Crushing Real Diamond with Hydraulic Press

[intro music] Welcome to the hydraulic press channel Today we have diamond for our press. I want to thank the Brilliant Earth for sending this diamond for us As you can see it is quite big if you compare it to my hand, it’s very large It’s 1.2 carats so it’s largest diamond that I have ever seen And here is all the necessary paperwork proving that our diamond is real diamond and nothing like glass or plastic The weight is 1.2 carats so it’s … [chuckles] … it’s very big and expensive and the cut is very good and other, uh, things are also excellent so it’s… very good diamond for our press yeah, now I am going to unbox it and put it right below our press I am going to prop it so I’m have to be very careful I am also quite nervo- …excited because we have only one shot with this and… then it’s all over yeah. I think I… …am going to switch our high-speed camera on and turn this bit closer and then we see what the diamond do under the hydraulic press SO! They say that diamonds are forever …but how long? [HYDRAULIC PRESS NOISES] *mad laughter* Here it was… [Anna laughing in the background] four-thousand-dollar hydraulic pressing [trails off amid laughter] The diamond is gone, diamond lose and press wins. [clapping and laughter] [SILENT HYDRAULIC PRESS NOISES] We luckily, luckily get that, uh, diamond pressed because that was… [sighs and laughs with relief] very scary, scary stuff, because I was afraid that the diamond just… flies away, and we are going to have to search it for hours from my shop, but luckily everything went well, and the diamond got pressed, and uh, it was much harder than glass because we practiced at this thing with, uh, some small parts of glass and the diamond was much harder as it should be and it broke into a couple larger pieces, and smaller diamond dust and, uh, those larger pieces I am going to try burn on my other channel since diamonds are made of gold- *corrects himself* uh, coal, it should burn quite, quite well so I am going to find that out probably tomorrow, in my other channel it’s called “Beyond the press” and you can find it in the description and all over the place yeah! I think that is all for today thank you for watching, and have a nice day. [outro music] [sick metal guitar solo] [press noises] And for today’s extra content, we have this tiger. It is EXTREMELY dangerous, and also probably quite, quite hungry so it may attack at any time we must deal with it. [starts press] [HYDRAULIC PRESS NOISES] [background laughter] [press stops] The tiger became ashtray. [press continues] [background laughter] Yeah! [laughs] [press stops] [just silence]

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