Day 7-14: First Step of 100,000 miles & the Summit of Antarctica

what will it feel like to begin to take the first step of 100,000 miles first steps out of base camp the hundred thousand mile journey begins weather’s cleared beautifully pretty much every cloud has burnt off time to take the first steps y’all good? let’s do this! what we call the beginning is often the end in the tight thread between them our horizon bends weaving you into I weaving foe into friend even space into time just to go home again. well we just made it up to low-camp hip flexors are crying from pulling the sled it’s been an absolutely beautiful day we are planning to hopefully leave camp 1 today and head up to high camp which is exciting this pack is a lot heavier than I expected after reaching high camp we wanted to make an attempt at Mount Shinn which is the 3rd highest mountain in Antarctica and seldom climbed we came to a crux point in the climb where we had to make a traverse over a relatively narrow section and not just 5 minutes ahead of us there was a serac fall so an enormous amount of icefall tonnes coming down across the route the serac just above us has just collapsed with a lot of ice fall which would almost definitely have wiped us out and we’d be massively rolling the dice to continue there were a lot of mixed feelings at that point obviously really glad that we weren’t in the middle of that ice fall when it all came down but we had to decide whether it was appropriate to push on or not knowing that it was possible we’d never get a chance again to climb that mountain or to be back in that space again possibly forever but some mountains are just meant to be left in that mystical, magical unclimbed space alright so this is happening it had been a dream for such a long time to climb the highest mountain in Antarctica well we’ve just come up above the clouds and it’s absolutely amazing are you ready? I can remember gaining the summit ridge on Mount Vinson and suddenly gaining a view in every direction over the Antarctic continent up there just over 4,800m being able to take in the largest desert on Earth being able to see in every direction this infinite white ocean making the first aerial drone flight from the summit of Antarctica was it was really special being that environment everything feels so infinite it’s so remote not just in geography or in time but so far beyond the hands of human influence human construct human ideas human thought it’s so free from culture from conceptualised history so free from concept almost felt like real innocence it felt like something that was genuinely pure it was so pristine and uncorrupted in every way to be in that environment and to climb in that environment to move with it and experience it the feeling I can’t describe

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