Digital sound level meter for accurate Noise and sound level measurement – Model BS06 | VackerGlobal

This is Sound level meter – Model BS06. This small device accurately measures the
sound and noise level in various environments. With measuring range of 40 to 130 decibels. This device can easily and reliably measure
different sources of sound. It is neatly designed for the accurate assessment
of noise levels and is suitable for construction, commercial, industrial environments. This compact device is small reliable and
can be used in one hand. Here are the main features of the device. The device is made in Germany – with high-quality
standards. It has fast response time. It is equipped with automatic switch off. It has sensor controlled display mode for
low light. The device has minimum or Maximum value and
hold function. It has clear LCD display and is integrated
with Microphone. Little more on to the device. The Device has Two Main Button. Power Button
Maximum and Minimum Button. The Power button is used to Switch On and
OFF the device. The Maximum and Minimum button is used to
display the Maximum minimum sound level measured. The Sound Meter BS06 is small, accurate and
fast. For pricing and purchasing. Contact our sales team today. Vacker Global supplies all types of Measuring
Devices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman
and Bahrain.

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