Did Winchester tell the whole truth about 350 Legend? – The Social Regressive

imagine that your local movie theater is
having one of those revival showings of an old movie. they’re gonna show back to
the future. you buy your ticket, you get to the theater, and you find out that
they’re actually showing all three movies back to back to back and they’re
gonna throw in popcorn as well. this might be what we’re dealing with with the
350 Legend. we’re gonna find out here in testing. this is still a relatively new
cartridge. there are a lot of tests out there I’ve seen some very interesting
ones but we’re gonna head in a little bit of a different direction the way
that this cartridge was originally billed just like you know if we were saying
that we’re gonna show back to the future of the first movie this was billed as a
hunting cartridge for those states where they have certain limitations you’re not
allowed to use a bottleneck cartridge supposedly this is you know for public
safety or something you can’t use something like a 308 or a 223 you have
to use some kind of straight wall cartridge like this and it has to be in
like a minimum diameter of 357 thousandths
well that’s what this was designed to be it’s kinda like if you look at it from
the outside it could be like a rimless 357 maximum that’s been stretched but
actually even when it applies to that function it’s a lot more than that this
is not quite like a 357 Magnum that’s been just stretched out and given more
case capacity this also runs at higher pressures we’re talking about some rifle
pressures and so this will move out quite fast this 180 grain projectile that
you see in here from federal this is a spire point in their power shock and
non-typical line these are actually the exact same ammunition just a different
box but this is gonna move out of the barrel probably at about 2100 feet per
second so it is going to be smoking out of there and it’s going to produce quite
a lot of energy so there are positive facets number one and two first it is a
good deer cartridge it’s going to meet the needs of those people in those areas
and it’s also going to be the fastest straight wall cartridge that you can get
out there we’re going to compare this against some other
cartridges to show how it delivers energy and how flat its trajectory is
compared to some other AR cartridges that might you know provide a little
extra thump but this one is looking like it should be a pretty hard hitter and
shoot relatively flat for the kind of cartridge that it is comparing 350
legend to its larger cousins the 450 Bushmaster and the 50 Beowulf this
provides quite a bit less energy than the other two those two just have way
more case capacity they have a much larger projectile and they’re gonna provide
a lot more heat at some of those closer distances but there are some significant
reasons to go with this over the other two depending on what your own
circumstances are first off this is a much slimmer case as you can see it
actually has the same base diameter as a 223 it does actually flare out toward
this kind of head area here it is a tapered case it’s not exactly straight
so this does not exactly fit into an ar 15 Maggie can’t use a regular ar 15
Maggie have to get special 350 legend ones but you can see that this is going
to weigh much less than 450 Bushmaster and 50 Beowulf overall and you’re going
to be able to fit a bunch more of these into a standard size magazine this
little guy right here that you see poking out in the bottom of the CMG
resolute that we’re gonna be testing we’re gonna talk a bit about this rifle
here in a second we’re gonna do a full review of this over time this will
actually hold 10 rounds where you know you might be lucky to get five rounds of
one of the larger cartridges into a mag like this just because those have such a
greater diameter so yeah we currently we only have 5 and 10 round magazines but
we’re looking at some manufacturers you know going to be producing a 20 rounder
we have that from seed products that’s been promised to come out pretty soon
and then I think eventually we’ll get into some of the larger ones there’s no
reason why we can’t have a pretty curved 30 round magazine for this cartridge
just because of its you know its size and its slight taper I think that
eventually we’ll see some expanded magazine
for this some other things about this size you don’t have to swap out Balt
bolt head you don’t have to really tinker around with your rifle this swap
is actually incredibly easy all you have to do is just drop in a new barrel you
just use your standard AR bolt and bolt carrier group and buffer you don’t have
to change out any of that stuff you just swap the barrel swap the mag and then
you are good to go it’s it’s a very inexpensive conversion and actually I
think we’re going to be testing that here in the future we’ll put together
our own upper for the the Scout AR and provide that same level of energy if we
want to get out in the brush and start shooting now as we compare this
cartridge to those larger cousins one of the biggest reasons to go with this
might be that you can get more lead downrange for your dollar your wallets
gonna stretch a whole lot further with this a box of ammunition that you see
right here this is some of the premium hunting stuff and this is going to run
about twenty six dollars off the shelf at your local sporting goods store I
have actually seen these in stock so it’s nice to see that Hornady federal
and Winchester are putting the ammunition out there and yeah when you
compare it to 450 Bushmaster which is probably gonna start at about 35 bucks a
box and then 50 beowulf which is really out there you’re gonna be able to spend
a whole lot more time shooting and a lot less time trying to save money one of
the other ways that you can save cash is that they actually have some plinking
ammo that you can buy for only $10 a box so you’re talking about 50 cents around
for this with you know a kind of an FMJ style round like this one so if you want
to just go out to the range and smack some steel around and have some fun with
your friends maybe blowing up water jugs or something you’re going to be able to
do it relatively inexpensively then we get into hand loading this is going to
be one of them really fun aspects of this a bunch of these cartridges that
we’re going to compare this against today they’re all going to be pretty
solid hand loader cartridges but the fact that you can buy this one off the
shelf relatively inexpensively and and be able to I think actually hand
load this very inexpensively as well is really going to point toward this
cartridge as being a really fun one for all kinds of folks whether they’re
buying ammo or hand loading for a proper discussion of the cartridge at this
point I’m gonna bring up the sámi spec so that we can see what the chamber
looks like and what the cartridge is supposed to look like and this is where
we’re getting into some controversy if you look at the the specs for the
cartridge itself we can get up to a 357 diameter projectile and that’s how this is
set up you know it’s advertised so that hunters can go out and do some deer
hunting in those three very restrictive States but you’ll see that the groove
diameter is actually 355 now this is common there are plenty of cartridges
that really squish down in the bore in order to kind of press into the the bore
and you know get a good seal and get the projectile out the the other end and this is
actually the same as you get with 357 Magnum you get a 357 diameter projectile
that squeezes down to 355 as it goes through and then the lands cut into it
even further and that’s what we have going on here and this is going to make
it so that we can have projectiles with a diameter of 357 down to about 355 and
that’s going to be the cutoff point 355 for those of you that are familiar with
this that’s nine millimeter so what they’ve done is they’ve designed a
cartridge that can handle your projectiles that are used to running in maybe a 357
magnum or projectiles like this one that are kind of proprietary to this they’re
gonna be much more ballistically efficient through the air because of
their kind of conical shape and they’re gonna be better for this cartridge you
know just just flatly getting out and shooting and hitting your target but you
can also start to incorporate some of those projectiles that you’ve been using for
your 357 Magnum and for your nine-millimeter and that’s where this
cartridge really starts to open up you have access now to a gigantic market of
projectiles that have already been produced so if you are a hand loader you can
any of your 357 Magnum projectiles that you’ve been testing for a while if you
have a preferred hunting projectile that you would like to have in your revolver as
well as in your rifle as long as the the case on or the jacket on the projectile can
handle those pressures then you can do that you can have those projectiles in both
and what you see right here these are actually right here we have a 38 caliber
or 357 diameter deep curl projectile from spear this is a 158 grain hunting projectile
hollow-point that we’re going to be testing out in 350 legend this is a hand
load that I’ve been cooking up and then right here we have a nine-millimeter a
147-grain just full-metal-jacket kind of a flat nose right here and this one
should be nice and efficient through the air and just be a great plunking round
overall it should also feed very nicely into the the barrel in this rifle I
mentioned that there was some controversy around this cartridge and
here’s where it begins there were a lot of folks that were kind of miffed that
Winchester didn’t set this up for a 358 diameter projectile that’s just a bridge too
far there have been people wondering if you can take a 358 projectile loaded up in
here and then fire it through a rifle like this one and not have any issues
that’ll you know kind of if a 357 will squish down to 355 then what about some
of the others like a 358 which are very common hunting projectiles a 35 Remington or
some of the other like 35 Whalen those use a 358 diameter projectile and there’s a
great market out there for some excellent hunting projectiles that are going
to be larger they’re gonna be heavier they’re going to be more efficient and
they’re well known in the industry for providing the terminal’ effects that you
want on game so why didn’t Winchester do that that’s
the big question that folks have and I think they did it so that they can
provide especially a lot of the plinking ammo on the the lesser expensive side so
you can have that whole nine-millimeter market you if you had a 358 diameter on
the barrel you really could not get into a 355 projectile there are certain things or
you can kind of stretch and squish and you can get all kinds of different
sizes but that one yeah would be that bridge too far
time will tell if Winchester made the right decision going in that direction
it’s going to make it very easy for a mo man you FAC sure errs that already
produce 9-millimeter for example to produce projectiles for this and to provide
ammunition for it and you know basically anybody that does provide 9-millimeter
should really be thinking about how to put together 350 legend cartridges and
projectiles that are gonna work really well and a rifle setup and for hunting but
when it does come to the the more hunting end of things so far I will say
that there is a dearth in the market for a projectile you cannot actually buy from
any of the manufacturers that I’ve seen you can’t get these heavier more
efficient either 357 or 355 projectiles they do not exist yet and Winchester has been
promising that they will release some of these components in the future but so
far they are holding back and I think that it’s probably because they want to
be able to sell more of their ammunition which you know like I mentioned it is
pretty reasonably priced and they’d like to get people you know used to using
their ammo but yeah for now us hand loaders are gonna have to stick with
maybe some odds and ends as we go through this except if you see quite a
few of the especially that the hand loader types of reviews of 350 legend
and different tests those guys have actually gone and requested from barrel
manufacturers to get a different barrel made for their so they’re actually
shooting kind of a 358 legend there are folks that have opened up their barrels
to 358 diameters so they can get those heavier projectiles and especially if
they’re deer hunters I’m sure they’re a lot happier with that in my own testing
I’m going to be using the standard 355 to 357 range projectiles we’re not going to
modify this rifle at all this is set up wonderfully it’s gonna get the job done
and we’re gonna have a whole lot of fun in our tests this rifle that I must
mention is going to be spectacular I expect really good results out of this
see MMG makes Incred accurate rifles like that the mark 3 DTR
2 now called the endeavor level 300 and that is an ar 10 that we’ve been able to
take out at as a 6.5 Creedmoor rifle and we’ve taken it out to a mile several
times and it is just a monster of a rifle at any range basically we can get
led on target it is incredibly accurate where we’ve gotten down less than half
MOA groups with that with some very good ammo and this right here is a much more
lightweight package this is actually an extremely lightweight rifle it almost
feels like you just want to pick it up with one hand and shoot it even though
it looks so substantial but it’s got all the right weight in all the right places
and as you can see it’s just gorgeous I love this green color it reminds me of
like Vietnam era equipment from the Army it’s it’s going to be such a fantastic
brush gun so when it comes to the the hand loading tests that we’re gonna do
with this we are going to be using some some good components you can see that we
just have some you know very commonly available 357 and nine-millimeter
projectiles but we are going to be using Starline brass this is excellent brass
I’m going to demonstrate this in another video exactly how consistent this is and
this is going to be really the basis of our testing because brass is extremely
important in 350 legend if you since this does headspace off that case mouth
where this is gonna bump up against a little shoulder inside the the KR inside
the chamber this has to be very precise if this is too short you can get into
some issues where you get case head separation and this rips all apart if
you do things like crimp this or do anything strange with the diameter it
can actually kind of jam up inside the the lead up in the throat there and
generate excessive pressures and again case head separations blown primers but
having good brass is going to be the basis of our testing and I think this is
really gonna do the job well I’ll show that in the next video but for now let’s
compare this cartridge to some of the others that you can load up for a rifle
like this if we start with an ar 15 platform and
we just want to be able to provide more thump then you’re gonna get from a 223
like you know I was pretty underwhelmed by its performance against hogs with
this particular projectile anyway a 75 grain BTHP if we wanted to
get more energy on target and be able to take those hogs down at you know within
reasonable ranges and be able to take them down hopefully with one shot rather
than having to mow them down with these then we’re gonna have some options that
we can look at so let’s see why we might want to choose 350 Legend in addition to
all of the different aspects that I’ve shown here there are a gob lot of
cartridges out there for the ar 15 platform and I’m really happy about that
it used to be that you had to 23 and that was just about it and now you have
some just a whole lot of really fun ones that you can pick from and ones that can
get different jobs done at different ranges so this is kind of like comparing
apples to horseshoes or something these are not cartridges that you know it
would necessarily be in the same categories but as we’re dealing with you
know some of this closer range hunting being able to put more energy downrange
we’re gonna see how these stack up and I’ve kind of curated this list I’m sorry
if I left off one of your favorites like 30 hammer or something but I wanted to
stick with cartridges that are somewhat readily available you can go out and buy
parts pretty easily or get whole rifles that are set up for it or in the case of
50 beowulf it’s just one that’s really cool to look at so the one that is kind
of the baseline here is gonna be 223 and you can see that in our trajectory which
indicates how easily it’s going to be you know it’s gonna get on target the
flatter the trajectory the less we have to hold over the less we have to really
think about how high we hold up either with a reticle or tracking with the the
turrets it’s just gonna be an easier cartridge to get on target so yeah a 223
with a 75 grain projectile this is my own hand load and yeah it’s gonna be
relatively flat shooting we’re talking about less than 5 foot of drop if we’re
at a hundred if we’re zeroed at a hundred yards it’s gonna be less than
five feet of drop out at 500 yards and that that’s pretty darn good we don’t
have to hold over all that much in order to get on target the problem that we’ve
had is that it doesn’t provide a whole lot of energy it does kind of up close
it gets over a thousand foot-pounds but as you start to you know get out there
it is an efficient projectile so it is going to still provide plenty of energy as you
go downrange but really that’s mostly for your smaller targets it’s just not
going to hit very hard and one of the difficulties that we get into especially
with a projectile like this is that it’s not going to expand very much I think that
we had complete pass through on our pigs so I think that what we can do is we can
get into some better projectiles and we’ll actually be doing that in some other
tests we’re going to test some gold dot projectiles from speer and we’re gonna see
if they can make a bigger mess on ballistics gel and then those BTHP
match projectiles that I’ve been using in hog hunts before if you look above the
223 in this trajectory chart you’ll see that we have six five Grendel this is a
123 grain SST from Hornady so it’s going to be a very efficient projectile it’s gonna
be quite a bit heavier and it’s gonna provide a lot more punch up close and
down range and in fact for those of you that have decided to go with a 65
Grendel for hunting I think that you made the exact right choice this one’s
going to be useful in a broad variety of situations from up close to way out
there because as you can see it’s going to shoot flat it’s gonna buck the wind
and it’s going to hit very hard so this one would be a perfectly brilliant
choice jumping down to 7.62 by 39 this is kind of a modern loading so it’s
going to be a bit more efficient than the usual bulk stuff that you get from
old comm block countries that come in crates or bags or however you buy them
this is a modern 123 grain Hornady SST so it’s going to be able to dump a good
amount of energy into the target and I think it’s going to be a pretty decent
close-range one this is one where you do start to drop off your energy pretty
quickly even though its trajectory is pretty good it drops about eight feet at
500 yards but this is one that it’s it’s very much
like the 223 it’s not going to provide a significant increase in energy
especially as distances start to increase and let’s jump down to some of
these where the trajectory may not be so good but energy definitely is so we’re
looking first off at the 350 legend 150 XP this is from Winchester this is one
of their hunting ammos right here and okay it is relatively flat shooting
compared to some of these other big cartridges and it does provide a pretty
fair amount of energy you can see that we tap out at about 175 yards that’s
where we start to drop below that you know the kind of magical thousand
foot-pounds it’s not like you need that in order to take a hog but for some of
your medium game there are some folks that say stick to about a thousand like
for deer and here’s we get to the 350 legend 180 grain power shock that we
took a look at here that the federal ammunition and this one it drops quite a
bit more but it does provide a good whack of energy especially the closer
ranges and you can see that we get to that magical thousand foot pound line
again at about 175 yards now we get to one that provides quite a lot of energy
but has essentially the same trajectory as the 350 legend and actually over time
it looks like it drops a good bit more so that’s 450 Bushmaster with a 250
grain XP projectile so this is a it’s a good choice for this I think that it would
work out really well this is kind of Jeff Cooper’s cartridge design big ol
straight wall provides a whole lot of energy and yeah you can get on target at
some of these longer distances but you can see how especially if you do a price
comparison of 350 legend versus this you can see how you might want to head
toward the 350 legend instead both of them may be fun choices though now we
have 300 blackout which is kind of failing in all areas
I do like 300 blackout it is it’s a great one especially if you shoot
subsonic it is so stinking quiet and the fact that you can run it through your AR
and actually cycle the bolt and be as
stinking quiet as it is it’s a really neat one for some of those close range
targets but you can see that the trajectory is pretty awful and it
doesn’t provide you know any energy that 223 does so it it does kind of fall flat
in this case I think that there are good reasons to use it like within these
short ranges it’ll definitely get the job done but you can see how some of
these others really start to pick up the slack next we have 458 SOCOM we are
going to be doing testing with this we’re gonna see how it performs against
ballistics gel and you can see that it has a lot of drop compared to any of
these other cartridges including 350 legend it’s really starting to get a bit
more difficult as those ranges increase but then at those close distances and
even as some of the farther ones this one is dumping a whole lot of energy 458
SOCOM just rocks those big projectiles moving out of that kind of squat fat
case it’s just a feel all of its own it’s just SuperDuper fun to shoot and
then finally the monster the one that provides a whole lot of energy up front
and then very quickly falls off this is 50 Beowulf so this is one that’s going
to be just a whole lot of fun at some of your extreme close distances but you can
see that it falls so quickly that this would be a pretty difficult one to use
if you’re getting into hunting situations where things are stretching
out beyond 100 yards it just drops so darn fast
now one thing I should mention with all of these is that it’s gonna be very
projectile dependent you can choose maybe projectiles that are a bit more efficient
through the air but for the most part this is pretty indicative of what you’re
going to be working with like for example with 50 Beowulf it’s such a huge
cartridge that to fit it into the case in general you’re not going to have a
pointed projectile if you if you’re running an ar 15 you’re gonna have some kind of
huge JHP like this and it’s just not going to be that slick
through the air I’m not the kind of guy to sell you on a certain cartridge I’m
not here to say that one of these is just flat better
and all the others it’s gonna depend on you and what your circumstances are what
kind of animals you’re hunting what ranges what terrain you’re dealing with
what kind of optics you may have how much weight you want to carry out in the
field how much you want to spend there are a whole lot of things going on say
you want to be able to just go to the store and buy ammo some of these you’re
not going to be able to finally fifty beowulf it’s pretty much a mail-order
only item and some of these to just be able to go to the go to the store go to
Walmart pull it off the shelf and you can go out and hunt so I’m not gonna say
that one of these is just plain better than the others
but what I will say is that the reason that I’m going with 350 Legend is that I
think it’s a good kind of medium for a lot of these issues yes you can find the
ammo in the stores and yes I have seen it yes it is not extremely expensive it
is also a good hand loaders cartridge as I think we’re gonna prove here in our
testing and it’s it’s going to just kind of hit all these various points it’s
gonna be able to provide a whole lot of energy on hogs within the reasonable
distances that I’ve established on my own hunts in the past and it’s gonna be
light to carry it’s gonna hit a whole lot of these things and be just a good
happy medium some of these are extremes in one area or the other like even with
six five Grendel six five Grendel is not going to actually be that easy to find
in the stores even though it does have that great trajectory and is going to
provide a good amount of energy downrange
it’s going to be one that is gonna be a bit expensive to shoot and it’s going to
be one that you know maybe you’re kind of stuck doing hand loading on that one
rather than buying ammo it’ll just be a little easier for you in that case all
of these have their ups and downs and what you choose is going to be depending
on your situation that’s the theory of 350 legend now on to the practical tests
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28 thoughts on “Did Winchester tell the whole truth about 350 Legend? – The Social Regressive

  1. Did Winchester tell the whole truth about the .350 Legend? Nope! No one who sees themselves as an ethical hunter, would ever try to take deer at the max range as advertised.
    I wouldn't try to take a deer at a range beyond 125-150 yards.
    Yes, it's an interesting new cartridge, but Win. folks were unethical in stating an effective range of 300 yards.
    Please, please guys and gals: don't go out and wound deer and other animals at those advertized ranges. Keep them under 150 yds.

  2. You can size .358 bullets down to .357 in a sizing die…Bushmaster ammo is 27$ a box for hornady black. Only advantage to the Legend is mag capacity and less recoil. Bushmaster is my choice for big Northern Whitetail deer.

  3. "Did Winchester tell the whole truth about 350 Legend?"
    Makes for a great handgun cartridge, but it should have been released inside a Lever Gun…
    (Time will tell).

  4. At 300 yards that thing has a drop of right at 3 feet not including the subsonic ammo that has a drop of 9 feet at 300 yards and 3 feet at 200 yards so it would be worthless for anything beyond 150 yards with supersonic ammo or 50-100 yards for subsonic ammo

    To give you an ideal if I set my 7mm08 to shoot 3 feet high at 100 yards with a 160 grain going 2710 fps muzzle I am sighted in for 1200 yards with over 850 ft lbs of energy at 1200 yards

    Where as the 350 legend would sight in at only 300 yards using a 158 grain starting at 2225 fps with only 620 ft lbs of energy left at 300 yards and only half the energy my 7mm08 has at 100 yards

    If i'm not mistaken a 300 grain sabot 12 gauge shotgun slug from a rifled shotgun barrel will have better ballistics and energy than the 350 legend has at 100-300 yards and I can bet you will probably get better ballistics from a muzzle loader 300 grain sabot slug also

    I think they called it the 350 legend because it will be legendary as to how many people got fooled into buying one because of the name only and nothing else LOL

  5. If you build an upper yourself, don't forget to open the receiver feed ramps to match the barrel extension.
    I'm getting 2825 fps with 110 gr Hornady FTX out of a 16" barrel!
    A 350 gr subsonic should be possible if someone would make a bullet that would open up at that speed.

    And lever guns already have 357 maximum…

  6. Here in Ohio we are restricted to straight wall cartridges for deer hunting. I’d just go with a 45-70 in lever or bolt action. I haven’t seen many spots here where one would have a clear shot over 150 yards.

  7. The most interesting component bullet option I've seen is the 165 gr. Hornady FTX. Unfortunately, I could not find them in stock.

  8. You forgot .224 Valkyrie in your comparison. Close to the same energy at close range, beats them all at long range.

  9. No thx. Manufacturers need to stop with marketing hype and rebranding. I don't buy a thing because they put it in a shiny new box and write whiz bang on the box! Plenty of cartridges have been designed over that last 100 + years that pretty much cover everything you might need one for. 6.5mm creedmore comes to mind.

  10. I really do wish you had included the 300 Ham'r. I built one just before the Legend came out. It is a better cartridge and great for reloaders.

  11. Thanks for sharing, pretty good comparison chart. I know that you could have added more like the 6.8 Rem SPC, but those other ones aside from the .223 and 6.5 Grendel compare in style to the .350 Legend. I want to build my own AR-15 mostly for predator/coyote hunting, starting with .223 since I already have some handloads using 65 grain Sierra Gamekings and 25 grains of CFE 223 (my brother took his AR back after 12 years to use for deer and hogs in SC). But my next upper probably would be the 6.5 Grendel or 450 Bushmaster since I live in WV and Ohio isn't too far from me, plus heavy thumpers seem fun. My brother built a .350 Legend AR-15 for under $500 including a 20" complete upper from Bear Creek Arsenal for around $200-225.
    I currently work at Walmart and the only ammo that we sell out of all of those on the chart is .450 Bushmaster in Hornady Black and Rem AccuTip and that is only because my dept manager ordered them after we finally got the Ruger Ranch rifle AFTER rifle season was over. We have been trying to get .350 Legend in since that is what everyone wants this year instead of the .450 BM that took us forever to get. But Walmart is super slow on the uptake with new ammo, cartridges, firearms and so much more.

  12. Midway has quite a few bullets for reloading for the 350. Here is a 170 grain spirepoint https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1021205725?pid=551625 There 180's are out of stock but will probably be back in soon https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1021525515 Looks like there will be a 165 grain FTX soon as well.

  13. Haven’t started reloading for the 350 legend but I built one for my kids to hunt with the Winchester 150gn xp seems to be a good bullet been hunting with those and the 170gn hornady interlock. But I’ve built almost all these calibers ks47, had a couple 300blk that’s what my son hunted with last year 110gn tsx is the only bullet I’d use in it but I sold both of the 300blk. Got a 458 upper but it just doesn’t have the range and the ammo is too much. I use an 18” 6.5 grendel with 120gn Speer gold dot and my son now uses the 16” 6.5 grendel with 110gn controlled chaos round which both do very well. I don’t mind having to order the ammo I’ve got over 1000rds of steel case and 800rds of brass cased ammo stacked up now. My nephew will still be using the 350 this year but it’s hard to beat a 6.5 grendel. Even good match ammo for the Grendel is only 20$ a box with hornady black and a few good hunting loads the hornady sst and federal fusion are around 20-25$ a box.

  14. As a non hunter and someone from a quite restrictive state why does capacity matter when hunting deer? I can understand with pigs because you need to kill a certain amount to properly cull them but I am confused as why you need 10 rounds of non standard hunting ammo that does not function in standard mags. In my area the largest hunting magazine capacity for neighboring states is like 6 rounds, so either this cartridge is so niche that I fail to understand it or the regulations are much different out west. That being said I support the right to carry however many rounds you want in any weapon however if you need more than 1 or 2 rounds to kill a single deer you probably shouldn't be hunting and stick to target practice.

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