Cycling’s 10 Year Challenge | The GCN Show Ep. 315

– From a snowy commute, welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show, brought to you by Wiggle. – This week we shamelessly
piggyback off the hashtag that’s been taking social media by storm. And we look at cycling’s
10 year challenge. Where was our sport 10 years ago, and has it changed for the better? – We’re also taking a look at
our own 10 year challenges, aren’t we? And there, well they’re not
pretty as you might expect. Plus, I’m gonna update you
on how my get fit in 10 weeks campaign is going. – No more yoga I– – No more yoga, but I did so some off the
bike strength training. Which is just as entertaining. (funky jazz music) (upbeat pop music) – This week in the world
of cycling we learned that once you’ve won Milan’s
San Remo the next logical step is to take up roller hockey. Here is recently retired
(inaudible) showing his skills with a zed. – Yeah, very logical step indeed. I’ll be interested in
how he gets on actually. We also learned this week
that Elia Viviani is not only one of the world’s top sprinters, he’s also like cycling’s Harry Houdini. Here he is fitting through
a gap that basically doesn’t exist and taking an
impressive win on stage one of the Tour Down Under. – And finally, we also
learned that Dan’s math skills leave a lot to be desired. This is what he posted on Instagram for the 10 year challenge hashtag. – Yes, but that was obviously
a joke Ollie because as you can all see that
was 20 years ago, not 10. And helmet head’s come quite
a long way since those days. – It has, yeah. Anyway, we thought we’d jump
on the 10 year challenge bandwagon, why not, and do a 10 year challenge
for cycling itself. – We did. And we’re gonna start with a little quiz. So we’ve got a few
questions coming out to test each other’s memory. And you can play along at home as well. I’m gonna go with the first question, who won the tour in 2009? – Easy. Alberto Contador. – [Dan] Yep, it is quite easy. But who came third. – This is a trick question, right? Because on the day, so to
speak, when, well it’s over, Lance Armstrong was there,
but (inaudible) disqualified wasn’t he? – [Dan] He was, yeah, you’ve got this. – So, Wiggins was promoted
in to the third place. Who, he was riding for Garmin Slipstream. – He was, yeah. Good knowledge man, good knowledge. (laughing) – Right, my turn then. Who was 2009 men’s world
road race champion? – I’ve got this one pretty
easy ’cause I was actually in that race. But not for that long. So I’d gone back to the
(inaudible) shower and sat down to watch the last part of
the race on our team bus and I know that Cadel Evans won that race. Won the first rainbow
bans on the road for the men’s race for Australia. Moving on. Do you know who the top female rider was in the rankings in 2009? (sighing) – I don’t, but I can
take an educated guess. Because, well, just because she was so dominate at that time. I’d go Marianne Vos. – Yes, spot on again. Do you know who won the
women’s grand prix plus in the same year? – Pft. Not a clue. – No, I didn’t think you would. It was Emma Pooley. A trick question basically. I just get you in to some trouble. – Right, my turn then. I’m having another question. Who won the 2009 junior
men’s world time trial? – I’ve got no id– I’m never gonna get that am I? (laughing) I’ve got no idea. – You say that, but I guarantee
you’ve heard of the name. Okay, so, it was actually
won by Luke Durbridge. – Was it?
– Just a few seconds couple of seconds–
– I wouldn’t have got that. – Ahead Lawson Craddock. And Pauline Ferrand Prevot, she was second in the women’s junior road race. And in the men’s race, that
was won by Jasper Stuyven ahead of Arnaud Demare. – Was it really? I wouldn’t have got any of those. That was quite a year
for talent wasn’t it? – Yeah yeah. – Back then in the juniors, my goodness. Now, I’m gonna have one
more question Ollie– – If you must. – Who did I ride for back in 2009? Go on, say it. (sighing) – The Civello test team. – Yes, damn right. I just didn’t wanna say it myself because people are getting sick of it in the comments, quite understandably. So we should probably
move on fairly quickly. And so while it has
changed in world cycling over the last 10 years. While firstly, the term
marginal gains wasn’t really being used, was it? Because Team Sky didn’t exist. – Yeah, that’s right. They didn’t exist, but, interestingly, they were being formed. – Mhmm. – I, this is pretty cool right? I visited Colnago HQ a few years back, and in Colnago HQ in Milan,
they’ve got this guestbook you can sign. And I had a flick through
it, and in there were some entries all on the same
day, 21st of March, 2009, from Dave Brailsford, Shane
Sutton and Scott Sunderland. And it was interesting ’cause they were, it appears they were
looking for a bike sponsor, but they didn’t obviously,
we know how that worked out. They didn’t go with Colnago– – [Dan] They did a tour of Italy. – [Ollie] Yeah. – You wonder whether Colnago
are kicking themselves now given how much
success Team Sky have had on Pinarello bikes since then. That’s quite interesting isn’t it? Also, Lance Armstrong made
his comeback from retirement that very same year in 2009. And you wonder if he’s kicking
himself for doing just that. Because we all know how that turned out. – Yeah, it’s not just riders and racing that’s changed though. What about the bikes
and equipment and tech. I mean, what were we riding back in 2000– well, actually, actually, don’t. You don’t need to say. We all know what make of
bike you were riding, Dan. I was actually riding an aluminum giant. – Were you?
– Yeah. – Hadn’t progressed on
to carbon fiber yet? – I hadn’t. – Well, Alberto Condu
won the Tour de France as we mentioned that very year, was on carbon fiber of
course by that point. He won it on a Trek Madone Six series bike complete with SRAM red 10-speed group set which is of course mechanical. Apparently that bike though
did weigh in on the UCI limit just 6.8 kilograms. – Interesting, yeah,
something else interesting is, Di2 came out in 2009. – Did it?
– Yeah. DURA-ACE Di2 7970 was the
designation for that one. And it had that, well,
in hindsight, quite ugly big external battery that
you’d bolt on to your– – Yeah, well to be honest that
wasn’t just ugly in hindsight that was ugly at the time, wasn’t it? I wonder actually whether
that was why some people were saying that electronic
gears were just a gimmick, bit like Maverick Medtronic,
but that’s certainly changed, isn’t it? – [Ollie] I think it’s
safe to say that the i2’s here to stay now. – I bet you’re going out
on a limb there Ollie-oh. – Yeah, yeah. Now another piece of kit
that’s changed is that, well, pro bike races all use carbon
wheels now in every race. – They did back then didn’t they? – Well, in 99.9 percent of races, with one notable exception. A race deemed so brutal
on riders and equipment that no one dared use them. – Paris-Roubaix presumably. – [Ollie] Yeah, that’s right. It wasn’t until 2010
when Fabian Cancellara stormed to victory for
the second time using some zip 303s. – That was the first time they were used. Yeah, apparently, zip had
sent him quite a few samples back in 2006, so four years previous when he was riding for
CSC, for him to test. Some testing which he did over
the Paris-Roubaix (inaudible) including the infamous
incredibly difficult Arenberg forest. And rumor has it he
broke every single wheel. (sighing) – Well, I guess it’s just a
testament it is to how far carbon fiber tech has come. ‘Cause now, well, the riders
wouldn’t think of using anything but carbon
wheels in Paris-Roubaix. – No, no, it’s amazing how far we’ve come in that period of time. – But yeah, it’s other
road bike tech as well that wasn’t really around in 2009. You never really saw arrow
helmets or skin suits being used in road races. – Well unless you’re Rob
Hayles who we mentioned a week or two ago. He’s had a lot of mentions. Rob always used–
– Yes, Rob Hayles. – Skin suits back at that time. And there have been plenty of
other change, haven’t there? 10 years ago, pedaling on
your top tube wasn’t a thing thankfully, no need to go
back to those times, eh? Also, Egan Bernal was
just starting high school over in Colombia. Smart trainers were a thing,
but they were basically posh sneakers rather than
indoor smart home trainers. We had discs but they were
wheels that you used in the Velodrome or indeed in a time trial. Bottom brackets worked properly. And also, gravel didn’t exist. – Gravel did exist. It’s just gravel riding
wasn’t a thing yet. Despite the fact that people
were riding on gravel, just on cycle across bikes– – Yes. – And mountain bikes. Basically, I think over the last 10 years, we’ve come up with a term for riding on gravel. – Didn’t we do well? We’ve come out. I mean, what genius came up
with the term gravel ride for riding on gravel. Unbelievable. – I think it might have been Si. – Maybe it was. I don’t think it was him. He’s not that clever. (laughing) Anyway, one thing that definitely
wasn’t around 10 years ago was Strava, and hasn’t
that been a game changer. There’s so many cyclists. – Hang on a minute, right. Whoa whoa whoa. If Strava didn’t exist in 2009, how come you’ve got
loads of KOMs from 2009? – Well, Ollie, I think I’ve
said this on the GCN show before but firstly, I was sad enough
to save, on my computer, all of my GPX files and then
secondly, I was sad enough to retrospectively upload
them to Strava once Strava had been invented. So yes, I have plenty of
KOMs from before Strava. – That’s next level. – It is. Ah, right, we’ve finished
with that part of the show, but we wanna show you what
we looked like and what we were doing 10 years ago. Pre-GCN of course. Won’t bother with me,
because as you all know, well you know what I
was doing back in 2009. But, who we shall start with is Hank. Here he is on a race start line
as a teenager looking moody. Sultry, or one of those. (laughing) – And here is Opie in the
Netherlands racing on a pair of Mavic Heliums. – Yes with a power
(inaudible) rear ho as well. That is a bling ring on
his right hand there. Isn’t it? Must have been weighing him
down when he was racing. Then there is Si. Now 10 years ago in 2009, Si
was racing for Rapha Condor. And rather interestingly,
he was sporting a mullet. – [Ollie] Why is that interesting? – Because mullets had gone out
of fashion about five years previous to 2009 so goodness
only knows why he still has had that haircut. – I used to have one as well. – Did you? – But five years when it wasn’t– (laughing) – When it was fashionable. (laughing) – Yeah. – Anyway, here’s another picture. This one is Ollie
graduating from university and obviously preparing
for GCN does science. – Yeah, putting my qualifications
to good use these days. – You have. I’ve thought you might pick
out a photo when you were a tri-athlete which
was in 2009, wasn’t it? But he says, he can’t find one. (laughing) I’m sure he would bow to
some social media pressure on that front. And then finally of course,
not finally but penultimately we’ve got Emma Pooley. Here she is in 2009 being successful. Again, some things never change do they? And then we shall finish
with Mr. Tech himself. John Canning, in 2009, with some tech. Here he is with Tom Boonen’s
bike, rather admiring it. I think he probably is just there. – I’m just looking at John’s trousers. (laughing) Look at those. (laughing) Oh man, anyway. It’s time to throw it to you guys. We wanna know what the biggest
change has been in the last 10 years has been to your cycling. And, what do you think will
be the biggest change in the next 10 years? Let us know your thoughts in
the comments section below. But, forget 10 years, what about 10 weeks. How’s your zero to slightly
more than zero going? – Well I’ve gone up a
couple of decimal points. Maybe not got to one just yet. But you can find out now
Ollie in my next cycling vlog. Week two day two, I’m back in
the office and back at the set and this section is called the way out. 59 minutes to light it’s
a sweet spot session. They used to be my favorite
when I was (inaudible). I don’t think they are anymore. I’ve got a proper sweat on today. I’ve got two fans pointed directly at me. And my heart rate doesn’t
seem to have improved. Compared to what is from certain power. So this is my first test
from over two weeks ago. I hope that’s not a bad sign. We’ll see soon enough I guess. (hip hop music) It’s Saturday. I had a few drinks last night. And I’m now about to
do my final (inaudible) testing of the week and
it’s called the retched. And it does look retched
as only 47 minutes but intensity factor 0.99. So basically at my normalized
power for that duration is going to be right at my FTP. I’m on warmup at the moment
and a little bit nervous. (slow hip hop) For my last on the bike workout
of week two, the retched, I ramped up the intensity. Again it’s the orders of Neil Henderson, and came out of a normalized
power of 243 watts for 46 minutes. And just one watt under my previous FTP. And Neil has said I’m now getting
fitter which is good news. And that I can ramp my FTP up to 255 watts within the software. Along with the bike stuff though, this week I also had to do some
strength work off the bike. Coming up now, it’s GCN’s
weekly inspirational photo of the week. Your chance to win one of
three Wiggle voucher amounts. For third place you will
get 50 pounds of vouchers. For second you’ll get 75. And as you all know by now, if
you win coming in first place you’ll get 100 pounds to
spend on whatever you want on the Wiggle online shop. Two ways to enter each week. The first is on Instagram
using the hashtag #GCNINSPIRATION and the second is to use our uploader. A link to which you can
find in the description just down below. – So without further ado,
in third place this week, it’s Mateuszgdn. – [Dan] That’s how I would say it. – [Ollie] Yeah, fantastic
photo there in so. Doesn’t say exactly where he is. But that looks like Narnia. – [Dan] I know (inaudible)
Christmas right now– – [Ollie] Narnia, it’s Narnia. – [Dan] That looks very
Christmasy doesn’t it? It’s an amazing photo. – [Ollie] Yeah, it’s stunning, stunning. – [Dan] Not gravel
riding, it’s snow riding. Just invented a new term there. Right on, 50 pounds on it’s way to you. Get in touch with us for that. And second place, we have
Reuben on his Giant over in Christ Church in New Zealand. And how I’m pining after
some warm weather like you look like you’re
experiencing over there– – [Ollie] Oh man Reuben. I wanna be there. – [Dan] That looks amazing. – [Ollie] It’s really beautiful. – [Dan] Yeah, it’s inspiring me to ride. Suffering on my indoor trainer. – I wanna go to New Zealand. And in first place this
week, winning 100 pounds is, Doctor Oliver B. (laughing) In the Lake– – That is not Doctor Oliver B. obviously. It’s a nice photo Ollie,
but obviously not eligible to win 100 pounds. – Why not? – You work here–
– That’s a great photo. – You work here you dipstick. (laughing) I used the word tonk a couple of weeks ago but I think I’m gonna use it again now. Actually winning a hundred
pounds this week is, Alan in South Gloucestershire. This is a fantastic sunrise
shot close to the seven beach. Well done. It’s you Alan. We’ll get 100 pounds over
to you as soon as possible. – I feel like Lance in 2009. – Cheated? – Being beaten by Wiggins. – What, you like Lance ’cause you’re sort of cheating aren’t you? (laughing) Trying to get on to first
place in weekly inspiration. – To be fair that is a banging cobweb. – It is, yeah. And a banging sunrise as I just mentioned. So yeah, make sure you enter your photos for next week and we’ll
pick out our three favorite. (trumpet playing) – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – We shall begin Cycling Shorts
with some non-cycling pants. It’s probably no coincidence this Dan, but since you were filmed doing some yoga in some completely inappropriate attire, Nike has actually brought
out it’s first men’s specific yoga clothing range. – Yeah, they have. I’m open to all endorsements of course. Well I’m not sure I’d
look much better with some tight fitting yoga clothing if I’m honest. In fact, I’ll probably look
worse doing my twerking then, wouldn’t I? We’re going to go in to some
racing news, fairly quickly, after that yoga news. I mentioned this in the
racing news show yesterday, but I wanted to do it
again here on the GCN show. And it’s a huge
congratulations to Matt Hayman on his career. Sunday at the end of the
Tour Down Under also marked the end of his lengthy career. And where not only was he
very successful from a results point of view, but he also I think managed
to earn the respect of every single rider within the peloton, which takes some doing doesn’t it? His biggest result of course was that 2016 Paris-Roubaix win. – Yeah, I was covering the
2016 Paris-Roubaix and was actually in the Velodrome
at the end of the race and the atmosphere, well it
was absolutely incredible. But, and it’s without doubt
the most inspirational finish to a bike race
we’ve ever born witness to. But the way he fought back
having got dropped and was able to take it right down
to the wire and beat Boonen, it was like something from a movie. – [Dan] It was, it was. – [Ollie] Just such an underdog story. – [Dan] I felt sorry for Boonen,
but I also was ecstatic for Matt Hayman, really deservedly. – [Ollie] Incredible. – Of course his story
has made him more famous by the fact that he had some
hampered preparation because he broke his arm I think
back in February (inaudible). So most of his preparation
was done using Zwift on an indoor trainer. Which is a nice segue in
fact in to our next topic which is that of the
Zwift Kiss Super League. Now we talked about this
a couple of weeks ago here on the GCN show, but the first event of
10 is actually tomorrow, if you’re watching this on Tuesday. And you’re heading there Ollie. – I am indeed. It’s in the Pinarello store in London. And it’s gonna be the
first of a 10 race series where pro teams take part. And the best eight results
of that 10 race series count towards your overall
finish in the series. – [Dan] They do yeah. – [Ollie] I’m excited to
go and see what’s going on. – [Dan] I’m excited to see it as well. Now to make sure that things are fair, they’ve got a few rules
and regulations in place for the pro riders, haven’t they? – Yeah, they do, yeah. So, there’s gonna be weigh-ins. Mandatory weigh-ins at
the start where the riders have to, you know, step on a scale– – (inaudible) how they do
it in pairs like as boxers. You know, where they
intimidate each other and put their heads together and stuff. – Be a bit awkward though
if it’s like Connor Dunne and Samuel (inaudible)– – Yes it would be, yeah. That wouldn’t work then, would it? Along with the weigh-in,
there’s also a height-in, speaking of those two to make
sure that the aerodynamic properties are correct on the e-gaming. – Yeah. – Then they’re also going
to ensure that they all use the exact same indoor
calibrated trainer to ensure that their power numbers are right. And they’ve also got to use
heart rate monitor straps. – Yeah, well, it’s gonna be interesting. ‘Cause in actually some racing
with all the power meter data and stuff and heart
rate, that would be really cool to see. But I’m excited ’cause I’m gonna go down, check it out, and I’ll report
back for next week’s show. – Yeah, if you’re interested
come back to the GCN show next week for Ollie’s vlog. Now, moving on, the next subject
we’re going to talk about is Everesting ’cause I had a little bit of a fright this morning Ollie. I was tagged on Instagram by Ben Miller, and he had a picture of
himself next to the old Bristol road sign and it said, “I did it.” And I was thinking, oh my
God, he’s taken my Strava KOM up there which was from
when Strava hadn’t been invented back in 2011. But thankfully, all he
did was Everesting up it. – All he did was Everesting. Everesting’s bloody hard mate. – [Dan] Right, it looked
bloody hard when you did it. I have to say. I’m joking of course. I realize how hard it was. Particularly seeing your
stats and also Ben’s ’cause they are, well, my eyes
are watering looking at them. So he had a normalized power
of 235 watts for 13 hours. And you would’ve seen on my
vlog I had a normalized power of 243 watts for 45 minutes. Now I was bloomin’ pleased with myself. He did 268.9 kilometers in that time. And of course, close to
10,000 meters elevation gain. And in the process raised a
whole heap of money for charity. So very impressive indeed. Well done Ben. – Yeah, fair play. Mine was 15 hours and 320 kilometers. – [Dan] You chose the
wrong climb obviously. – Clearly, yeah. We’ll move on now to the
latest in the ongoing Richard Freeman case. The former Team Sky and
British cycling doctor is charged with an allegation
that he deliberately ordered testosterone to
enhance the performance of an athlete. And further to that,
there are also allegations that he subsequently lied
in order to cover up the real reason behind
ordering that testosterone, which is of course a banned substance. In that he wrote an email
to the company that provided the testosterone asking
them to send an email to say that it was sent by mistake. – Yeah, the order, well, the
delivery of the testosterone was revealed by The Sunday
Times in March 2017. And you may remember that
Richard Freeman was the doctor at the center of the
Wiggins Jiffy bag saga too. Now I should point out that
Freeman denies any wrongdoing at this stage. And the tribunal is set
to take place on the sixth of February. – And I believe we get the
results of that hearing about a month after it’s finished. So stay tuned for that. Now it’s fair to say that
cycling cops a lot of flack when it comes to doping. Probably quite fairly given
the history of this sport. However some recent statistics
and data that have been published by the MPCC
actually put cycling in quite a good light when it’s
compared to other sports. – The data, well, it
suggests that cycling’s reputation might not be as deserved as some people might think. There were 12 other sports
that had more incidents of doping in 2018 including
but not limited to, football, well, soccer, rugby, boxing, American football, and baseball. – (inaudible) I think it is deserved given our history. But it does appear that
we’ve cleaned up our act. Because in 2018 there were 17
doping violations in cycling. And compare that to (inaudible)
it doesn’t seem like too much ’cause they had 98. – Wow, you can compare
it to equestrian as well. There were 41 cases there. – Yeah. – Although it’s not clear whether or not that was the horses or the jockeys. – Yeah, ’cause it could’ve
been either, couldn’t it? – Yeah. – If you wanna know how those
17 cases were broken down within the sport of cycling,
there are actually only two with world tour riders, four
with pro continental teams, and four riders in continental teams. There’s one on the track, one in BMX, and four in mountain biking. And out of the 17, 15 were blokes, and just two were female riders. – Well, if anything, it certainly
looks like it’s improving and it’s a positive sign for the future. Wonder where it will be in 10 years time. Let’s uh, more cycling shorts next week. – And hopefully some
Nike yoga pants if I play my cards right. – Or not. Quick plug now. We still have our January
sale on, in the GCN shop. So head over to shop.globalcyclingnetwork if you wanna grab a bargain. – Yeah, before all the sale items run out. Also on sale at but not in the sale, is our
brand new range of KeepCups. ‘Cause obviously one thing
that has changed significantly in the last 10 years, or
just the last few years, is that we’re now far
more concerned thankfully about the use of single use plastic. In fact there’s a couple
of coffee shops near here that don’t do takeaway cups anymore. So I’m gonna be going in with this. Available in two sizes. So we have this which is the 12 ounce one. Ollie, you’ve got the eight ounce one. Get that out for us. – Yeah, mine is a bit
smaller than yours Dan. – But full of coffee. I think they’re rather neat. Yeah, shop.globalcyclingnetwork. We’ll link to that in
the description below and also at the end of this video. We’ve also got a new hashtag #gcnkits which basically does
what it says on the tin. There’s quite a few
pictures of you in your kits already on that on Instagram. And if you’d like to add your photos, those of you in your GCN
kits, you know what to do. – Guys, so sorry we couldn’t be with you in the studio today. But unfortunately someone
did have to come out to Spain and ride their bikes. – Yeah, and I guess we
pulled the short straw. We’ll take one for the
team, won’t we mate? – Yeah we will. We’re not alone actually out there. Direct Energie are just down there. Groupama FDJ just there. EF Education first are loitering around. They’re of course training. We are here to make some videos. Including a feature that we
don’t really wanna talk about. ‘Cause we’re both kind of
still trying to find a way out. – No I am truly truly terrified. This is, yes, scary, this one. – It is really scary, isn’t it? – Yeah. – But anyway, watch this space. We inevitably probably will
end up doing it this week. Now whilst we’re stood by
a beach in the sunshine, we thought we would give
a very quick shout out to the GCN (inaudible)
camp which is coming up at the end of March. Basically an opportunity
for you guys to come and experience this and also
join us as well for some amazing riding in probably
one of the best places in the world to ride a bike. – Yeah, but Si, who’d wanna ride with us? – Well that is a good point.
– Yeah. – There is loads of cool
stuff also going on in the afternoons and the
evenings including (inaudible) pop quiz which I’m
particularly excited about. As well as a live GCN show which, I don’t know which one
I’m more terrified about. That, or the feature that
we’re filming this week. – Feature. – Yeah, anyway. For more information check out
the link in the description that’ll take you through to the website. – Yeah, so we hope to
see you there in March. Right, I reckon it’s time to get riding. Shall we?
– Yep. Back to you guys in the studio. – See you guys later. (drilling) – It’s now time for hack/bodge. – It is indeed. And we’re gonna start with
this from Esse over in Alberta. We were out for a summer
camping vacation and we came across these beautiful
homemade hacks for bike racks. First up, this in the
back of a pickup truck. Can’t decide if that’s some
sort of radiator or just some piping there, but it
seems to do the job well. That said, I’m gonna call that a bodge. – [Ollie] I’m with you on that one. – Cheap though. Which I’m all about as
anyone here that works at GCN would know. (laughing) The other one. We see that outside cap
(inaudible) quite a lot don’t you? But I always wanted one of those at home, perhaps in the garage. – [Ollie] I think it’s a
good, I think it’s a good use, reclaiming an old log that would otherwise not really do much. I think that’s cool. I think that’s a hack.
– Yeah. – [Ollie] Those logs. – We don’t want to have
single use logs anywhere around here do we? – Yep. Next up we’ve got Maarten and he has done, well I think this is really cool. He’s got a Bluetooth keyboard
for when he’s playing Zwift but to have it in the right position, he’s put a little Garmin
mount on the underside of it in a really neat way so
that it just slots on. So it’s right there. So he can message people
when he’s on Zwift. – [Dan] Has he still got
room to go on the tops? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Dan] Right, yeah,
I’m gonna say that’s a – That’s a hack.
– Hack. – [Dan] That looks pretty good. – Next up from David,
it’s a chair and table. After suffering a mechanical and going to the closed bike shop, the owner told me to take a seat and I was not expecting to see this kind of seat. How cool is that? I also want one of those in
my house to be quite frank. – [Dan] That chair and table
made out of bike wheels, what are you saying? – Yeah, I think that’s pretty cool. I wouldn’t want it in my house. But I think in a bike
shop, that’s awesome. That’s cool. Next up we– Well, it’s a hack for me. – [Dan] Okay good. Just like the fact that
you were dissing my taste of furniture for my house. Anyway, we’ll move on. – Next up we’ve got JP Brat and this is in Texas. And he’s got a beam
suspension on the back of his bike, well, to compensate
for the lack of tires on the back. – [Dan] There’s a lot going on with that. – [Ollie] On that bike. – [Dan] Yeah, two different sized wheels. No tires. But beam suspension, so we’re all good. – [Ollie] And a basket as well. – Bodge.
– Yes. Next up, Danny 4.8 over on
Instagram saw our hack last week of the deep section wheel made from snow. Says, “You call those deep section wheels. “There’s the real deal.” – Well they’re disc wheels.
– Yeah. – [Ollie] He’s doing a time trial. – [Dan] He’s discs with discs there. – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Dan] Yeah, that looks like
it’s going to be hard going riding with a bike like that. – [Ollie] And ZRS Gamboa, I think that’s how you pronounce it. Has quite a, well, the project (inaudible), well, they’ve metal brushed the frame. So it looks like they’ve
taken the paint off the aluminum alloy and– – [Dan] Well, that’s
just a very nice finish. I’ve never seen a finish like that before. – [Ollie] No. It looks quite custom. And it looks very good too. So that’s got to be a hack for that one. – [Dan] Yeah, that is a definite hack. – [Ollie] And we’ll finish
with this from Adam Titley who basically, when his son was told to
keep his hands elevated after he broke both wrists
whilst out on his mountain bike, and so what he’s done is he’s
basically elevated his son’s arms using a park tool bike stand. And I mean, I have to
say, get well soon to him. ‘Cause that looks particularly
painful and really awkward not to be able to use
your hands for anything. – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Dan] Is that a hack or a bodge? – [Ollie] It’s a bodge,
but I mean, get well soon. (laughing) – He’s gonna have to transport
that out to his bedroom when he’s sleeping at night. – Yeah. – Oh my goodness. – Or when he goes to the toilet. – Get well soon. If you’d like to get involved in our hacks and bodges section, you know the drill but
I’ll remind you anyway, it’s #GCNHACK on Facebook,
Twitter, or Instagram. Or, once again you can use
the uploader and you’ll find a link to that in the description below. (upbeat hip hop) It’s that part of the show
where you get your chance to win a GCN CamelBak water bottle. It is of course, caption competition time. Last week’s photo was this
one of Yevgeniy Gidich of Team Astana with a koala bear. We’ll get in to that in a little while. But our winner of the GCN
CamelBak water bottle this week is Tyler Appino. “Does he have the koalafications to rap” There were quite a few along
those lines as we expected. – That is a koality caption. – Oh man, not you too. (laughing) Get in touch with us Tyler
and we’ll get the bottle sent out to you. Also, thanks to everybody
who pointed out to me that koalas are not bears,
they are marsupials. But that would’ve ruined
my joke, wouldn’t it? So, anyway. This week, we have got
a photo again from the Tour Down Under. This is Heinrich Haussler
doing some stretching. And Ollie’s gonna get
you started this week. – Yeah, uh, so I’ve got a good one. – Go on. – I’ve got a good one. That’s not how you use a footrest mate. – Very good Ollie accent. And very good caption too. You can probably do better than that. – No they can’t. – I’m going to guess. – I mean, I mean, don’t
give ’em false hope. – Well they’re unable to
do accents whilst they’re writing in the comments. Unless they’re very clever. You can give it a go. Give us your comments, captions
in the comments section just down below. Got there in the end. – Comment of the week now. Underneath Hank’s meet
the presenter video, we had this comment
from Brenda Vane saying, “Good story. “Also making GCN hip, doing Red Hook. “Keep it up.” – [Dan] Yeah, almost. That he was making GCN look hip. Which is sort of one of
those, almost a compliment but a bit of an insult at the same time. – Yeah, backhanded, yeah. – Yeah, next up. Showing actually GCN has come
along in the past few years, this was underneath Si’s look
in to how toxic city cycling is that came out at the weekend. From Paul Stephens, “Proper, grown-up journalism.” And I think that actually is
a proper compliment to Si. And he did do well with that video. So– – 72 thumbs up. – It has yeah. If you haven’t already checked
it out, make sure you do so after the show. – And underneath last week’s show, Benjamin is that Wyger, I hope I’ve pronounced that incorrectly– – I don’t think you have, but that’ll do. – “Dan’s calves in combination
with those shoes while trying “to jump, oh my word. “I have to clean my
screen from mineral water “I was drinking. “Bleepin brilliant. “And the women’s track kit, thumbs up.” – Do you know what, even though
I know obviously that I’ve got no calf muscles to speak
of, I actually looked at that part of the video myself and thought, that is embarrassing. It’s like two twigs coming
out of some shorts with some big trainers on at the end. What I need is some Nike yoga
pants if I’m perfectly honest to cover those little legs up. Anyway, coming up on
the channel this week, on Wednesday, we have got
three killer training sessions to help you drop your mates
when you’re going up climbs. Thursday, we’ve got our
top 10 hardest mountains in the world. And on Friday, it’s ask GCN
Anything which this week will be with me and Chris. – On Saturday we’ve got our
next meet the presenter video which is gonna be Opie. And then on Sunday we’re
gonna do road pedals versus mountain bike pedals. Me and you are doing that one. – We are. – Aren’t we. – Do we really need to
use road specific pedals? We’re going to find out. – Yeah, and have a running race. And on Monday, the racing news show, and then on Tuesday, back
again for the next GCN show. – I might put our running race on the racing news show next week. (laughing) (upbeat rock music) We shall finish the show as
ever with extreme corner. And we’ve got a new, as yet
unofficial, but potentially a new Guinness World Record. This is Enzo Komatz who
recently road 140 kilometers no handed in the snow over
the course of five hours and 40 minutes. Bonkers. – Absolutely man. Oh, had to deal with
extreme cold by the looks of things as well. – Yeah, well, I’m thinking
of the saddle sores, Ollie. If you can’t get out of
the saddle and you’re doing five hours and 40 minutes– – Without stretching.
– Yeah. – That would be tough. – I mean, initially I
thought, surely someone else has done further. But you wouldn’t want to. Maybe somebody out there
will try and beat Enzo now. – Well, James Lionsly Williams
next presenter challenge. – Yeah, yeah, Hank, we
got a challenge for you. Anyway, that is all for this week’s show. If you’ve enjoyed it, please
give us a thumbs up down below. And if you haven’t yet seen
Si’s video from the weekend about how toxic is cycling
in the city on your commute, you can find that just down here.

100 thoughts on “Cycling’s 10 Year Challenge | The GCN Show Ep. 315

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    When I won my clubs Hill climb back in November (was rescheduled) – I won every TT trophy too. I set my self a goal of winning all the TT & HC trophies for the next 9 years so 10 years in a row.
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  9. Dan should watch Emmas videos on core training. Good choice, my students hate me for the exercises, sometimes. 😉

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