DDR Workout SuperNOVA 2 Course 2 350 kcal 38 min

Hello guys. Today I bring you the second workout course for DDR Supernova 2 for the Playstation 2 Through 22 songs it will help you exercise about 350 DDR kilocalories in 38 minutes The main part starts with a 3 feet light song and ends on an 8 feet heavy song As usual I’ll give you a brief overview of the course, but if you want to go straight to it, please forward to the time shown on the screen Just remember: Avoid any dangerous moves, be considerate of your neighbors and if at any moment you feel any dizziness or pain stop the workout and consult with your health care professional Very good, this course has 20 main songs and 2 additional songs that function as a cool down It is composed of 3 clips from 3 different sessions, sort of a “Best of” So you’ll notice a change in combo count after songs 13 and 16 The first 10 songs function as a warmup and light exercise If you are not used to do exercise or are a DDR beginner, I suggest you end your workout after song 10 If you are more used to do exercise and DDR, continue to song 16 If you are experienced in DDR and have decent stamina, proceed to songs 17 to 20 If you go for songs 16 or beyond please finish with the cool down songs to bring your heart rate and breathing back to normal. If you have an old DDR pad, dust if off and follow the steps if not, just get some comfortable footwear Lastly, don’t stress yourself going for a full perfect combo The goal after all is to work out and have fun
Good luck Very good, course complete guys I hope you had a good time and that you give it a try again in maybe 2 or 3 days Thank you so much for watching For your next workout, try this course again, or maybe one from those shown of the screen Like the SuperNova2 Course 1 video if you haven’t tried it already If you enjoyed, please leave a like and subscribe By the way, did you liked this course being composed of 3 large clips with a decent performance? Please let me know what you think leaving a comment below See you next time with a course for DDR Extreme 2 Good luck and take care
Frugalpan out

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  1. Hey man, wanted to say love the workout courses that you're doing for the ps2 DDR games as I just got into DDR, keep the workout courses coming!!

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