Developing the first 7xD indexable insert drill. A seven year challenge

The first prototype, it was so bad
that the drill crashed. It was a big mess. It showed how challenging a 7xD can be. The development started up somewhere in 2012. One huge obstacle we ran into
developing the DS20 was to obtain the perfect cutting force
balance. We could have no room for errors. Perfection was needed. When you go from 5xD that is the standard
today to 7xD, the bending of the tool increases by x3
so this was a big challenge. Before, with 5xD, maybe you talked about millimetres
but now we talk about microns. How do you get microns under control? We have about 50 different parameters and these parameters interact with each
other. It’s like changing the sound
on a mixer table. You have 50 variables and if you change one
you have to change all the other 49 to find the sweet spot where the music
or the tool works as it’s intended. We had failed many times. It’s a loop that goes round and round
and round. With every loop you learn something. That’s how you contribute to knowledge. It’s making progress even though you fail. So at one point you see that… Wait a minute, but right now it’s getting
a lot better. There’s something here.
We have to move faster now. We finally solved it by developing
and fine-tuning a new software for calculating cutting force balance. We could simulate
and tie together all the parameters. It’s a real breakthrough moment, that one. Making the cutting force to one tool is easy but making it to work in all drills
is almost impossible unless you have that software. We knew about a facility in Mexico that would fit all the needs to do
really good pilot tests. The customer was very nervous. He was not at all confident
in either us or the tool. The result was about almost 100%
increase in productivity and 100% increase in tool life. To be the first company in the world to put a 7xdiameter indexable insert
drill to the market feels very good. If anyone else tries to do it,
they will get to know how difficult it is.

10 thoughts on “Developing the first 7xD indexable insert drill. A seven year challenge

  1. The First 7XD indexable insert drill??? Tungaloy has been making indexable drills in 10XD, 15XD, 25XD since 2015.

  2. Спасибо Вам. Да. Испытания и наука всегда будут идти вместе.

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