Deep Pool 18 feet

*People waving* Hi There’s people waitin’ for us look at this great shop! How you guys doing? Good how ya doin’ man? How you doin’ Elizabeth? Great! *HIGHFIVE* Good to see ya! It’s like you’re ready to go Woo-hoo! Alright! You grown out of those? Yeah. Gonna have to get you some bigger ones Are you excited? Yea! This is pretty cool, huh… Woah…let’s look over in the abyss. Alright! Aw, you lost a fin, I’ll get it! I know it’s the first time and you said you wouldn’t be able to Okay I’m gonna go down and get it *pool sounds* *mumbling* *some more mumbling* *mumbling* *mumbling* Alright they got lots of mermaid stuff that you can choose from… There’s the pool…and… They teach mermaid classes… And you got lots of cool stuff you can buy And you got lots of cool stuff you can buy And over here they got the scuba stuff big ‘ol scuba tanks…oh there’s a mermaid tail… some wetsuits… big fins…regulators… snorkel…lots and lots of snorkel stuff… more fins…more snorkels… whaddaya think Elizabeth? This is perfect! I can’t believe they have a pool here! I know isn’t that crazy? Yeah! Should we go check it out? Yeah! Alright let’s go check it out Woah, that’s a big pool! Yeah… It’s all heated all year round…

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