DE-5000 Handheld LCR Meter Kelvin Clip Upgrade & Comparison (How To)

all right let’s take a look at the the
Kelvin clips we intend to add to one of these TL 21s so this was the original
one that came with the meter I bought an extra to convert over and then I bought
a few different clips these which I’ll probably use and then these just to see
if I like them but we may make another adapter where those just plug inside
I’ll have to cut the ends off that would be pretty cool but for now we’ll just go
with the easy fix and why are these in that way I’ve got something a
little bit longer than that that’s not gonna work out very well for what I need
which is to get on capacitors like this and I found our readings were not very
accurate if I just plug fluke meter leads in here especially for ESR any
Lowell’s measurement or precise measurement so we’ll go ahead and do the
four wire hook up and then see how that works out you you

14 thoughts on “DE-5000 Handheld LCR Meter Kelvin Clip Upgrade & Comparison (How To)

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  2. Thanks for the great video. You just gave me a lesson on Kelvin leads and how accurate the DE-5000 LCR meter is. Two days ago I ordered the meter, I found your video and just ordered a set of Kelvin leads off of ebay. As soon as I get the two above items I will be modifying the Kelvin lead assembly.

  3. Interesting that your Fluke probes would not calibrate.  I have a Fluke 8845A but it lacks capacitance and ESR measurements, which is why I have been considering the DE-5000 (and hence, found your videos).  I also have the Fluke TL 2x2W (4-wire) probes for the 8845A, for making excellent resistance measurements.  The wire length is just over 1 meter though, which makes me wonder if it would work.  But I would need to purchase a DE-5000 to find out.  Thank you for the Kelvin Clips video though.  I found that helpful information indeed.

  4. Do you know which eBay seller you purchased them from? I'm interested in making a TL-24 or whatever mod using the 3 PCBs for guard, + / – and also using the 3 banana connectors below and then adding ports so things can be plugged in such as those BNC connectors… I'm thinking of buying a 3D printer which would make it easier to create a new top for it…

    Purchase DE-5000 LCR:
    Atoplee Kelvin Alligator BNC Test Lead Set for LCR Meter:
    TestHelper TL200 Kelvin Clip 4mm Banana Plug:
    Tl-21 Alligator Test Lead Case (for DE-5000 LCR Meter)
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  6. Doesn't putting both wires on the same side of the handle degrade the performance? I would think it desirable to have the sense and current sides isolated all the way to the jaws.

  7. I've never been able to get a standard set of test leads to calibrate with my DER-5000. I might pick up these parts and make the same thing you did here. Thanks for the video.

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