Crushing 1500 sheets of Paper with Hydraulic Press

Today we are going to do biggest paper explosion ever Here we have 1500 sheets of A4 paper And you have seen our folding paper video Even one sheet explodes so I think this is going to be really good And then if we survive that I have some pulp! It’s like the wood fibre that paper has but not anything else Like any like clay or other materials like that so it’s really interesting to see if these explode also But I think we are going to start with this big boy here Yeah everything is now ready, we are going to use remote control Because with the blast shield all the paper is just going to stay inside of the press And it has no room to move So we are going to use remote control and be really far away And we have lots of cameras running and we are really nervous because this is going to be really bad explosion And here we go! Uh oh! Oh shit it’s going to be bad! Lauri: VAT DA FAAK!!?!
Anni: What!! What happened!! I think it uh some of it exploded…? Reset the slow motion and we crush a bit more Yeah [INAUDIBLE] And here we go with the full pressure! Anni: WOOOOH!! Lauri: Yeah! Better! It seems to explode with small pieces like 500 papers at a time So lets have a look what is situation now. Vat da faak! I think it’s – it’s – we can crush more. Yeah as you can see that Here is good solid paper pancake forming out and we can keep crushing Yeah so third crushing I think this is going to be final The last one was little bit bigger than the first one so this should be huge Lauri: And here comes the big boom! Anni: WOOOH!! Lauri: YEAH! That was – that was good! It was very tight match, but the press wins and the paper lose! It took three rounds for press to do proper knockout for the paper And as you can see The paper has been defeated And there is really lot of this familiar Limestone feeling plastic stuff or what the hell is this i think this is much harder than with the one paper It’s really hard! Really strange – also quite warm Yeah I think this was pretty good fight Even if I prefer one huge explosion than three small ones. But pretty good still! Yeah I think we’re ready for the pulp And here we go! Seems to be pretty tough! This could be big one also. Vaat da Faak!! It don’t explode! (In Finnish) Stay there I’ll do this quickly… [EXPLODES] !!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK !!!!!!!! whaaaaattt tttthheeee fuuucckkkk Yeah that was really strange We tried to crush it and it didn’t explode and I think we waited for like 30 seconds So there – I’m not sure how much but that Some pressure had already leaked out from the cylinder but it somehow exploded still It might be that the when you release the pressure it has some kind of room to explode or something It was really weird! But let’s have a look at the end result So… Feels just… I think this is bit softer than the paper pancake, bit softer Oh it’s – it’s softer but it’s like more tough It’s harder to break But it isn’t so hard like diamond or something like that so it’s It’s more like wood and plastic Yeah! But I think that is all for today, thank you for watching, and have a nice day! And for today’s extra content we have these meerkats They are bit like paper One isn’t really dangerous Anni: *laughs* But when you add more they become very dangerous And they can attack at any moment So we have to deal with them

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