my soda! thirty minutes and ten seconds we just
surpassed the halfway point in the time limit. Hardly any left so we’re
definitely gonna get the victory, let’s go! He’s finishing his last few bites and I’m helping, ha! 37 minutes and 33 seconds it’s not
the official record for Australia but I think it is the official record for the
two-person challenge here at the Katara location there were three different
pizza topping options that we went with the variety was great! It really worked
well happy with what we did 37 minutes 33 seconds
we got the $250 pizza for free and yeah so by Australia and then I got overall
win number 490 and then so thank you to Crinitis here in Katara in Newcastle, New
South Wales! Awesome challenge and thank you guys for watching!

100 thoughts on “Criniti’s $250 Pizza Challenge w/ Magic Mitch (2 METERS)

  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching!! I had heard great things about Criniti's pizza and had been wanting to try one of their challenges for a long time!! It was great to attempt the challenge alongside Magic Mitch during our trip. Big thanks to everyone subscribed to our channel, and of course thanks to everyone else who watches our videos too!! We appreciate all support!! Friday's video will feature a 12 lb team pizza challenge I attempted this past weekend while down in Florida!!

  2. I can't believe they made you scarf down a pizza while standing over all of their uncooked pizza and toppings.. Goofs lol

  3. they made you eat over the prep area? what a shitty dirty restaurant. Someone needs to call the Australian health department. Disgusting

  4. If our government wanted to damage the infrastructure of a rival nation, send in Randy Santel. He'll ruin their sewage and water treatment options and thereby prep our military for an educated assault.

  5. to all the people concerned about Randy and Mitch eating over the food preparation area-
    What's the big deal? I mean, even if anything fell onto the food being prepared, the high temperatures of the pizza oven during the baking process would just kidding it's gross…

  6. Yeah, not cool. This place doesn't even have the respect to give you a table? You're going to promote the hell out of them with your channel, and they make you eat at the serving bar? Besides, OVER the fresh ingredients for other patrons? Gross. Cross this place off my list next time I visit Australia. Very disrespectful and unsanitary.

  7. Wow, Criniti's is a pricy place. A chef salad that only includes lettuce, bacon bits, parmesan and croutons costs $20. $19 for bread sticks… at least I think that's what it is, it's listed on the menu as "pizza crust." $27 for a burger… $4 for freaking dipping sauce! I mean I could buy two whole bottles of ranch dressing for $4, and they charge that much for a single portion. Definitely not in my price range… or continent.

  8. Anyone else notice how unsanitary it is for them to be eating so close to the food prep? Kinda gross on the restaurants part.

  9. only water???! having to eat at the counter standing up??! that's like the Guantanamo bay of pizza joints….😒 you guys killed it though 👍 good job

  10. You had bigger eaters with you Randy but both of you work well as a team keep practicing with watermelon.
    They made you eat over the prep table i would have leaned over and acted like I was going to throw up in the bins and a sneez.
    That guy 6:34 was last years winner i think incognito with the hat and purple shirt.

  11. remind me to never eat at this restaurant. who allows/makes customers speed eat a challenge directly over the prep station. friggin gross.

  12. it is funny how often you are VERY VERY EXCITED 😀 keep on Randy, come back to Prague and have a nice holydays 🙂

  13. Why no collab with jason ‘not even full bro’ Genova? What’s your motive randy? Huh?🤷🏻‍♂️essplain

  14. Imagine a land without health codes….AUSTRALIA!!!! Hope the rest of the country isn't this lax with raw ingredients uncovered less than spitting distance from customers eating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. That pizza looked amazingly delicious!! But I’m sure the many toppings made it much more challenging to eat ..and eat fast. But wow, what a feast!

  16. Great win guys! Pizza looked delicious and was enormous. I like your pizza challenges Randy you always dominate Italian food.

  17. No sneeze guard over the kitchens food. what if you accidentally spit or shot some snot in their food prep area?

  18. You're in Straya (Australia) and you don't have AC/DC as cover music? Dire Straits? I'd even settle for Olivia Newton-John !
    That seems like it be nice place to work because the pizza cook was wearing headphones.

  19. Not a single person gonna call Mitch out for cheating? like its clear as day! that ninja turtle shirt is giving him all the power of course hes gonna go through pizza fast.

  20. Didn't know Australian pizza cooks are all now Muslim. What a disgrace to our forefathers whom won ww2. May I add that the muslims helped the NAZIS!

  21. Actually seems kind of unsanitary to have people eating right on the counter inches from the prep area and toppings. Got to be bits and spit flying all over.

  22. That is disgusting, have the place put up a camera or something to make sure people don't cheat. Never mind the food getting on the prep station, spit, snot, what if someone throws up. That restaurant is gross

  23. Everybody making such a big deal about them eating over the prep counter, but hey, with these two guys, theres no harm done. Randy and Mitch are such clean eaters, they arent spilling anything anywhere. That being said, they still shouldnt have ingredients anywhere near customers… EVER. Or there should be a sneezeguard over it, like at a buffet.

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