Digital Luggage Scale Review — BONAZZA S190

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and things like that, in the YouTube description. Let’s get into the review. So, I travel quite a bit and one of the things
that’s hugely important is never having to pay
baggage overage fees, because they’re too heavy for the limits and they’re gonna cost
more, or worse than that not even getting your bag on the plane without splitting it down because it’s actually over weight limits. Enter solid digital luggage scale. So, for the features of the Bonazza S190, you’ve got a couple things. First, it has a maximum capacity of 110 pounds and 50 kilograms. One of the incredible features
is that you can actually pick ounces, kilograms, pounds or grams for the weight setting. It gives you a reading super fast, so you don’t have to hold your heavy bag in the air for very long. And one of the things that I love is that it has an auto
shutoff after 60 seconds, so it doesn’t just stay on forever draining the battery, in your bag. So, what about the build quality? Well the S190 is built very sturdy, it has a nice ergonomic feel. Fits in your hand well, and
great for lifting your bag up. It has a great, super durable strap that easily can loop through on your bag, and then clip back on itself. Nice, quick and easy to weigh your bag. It’s got an LCD backlight, which is nice, not only to see it in the light, but also if you were to need
to use it in a darker setting. It comes with a battery
that’s really easy to insert and change when needed later. And I was reading up on it, and it has a money-back guarantee, as well as a life-time warranty. So, it’s cool because
the company stands behind the build, quality, and durability. So the list price for the
digital luggage scale, is about $30 USD, but you can pick it up last time I checked for about
$15 approximately on Amazon. And, one of the cool
things I noticed on Amazon is if you scroll down a little bit, there’s like a special offers sections and there you can get a couple cool deals. One, if you combine it with the universal A/C adapter, power adapter. You can get a discount
if you add both to cart. They have a promo code,
check out the promo code. I don’t know if it’ll be active when you’re watching this video, but there’s just different ways where they offer some cool
incentives and discounts if you buy more products, or just if you use that promo code. So overall, I love this
digital luggage scale. I mean, number one, it’s
gonna pay for itself from not paying overage fees
for packing your bags too heavy or saving you time for
not having to repack and the frustration and hassle of having too much weight in your bags. And, I think just for my wife and I, we have about four
different luggage scales, and this is definitely
the coolest looking, most ergonomic, most
dependable, most feature rich. Everything about it, is just better than
the other ones we have. Question of the day. Have you ever paid baggage overage fees or been hassled because of
the weight of your bags, or anything like that? I would love to hear from you. In the comment section here on YouTube. So, thank you so much for
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used a digital luggage scale?

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