DFM Fuel Flow Meter Installation

We are starting a series of films
about the car tracker systems. and installations of its elements.
Movie 1. Installation of DFM Fuel Flow Meter
after the Pump. Components of the fuel system Tank Pre-filter Pump Fine filter High pressure pump Bypass valve Checking fuel pressure before
the installation Connect a manometer
with a double-bolt Check the pressure at different
engine operating modes Idle mode Medium RPM Maximum RPM Rapid increase of RPM Check backflow of fuel injectors Minor return fuel flow from the injectors Installation of the DFM Choosing the installation site Connect the fuel supply to the DFM Connect the fuel line
from the fine filter to DFM Connect the fuel pipe
to DFM with adapter Transfer backflow of fuel Connection of the return flow pipe
through the bypass valve Installing the plug
on the high pressure pump Connect the fuel supply
to the high pressure pump Connect the fuel supply from the DFM
to the high pressure pump through the check valve Eliminate of air
from fuel system Checking the pressure
in the fuel system Compare the pressure
in all modes with the original Check for hydraulic shocks Remove the manometer Fix and seal the fuel system

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