Deep Dive into the 215 Gallon Scape — Inspired by Amano, created by Ghazanfar Ghori

Hi I’m Alex, this is Tank Tested and
we’re revisiting Ghazanfar’s show-stopping aquascape. Last week I showed you this 215 gallon aquarium. If you’d like to see that video, click the card here or follow the link in the video description. This time Ghazanfor is taking the lead. You’ll be hearing him for the rest of the video— Which is divided into four sections, so
if one of these four chapters catches your interest, just click forward to the
timecode on the screen. My name is Ghazanfar Ghori and this is
my 215 gallon oceanic. It’s a 6-footer— 29 inches tall. Takashi Amano set up the very big
planet aquarium display and now that he’s passed, a number of us hobbyists decided to go to Lisbon to take a look at it. And it is amazing—we stayed there
the entire day until security literallykicked us out of the facility. I wanted to recreate a my version of that in my 215 because it’s wide enough at six feet that once you are close enough, even your periphery vision is just aquascaping tank and you can’t really see anything else. So it’s a fully
immersive experience. And that’s that’s what I was trying to go for right now
this scape is almost nine months old at this point it’s getting to a point where
it’s starting to mature I’d say the next six months it’s gonna be where its prime
it’s going to be and then then it’s gonna require maintenance to keep it
looking good well the two major islands are two major
sections to tank are created with with black lava rock and then capped with AD
Amazonia on top most of the plants that are in the tank or epiphytes from a species standpoint it takes a
segment of what takashi amano selected for lisbon a lot of these plants are the
same ones that he’s used in that layout the Amazon sword on the left side of the
tank it’s a kind of Doris RG in Kansas this is a 29 inch deep tank and most of
the leaves actually above the surface of the tank so it’s a very big sword but I
liked it the texture the form was very different than most other swords the
reticle oh this is easy plants to grow I selected this again in this tank because
it does have a lot of color to it and it’s interesting texture it’s easy to
maintain the reason it’s easy to maintain is that you can convey see
pretty punch chop all the leaves off almost near the base and it’ll grow in a
more compact fashion stem behind the mellitus was never meant
to be that big but that’s I think a gorilla Carlos assignments is which is a
rather compact and narrower leaf form because it’s a compact grower it does
not require a lot of pruning it’s been in this tank for for nine months now and
only pruned it once there are two species of corydoras one
is I think I’m a TA the other one is a variant of what as well ANSYS I think there are two pairs of pelvic enormous
kribensis that’s a fish I love and always want to keep the larger fish is
the male and he’s not as brightly colored the females they’re much more
brightly colored a lot more yellow a lot more purple so it’s easy to tell there are two kinds of tetris one is
what I think is commonly called a candy cane tetra the scientific name escapes
me the other I don’t even attempt to pronounce the scientific name I don’t
think that has a common name either friend of mine had some of these in his
tank as they’re very very interesting to certainly demand your attention as you
as you walk up and from the tank this fiscal very very tightly it’s in and
it’s an unusual fish in that it’s a tetra but does not look or resemble or
behave like one I would not be surprised if they’re not but that’s what I was
told and little information I’ve been able to glean online about them seem to
get indeed there dyrdek this tank is out on automatic water
changing system and so every six hours a small amount of water goes in which tops
up the evaporation and then the excess goes down the standpipe and into the
drain it’s pure cold tap water that comes in it is in small enough
quantities where I’ve not had to deal or innate or bring the temperature up but
it’s 215 gallons and really what amounts to about six additional gallons of water
that comes in every six hours doesn’t really seem to affect anything shrimp
thrive in the tank fish thrive in the tank plants thrive in the tank and I
have not had to do anything special there is co2 injection there’s an
external reactor that’s plumbed into the the circulation system into the tank the
last I tested the co2 I think was roughly 45 parts per million
I think the hobbyist average of 30 ppm is slightly on the lower side you can
actually pump it much higher and the plants do do a lot better I water column
with a macro mix that I’ve been formulating and using for the last year
or so but essentially amounts to almost 30 parts per million of nitrogen weekly
so that’s Gaza for us 215 gallon aquascape if you liked this video click
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upload a new episode I’ll see you next time for one of my own
escapes until then have a great week

100 thoughts on “Deep Dive into the 215 Gallon Scape — Inspired by Amano, created by Ghazanfar Ghori

  1. I've been struggling trying to find a good light for my tanks have tried several LED's. What type of lighting is used on that tank?

  2. Stunning Aquarium you've done a really great job! Nice fish those Tetras are unusual I've never seen them and your right hard name.????????

  3. Thanks for uploading this second video on this tank, it's a beauty! I was hoping to see the system in detail, not only a spoken discription… Maybe you could show it to us in the future.
    Greetings from Holland

  4. How do you “cap” the lava rock with soil? Just spread it on top? Would you attach the epiphytes first? Is this so that the epiphyte rhizomes and roots have an available nutrient source close by from the soil?

  5. I cannot say how much I appreciate the details in creating this video. Voice over, subtle music, visual content, information… really a true pleasure to watch.
    Thank you.

  6. Hai, awesome Setup.

    Also can you post a picture( without the led light) of that room in the starting of the video? Or tell me what shade that interior paint is. It looks lovely…

  7. Beautiful Tank, so breathtaking, the fish with the dark stripe along their bodies are known by Roseline Shark fish, very beautiful fish by the way, love the Cichlids ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???

  8. His scape is so calming yet exciting. Its calming to watch the pearling and see the fish swim around but at the same time its exciting to just look and see how well the plants are doing.

  9. Great tank, love it!
    Do you think the kribensis will spawn in the tank? (most probably I'm guessing)
    If so, how will you be able to net out the fries, or will the tetras take care of that?

    Ceratobranchia obtusirostris is truly eye-catching!

  10. Just found this channel. I love it! I just watched all your videos back to back. It's great to find another really well done aquarium channel. Good information and good production value. If you keep it up and I guarantee your channel is going to grow like crazy.

  11. Can you make this video again without the commentary but the same video and music please? It will be so peaceful to watch

  12. Maybe the ugliest tank I've ever seen in my life. The guy who did this should be ashamed of himself and quit the hobby.

  13. I think this is what I would like to move to next in what has thus far been a 30 year aquarist journey.

    I started with non planted community, went on to keeping nearly every freshwater fish featured on River Monsters before River Monsters was even a thing (at one point in a dough-boy pool in my basement accompanied by a dehumidifier), went on to trying combinations that people said would never work like a community of 10 arowanas with 10 Jaguar cichlids, and finally went on to saltwater reef (with fish that people said would never work such as a volitan lionfish that eats pellets alongside clownfish which people said would likely never happen lol)….. but I have never tried my hand at freshwater planted!

  14. That is an amazing aquarium and a great tribute to Mr Amano. I really enjoy this channel and the beautiful aquascapes you visit. The quality of the videos and your description of the aquariums are fantastic. Quickly becoming a favorite of mine

  15. The redish plant in the middle is a real beauty and give character to the tank. 1:58 . Love how there is a sense of a cave just below it.

  16. I cried wen I saw takashis masterpiece…just sat at the top of the exhibition looking at all the beauty…almost like seeing a sunrise across the Himalayas….just sat and let the emotion be

  17. Anybody else not dechlorinate their water? I always pour straight from the tap no matter if I'm topping of a couple gallons, doing 50% water changes, or filling a new tank. Not only have I never had any health issues in 5yrs of fish keeping, but ive never had signs of killing off my beneficial bacteria cultures in my tanks.
    I keep mostly cichlids and catfish, but also platys, plecos, and various other fish. Nor do I treat my snake or turtles water for chlorine and my snake and 3 turtles are healthy and happy as any ive ever seen.

    Dechlorinator is just another product to make money from consumers wanting the best for their pets.

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