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So the moment is finally here; a moment for which I have been waiting for years. From the moment that I heard that Porsche were building an electric car I was a little anxious….. I must confess; I haven’t even driven it but just by looking at it I would like to own one. But an electric car is a bit of a car without a real soul. The Tesla Model 3 Performance is probably the car which comes quite close, just have a look at those carbon ceramic brakes. With a Porsche; you expect a car which doesn’t only transport you but which touches you emotionally. This car weighs 2.300 kilos. That is beautiful ! I must say; it is a car which looks damn good ! But then the car as such has been around for years; albeit as a prototype and in camouflaged form. But in the flesh; in this colour and with those wheels… WOW! The question is whether there is a place for real enthusiast’ cars in an electric future? But this car in particular will be a part of the answer. But if even Porsche can’t make an electric car which moves your body and soul, well than….. So an electric car; the first, made by Porsche. And this is the Taycan Turbo S. Which is a bit confusing because this car has no turbo as such. But Porsche says that since this specific car is the most powerful Taycan available and since the name Turbo is such a strong word in combination with Porsche, they decided to name it Taycan Turbo S. So what do you get for 191.000 Euros? And why is it so expensive you may ask? Well, Porsche is a brand that likes to do things differently. A Porsche has such a price tag because they do not only make cars that look beautiful and are very fast but that react differently when you move the steering wheel. But let’s start with the electrical part of this car; it is the first production car that uses a 800 Volt electric system. Most current electrical cars use a 400 Volt system. The advantage of using a 800 Volt system is that you will have double the amount of voltage and that as a result can use thinner electrical cables. And there are lots of other advantages too. One of the advantages is that you can put more power in those electrical cables but also that you are able to charge the car faster. You will also be able to put more power more quickly in those batteries and you can use that power to really test the limits of this car regarding the performance. The maximum intensity of charging is 270 kWh. You won’t achieve that during the whole process of recharging but …. You will be able to recharge the car from 5 percent to 80 percent in some 22 and a half minutes. We are talking about a battery of 93,4 kWh of which 85 kWh is practically usable. In some 20 minutes you will be able to charge a range of 300 kilometres. So recharging the car isn’t as fast as filling up your car with petrol, but it comes closer. Of course you are dependent on 350 kW charging stations which aren’t really that common yet in Holland or even Europe. So what about performance figures? Well, there is 650 horsepower available but that can be boosted to 761 hp and 1.050 Nm of torque. That power gives you an acceleration time from 0-100 km/h in 2,8 seconds and 0-200 km/h in less than 10 seconds. There are of course other companies, notably the big American competitor Tesla, who can claim a faster acceleration time. But Porsche states that this performance is always available, even if the battery is at a low level and even if you accelerate multiple times. The top speed is limited at 260 km/h. That has to do with efficiency and the fact that this Taycan has a gearbox. The Taycan is the first electrical car to actually have a gearbox. It works on the rear axle and has two speeds. But the front axle does have direct power from the battery. And so you may notice that a lot of things are different with the Taycan car. That is true for the suspension as well; you get a lot of things standard with this being the most expensive model in the range, but it includes things like air suspension, responsive suspension, four wheel drive and active roll stabilizer bars. And then you have the Porsche Torque Vectoring system which decreases the speed at a certain wheel to improve roadholding. With things like the Porsche Torque Vectoring system, the overall driveability of this car has been improved and is of a high standard. The Porsche doesn’t only impress with a fast acceleration and top speed but with an overall good driveability. The bonus of adding things like four wheel drive and active stabilizer bars is that you can soften the overall ride of the car while this does not have a negative effect on the exact and precise steering feel. And you should not forget that the weight of this car is some 2.300 kilos. If you add to that 2 passengers and some luggage, the weight will be soon reaching 2,500 kilograms. The Taycan therefore comes with very wide tires; they measure 265 in the front and 305 at the rear. That may be good for overall roadholding but you should not expect a range of more than 350 kilometres if you are mainly travelling by highway. And if it is very cold outside and the air is blowing in the wrong direction; you probably won’t get further than 300 kilometres. But Porsche says that that isn’t a real issue because you can recharge the car very quickly. The computer indicates what the prognosis is for the driving range. So it will portray an image of which places you can reach. We are currently driving 90 km/h on the right lane of the highway, because….. we are experiencing a current driving range which means that we won’t make it until the next charging station…… Ouch !!! Yes, it is quite a car but comes at a price; 191.000 Euros. With some options and in this beautiful green colour it will probably soon reach 230.000 Euros. But I have to say; when you see the car, and you step into it; you will soon realize that this car is worth more than 200.000 Euros. It simply feels like a quality product with an excellent attention to detail and quality build. It is not only the quality of build; there is also the easy-to-use infotainment system and the feel of the switches and upholstery. But then there are no less than four digital displays, including a digital dashboard which can be fully configured to your wishes. There is an infotainment system of course and at the far right there is a display for your passenger. The passenger can adjust things like the music and operate the navigation system. Personally, it didn’t take me more than 2 minutes to get used to the operation of the entire systems of this car. And that is quite something. There are a lot of things coming towards you but it operates just as well as the big screen you will find in a Tesla. There is one negative thing, though, and that is that there is no turning dial for the navigation system which would allow you to zoom in and out. And the volume of the infotainment system. And it would have been handy if you could operate the climate control system by means of switches and turning dials. The system does work, but if we have been able to operate the climate control system for the last decades by means of dials and switches, why did it suddenly disappear? So what about practicality? Well, I am 1,82 metres long and I can sit behind myself in the rear, but it does feel a little cramped. The luggage space in the boot is 366 litres. Then there is a luggage space in the front which measures 81 litres; which is also not very big….. So the Porsche Taycan is not a car which you buy for its practicality. It is a car which you buy because it looks well, it drives very well and yes, probably because it has a Porsche badge on it. One question remains: is it really fun to drive? The fact that Porsche has achieved a record with driving around the Nurburgring in a record time (for four door saloon electric cars), is an indication that there might be enough driving pleasure….. So you might think; but there is more to that. Because driver comfort is important as well, as is the cars’ ability to be driven by someone who isn’t a racing driver… But I can tell you this; regarding driver comfort; it simply is outstanding. The effects of adjustable dampers and air suspension really are noticeable. Then there is the noise insulation and all the effects of the endless hours of perfecting ths shape of this car in the wind tunnel….. It is one of the GT cars which will make a lasting impression on me. I am talking about things like the roadholding which is very stable. Add to this the quietness within the car and its comfortable ride. But as with every Porsche nowadays, you can flip the switch of the Driver Mode setting on the steering wheel to the Sport Plus setting and its character will change. You will be rewarded with unimaginable amounts of grip on the road and steering precision, making it feel just like the Porsche 911 Turbo S model. Or like a Panamera Turbo S for that matter. The question is; is that good? For one part; yes because the car has become more dynamic. On the other hand; cars like this have almost become a bit sterile in their behaviour…. What I mean to say is: you have to drive very fast before they come to live….They come with so much grip as part of the standard package but then is a car not much more fun if it is balancing on grip? So if you are balancing on grip you have to find the right speed in order to keep control of the car. In the sport setting the car is more dynamic, but it still has a lot of weight to carry I have to make a compliment to Porsche because even if the car is heavy; 2.300 kilos, it doesn’t feel that way and it has awesome amounts of power. It feels like any other Porsche. It is to things like the four wheel steering which turns the wheels at the back slightly when you corner so that the weight doesn’t go to the front nose of the car. This car feels a bit like the Nissan GT-R in the sense that it uses the extra weight for a more stable driving behaviour. There must have been an enormous amount of research been done in developing the brake pedal of this car. If you brake, that energy is used to store it in the battery… Than there is a swtiching point in the sense that the normal, in this case carbon ceramic brakes take over the job of braking. And it doesn’t feel any different from any other Porsche. But the braking as such can be modified too…and it is those things to make a Porsche different from any other motorcar. But it probably is also the reason why this car costs almost 200.000 Euros in difference to the Tesla Model S And probably the Tesla is a lot quicker when performing a sprint. But then you can see that Tesla has had to make a special prototype in order to break the Ring record now held by Porsche for going around the Nurburgring. But the real challenge doesn’t necessarily mean going around the Nurburgring faster…. Making a car which is fun to drive, which is comfortable and of which the production has been sold out for the next two years….. This is what Porsche can outperform its competitors with and this is what they have done once again. And then the question whether electric driving means the end of driving pleasure? We have seen with the Tesla that that isn’t necessarily the case. Yes, you will probably miss the noise of a real engine….. Having an electric engine on both the front an rear axle gives the manufacturer the possibility to increase the amount of driving pleasure. The use of electric engines probably gives the manufacturers the possibility of increasing the roadholding and driveability. Cars like the Porsche 911 GT3 are renowned for their throttle response but probably nothing is better than an electric engine. You will probably have to get used to the fact that it is a lot quieter inside the car. But once you push the throttle, it feels like just any other Porsche. And that means that for the coming years; you wil still be rewarded with a lot of driving pleasure.

33 thoughts on “De groene revolutie | Porsche Taycan (2020) | Test | Autovisie TV

  1. In deze uitvoering zeer begeerlijk. Maar die prijs. Wat zou een klassiek aangedreven auto als deze kosten? Fijne rapportage trouwens!

  2. Goeie video, Dries! Cool dat je de groene hebt meegenomen. Ik word er hebberig van. Zal een waanzinnig succes voor Porsche worden. De techniek, de styling en het overall concept, het klopt allemaal. Knap gedaan.

  3. Opzich heel gaaf maar de angst die ik altijd heb voor een lege tank is met een elektrische auto nog steeds vele malen groter. Dus je betaald dan 200.000 euro met continu de angst dat de accu bijna leeg raakt. Voor mij zou dat alle comfort weghalen. Ik heb gehoord dat de Tesla roadster in aantocht is met een actieradius van 1000km. Dan word het wel interessant en dat is technologie waar ik op zit te wachten. Maar wellicht toch een stap in de goede richting van Porsche.

  4. Geweldige auto en een gave kleur. Als je 200K hebt dan heb je echt een luxe probleem om tussen deze Taycan te kiezen of bijvoorbeeld een nieuwe RS6 of een nieuwe 911.

  5. Hoewel zeer geslaagd, toch niet mijn ding. Op 10:55 driften met een elektrische auto, nee, voor mij niet weggelegd. Totaal geen emotie zonder geluid..

    Oh en ringrecord voor 4 deurs elektrische sedans? Da's niet echt een prestatie of wel? Concurrentie is er amper in dat segment, dus dat is in mijn ogen echt geen grote prestatie.

  6. 'De groene revolutie' jullie hebben de juiste mindset, de transportsector verduurzaamd en dat is hard nodig!! Dit is waarom ik dit Autovisie duimpjes geef, maar Autoblog en Autoweek niet.

  7. Ik ben benieuwd naar de Taycan versies waar ze hopelijk komende jaren mee gaan komen. Iets meer voor de normale mensen zegmaar, 300-400pk met een iets grotere actieradius hierdoor , wat minder performance poespas en dan voor <100.000,-

  8. De eerste EV waar ik echt door ben overtuigd. Porsche heeft afgemaakt wat Tesla begon. Nu is Tesla weer aan zet, laat ze eerste maar eens proberen die enorme oververhittingsproblemen op te lossen. Geen van de Tesla's heeft een sustained topsnelheid hoger dan 200km/u. Ook de Model 3 Performance zakt na 3 autobahn sprintjes terug naar onder de 200.

  9. I didnโ€™t understand a word but you have the best video on the Taycan out there man. Well done ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  10. Prachtig filmpje! Journalistiek sterk, mooi verwoordt en mooie beelden. Het heeft mij op emotioneel niveau weten te overtuigen dat Porsche nog steeds een Porsche is! ๐Ÿ˜„ Bedankt Dries!

  11. Ben benieuwd of er een twee deurs versie van komt๐Ÿ˜ gafe auto trouwens, zo mooi! Prachtige video trouwens, goed gedaan!

  12. Geweldige video weer Dries! Maareh… "De ideale kilometervreter"? Als ie na elke 300 km een uur aan de laadpaal moet hangen? Hoe dan, ideale kilometervreter?

  13. Vraagje, hebben jullie als pers een of andere verklaring moeten ondertekenen waarin staat dat jullie geen enkele verwijzing naar Tesla mogen maken?
    edit: op 08:44 floept er toch wat uit.

  14. Kom op man wat een gelul, hoeveel krijgen jullie betaald om niet eens een keer echt de waarheid te zeggen !! Geen beleving geen geluid geen geknetter uit de uitlaat zweet druppels op je voorhoofd of je wel de laadpaal haalt !! Wees eens eerlijk als echte autoliefhebber dit is toch helemaal niks geluid van een stofzuiger in een Porsche van 200k lekker geloofwaardig ben je dan als autojournalist !!

  15. Zo van de buitenkant kan hij me niet echt bekoren. Te breed, te laag, en de koplampen lijken op een modelauto met dimantjes als koplampen. Het zal ongetwijfeld fantastisch rijden. Maar ik weet niet of de verwende cliรซntรจle op een laadtijd van 22 minuten voor minder dan 300 km zit te wachten. Ik hoop het wel. Maar of deze auto na vijf jaar nog net goed verkoopt??

  16. Complimenten voor dit verslag Dries! Je maakt de verandering die ons te wachten staat zo weer wat dragelijker voor ons. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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