ok power meters let’s go back right to the stop there’s articles out there about which permitted by which companies doing which where it measures at how accurate is eccentric seven that’s one ride back to exactly what a parameter is and how it works majority the parameters out there used strain gauges on a scale of Sydney Harbour Bridge but a current through a wire either side I can’t even reach the other side and as soon as that wire changes Ben’s deflects or strains that current will change and there you go it measures the difference between the two SRM will have four of those or a devise not simply have bridges that strain gauges and inside every strain gauge base power meter that’s pretty much what you have strange themselves shape light and pretty reliable Inside take them outside into vibration rain and the biggest one is temperature change on a bike you looking at probably anywhere between 50 degrees operating temperature difference between maybe negative 10 if you’re in the northern hemisphere riding in the snow and up to 50 degrees if you’re in qatar or something like that where the world championships will be held this year there’s a big variants of of temperature change that has a big impact also the facing interim have about 20 years head start on everyone else who came into the market but just think of the middle facing with another piece of metal and it deflects so you’re gonna have the glue or the interface there as well and that subject exactly the same problems as the metal itself hate vibration moisture everything so it’s a big problem here and at the raw level it measures the strength which gives you a torque value and then that applied to your rpms will give you your power in watts what’s now he’s with the controversy starts the constant is measuring in what power that’s a known value that’s measurable and it should be consistent across any how many that you have no matter where it actually measures it in the spider in the pedals system further down that measurement across those strain gauges should give you your output if you’re doing a hundred what’s a hundred and fifty watts 200 watts with an SRM you should be doing exactly the same with the park exactly the same of the stages in this I’m going to kick up for curt kinetic new smart trainer they should all measure the same reality is it’s not the case the common saying is that a ride with one parameter knows the power around with two parameters is never sure a bit of a joke but that’s come to be I guess accepted the big problem is now in the industry that the companies who are now players in the market of power meters now I’m not just including SRM and park and PowerTap in that wahoo around the parameter industry elite tax all those guys are a power meter manufacturers they have to be accurate and I have to be accurate across all systems now you think this is actually quite easy to do why because they all major power in watches that constant so you think they all face different challenges depending on where they measure power as well what we’re finding on the forums and online is people saying help my stages rate higher than my kicker my quarter grades lower than mine ego and things like that these companies are struggling with how to actually deal with that because in the past you had one parameter there’s your numbers but now you’ve got to how do you know which ones writing which was wrong big challenges faced look a bit of the feedback we got from a couple of the company somebody sent me some feedback about the quick enquiry they’re putting before buying a parameter one company first day but there’s no standard of measurement yet in the industry that’s been a parameter company who does measure in what’s I’m not sure what’s going on there with their personal the helpdesk another one was and this is from a big player as well they mentioned that depending on your bike fit that may impact the accuracy of their power meter that’s completely over her you’re sitting on your bike you can be using a handcycle those strain gauges are all the same it doesn’t take anything into consideration other than how hard they’re being pressed on so i think they may have been confused with you know how much power you can put a time proposition versus how much power you can put out on a road bike so the variance in the coming weeks and coming months when it’s super super accurate smart rain has come out for home and people are putting their quarks stages and everything on these companies gonna have to really really step up their game ok if you think to check if you think your parameter is out first of all number one update the firmware on your power made always update to the latest version if you hated to go the latest version don’t be going to the latest version if it doesn’t work keep your manufacturer honest tell them why it doesn’t work tell them why they need to fix it they will listen so update the firmware to the latest version again check your batteries 0 the offset some manufacturers or some head units will call this calibration it’s not calibration it doesn’t change the slope we just change the offset and stabilizes the measurement if the slope is incorrect your parameter will be incorrect matter what so that’s a whole other topic that we’re going to so check your firmware check your batteries 0u offset if that doesn’t work is still getting discrepancies going out to a customer support keep him honest so in summary power meters simple devices bit like the Sydney Harbour Bridge but they’re super hard to get right super hard to get accurate there’s no excuses if they’re not kick manufacturer honest we’ll do some more videos on this that coloration all that later on let me know what permitted you are have you had any issues with it and what I’m looking for in the future alright thanks for watching

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