DeeZee Tailgate Assist Custom Lowering System Installation – 2013 Ford F-150 –

Today in our 2013 Ford F150, well be installing
the DeeZee Tailgate Assist Custom Tailgate-Lowering System for pickup trucks part number DZ43200.Lets
begin by showing you how the tailgate can just simply drop when you release it. To begin with, we need to adjust the nutsert
tool so that theres approximately three quarters of an inch from the washer to the head of
the bolt. If you need to move it, you simply loosen
the nut and screw the bolt in or out to get to the proper length and then tighten down
the nut. As you can see here, weve already got our
three quarter inch length set properly.Next, were going to use an M5 Allen wrench, as well
as a 10-millimeter wrench to install the nutsert in the opening in the tailgate pivot point. When installing this, were going to need to
turn the nut 360 degrees nine times. To make things a little bit easier, were going
to take our paint marker and mark one side of the nut so that we can keep count as were
turning the nut in tighter.

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  1. Is there a specific torque for the t50 bolt? Recently bought the kit and i realized the bracket that gets added has rotated out

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