hello everyone I’m Kathryn DeSinaasappelen and and today we’re talking about the metric system if you guys happen to
be new I’m American and in America we don’t use the metric system grexz1
asked me some questions about the metric system I thought they were interesting
and so here we are with the video Was the metric system difficult to
learn? no, this is a difference in education between the US and I’m going
to say the rest of the world. This would be a question for you guys do you learn
anything besides the metric system I’d be interested to know. In the u.s. we
learn the standard system and we learn the metric system. For me the standard
system is for everyday use and the metric is more formal. We use it a lot to
be honest. We used it a lot of math class any time there were word problems, that
always use the metric units. In science class all our measurements and the
temperature were written in metric. Normally sports specifically when it
came to running would be categorized also in the metric so there would be
lots of 5k 10k runs for example and if you go to the supermarket you find all
the packaging we’ll have both the standard and the metric on it and in
some instances there’s only the metric. I think the best example is soda you buy
it in bottles that are 2 liters and it only comes in two liters so at the very
least everybody in America will know how much two liters are. I think the most
difficult part when coming to Europe was just getting in the habit of using it. I
only ever had to specifically use the metric system if I was doing some type
of formal paperwork for math class or science class it was sort of just funny
for me talking about litres of milk or so many grams of meat because I really
associated the metric system really hard for formal like math
science that it was just sort of funny but it was like groceries. like it’s hard
to explain it’s just for me it’s funny. Do you still convert? this sort of
depends because for the most part I would say that I can visualize both the
standard and the metric system pretty well for things like long distances
kilometers for example I can easily visualize how much that is I don’t need
to convert it to miles to understand but if we change it to centimeters and
specifically if we’re talking about somebody’s height I would have to
convert that into feet and inches in order to comprehend and visualize how
tall somebody is I can’t do it in centimeters in fact it throws me for a
loop when people tell me they’re like a meter whatever it’s like no no no no no
no no no you have to tell me in centimeters because I know I’m a hundred
seventy centimeters and basically if you’re taller than me you’re taller than
me and if you’re shorter than me you’re shorter than me but if somebody were to
come up and say I’m a hundred and eighty centimeters I just know that’s taller
than me like it’s ten centimeters taller than me but like I
how much is ten centimeters I I can’t visualize that so that would be
something that I would have to convert in order to be able to visualize it
mentally I don’t have that problem when it comes to liquids I can visualize a
gallon and a liter no issues also don’t seem to have it
when it comes to pounds and kilos so great. temperature-wise I don’t have a
problem until we get into really cold weather because zero degrees Celsius is
32 degrees Fahrenheit and the problem is that at least in the US we go down to
like zero degrees Fahrenheit and that’s just cold and I have no idea how much
that in Celsius because it’s very rare for it
to go down that far down below zero I think the coldest I’ve ever experienced
in Belgium it’s like negative 1 negative 2 degrees Celsius which isn’t that cold
because it’s still like 30s or 20s. Do you have a preference? and the only time
I really have a preference is when it comes to cooking recipes in the u.s. our
mass base and recipes in Europe are weight based I don’t know how to
visualize a hundred grams of flour and a hundred grams of sugar because the
quantity is different if I have a recipe that calls for a cup of flour and then
like a half a cup of sugar I can visualize that I don’t need to like
weigh it out I don’t really even have to measure it out I can visualize it so I
don’t understand how people are able to cook in Europe without a scale and I
caved and I bought a scale I will say that when you have precise measurements
of grams your recipes come out the same each and every time but I prefer the way
we do it better because you sort of get this like feel and instinct for cooking
that I haven’t been able to accomplish with with European recipes like I don’t
feel comfortable cooking European recipes they sort of freak me out but
give me a u.s. recipe I’ll never have cooked it’s like ok I got this because
they just I feel like I’m going by instinct more than just ok I need a
hundred grams of this 20 grams of that and yeah cooking’s really difficult
specifically with butter I I don’t know who decided the measurements of butter
but in Europe you can get 500 grams in the US you get a thing that has four
sticks of butter and when you have a recipe it will say half a stick or a
full stick and I have no idea how much a stick is
it’s just it’s a stick so every time I have a recipe that comes from the US
that I’m making it over here I have to go online and find out how many grams is
a stick of butter and I don’t know what people did before the internet because I
you would think the amount of times I’ve had to look this up I would remember how
many grams it is but I don’t I always forget
and that’s the only time I would have a preference that I wish the world would
come together and just say this is the system that we’re going to use for
cooking and then everybody just used it because life would be so much more
easier fun little fact though if you’re an American coming to Europe they have
I’d only say weird size spoons but weird size spoons and the small spoon that
they have is legit a teaspoon that we were measuring and the big spoon is
legit a tablespoon so that’s the greatest thing about living over here is
that I don’t need to have a bunch of different spoon sizes because like I
have a table and a tea spoon and they hold the exact amount of like lids that
I need which I don’t know why our spoons don’t do that in the US but it just they
were just like screw you guys let’s screw up the spoon size so they have to
get like the special measuring spoons because they’re mean that’s what I have
for you guys and I’d love to know if you’ve ever gone somewhere where they
didn’t use your measuring system and what you thought about it because I
can’t imagine how disorienting it would have been coming to Europe not knowing
that because I may not have been like fluent in the metric system but I was
aware of it so that made integrating it into my life just that more easier like
what’s that like going to my country just being like here’s an ounce of
cheese like can you visualize that I don’t know I’d love to hear from you
guys because I think this is a really interesting topic I want to thank Greg C
for the awesome questions just thank you so if any of you have any questions that
you’d like to ask leave them in the comments below of course share your
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next video – Tot Ziens Mijn Appelsiens! when I was 15 and in France I wanted to
make rice krispies treats and my recipe called for four cups of cereal so I went
to the grocery store and bought four boxes because on the internet I had read
that a cup equaled two hundred and fifty milliliters and I just thought that’s
the same as grams

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