DIY Automatic Chicken Waterer! Won’t Freeze In The Winter! Keep New Chicks Safe!

Hello everyone and welcome to The Hippie Geeks! Are you tired of your chickens filling thier
water with straw, dirt and poo? Does your water freeze over in the winter? Do you need a watering solution that isn’t
going to drown your newly hatched chicks? In this video I am going to show you how to
make your own watering solution on the cheap, that will help you achieve all of these goals
without breaking the bank. Here are the tools and materials you will
need. A three to five gallon bucket. I am using an empty cat litter bucket as we
had it laying around making it totally free. A drill and the properly sized drill bit. The watering nipples you buy should specify
what size bit to use, in my case it is 5/16″. Between two and six poultry watering nipples. Just search Amazon or Ebay, there are a ton
of options out there. Just choose the one that you think will work
and has great reviews. First decide where you want to place the nipples
and mark the spot. You want to pick a flat smooth area. This will help to make sure that the nipples
will seal properly and not leak. Next, grab your drill and carefully make your
holes. You dont want to crack the plastic, and you
dont want to make large mangled holes as the nipples should have a snug fit to help avoid
leaks. If necessary, grab a pocket or X-Acto knife
and clean up the edges carefully so as to not enlarge the holes. Time to install the nipples. If you are worried that your holes may not
be tight enough, you can wrap the threads in plumbers tape to help take up the extra
space and provide a good seal. I havent done it here, as I know already that
these will seal properly. I like using the cat litter bucket for this,
as the included lid keeps out dust and other contaminants but is still super easy to flip
open so that you can refill the bucket. Be sure to hang it high enough that your chickens
can get underneath the bucket to use it, but not so high that they cant actually reach
the nipples. Even if your chickens have never used a water
nipple before, it will not take them very long to figure it out. Wait a minute though, didn’t I say something
about keeping it from freezing in the winter? If you live in an area where the temps drop
down below freezing, you have had to deal with frozen chicken water. In the description below I will put a link
to a bird bath de-icer that fits perfectly into a bucket and a device called a thermal
cube. The de-icer doesnt get the water hot, it will
simply keep it just above freezing. The thermal cube gets plugged in between your
extension cord and the de-icer, and it only allows electricity thru when the temperature
drops below 35 degrees, then shuts back off when the temp hits 45 degrees. That way it only runs when you need it to. Now grab a pocket or X-Acto knife, and on
the side of the bucket at the top cut out a hole just big enough to pass the electrical
cord for the bird bath de-icer out of. Once you have that cleaned up, place the de-icer
in the bucket and run the electrical cable out. When you know that you are due for freezing
temps, make sure that the bucke is filled enough to mostly cover the de-icer to help
extend its life. You will likely only get a year or two out
of each one, but it is well worth it to make sure that you chickens will never have frozen
water to deal with. If you have never raised up chicks, having
them drown in their water dish is a real danger. What we have done in the past is place marbles
in the water, and while that stops them from drowning it doesnt stop them from making an
unholy mess from not only pooping in the water, but they love to flip it out everywhere. The solution is to place a few nipples into
the bottom of a smaller bucket or plastic bottle. There will still be some mess, but not nearly
as bad. When using a small bottle, drill a couple
of holes into the lid and run a zip tie thru it. This will give you an easy way to be able
to hang it, and the holes will prevent the bottle from becoming vapor locked. On the bottom drill two or three holes, using
the same placement guidelines as the large bucket earlier in the video. The bottle I am showing here is not ideal,
I am just using it as an example. A one liter soda bottle works well, as do
one gallon jugs and buckets. The best parts abour making one of these is
not having to worry about getting your chickens fresh water every day in the summer, or having
to worry about their water freezing in the winter. I hope that you try making one, and I would
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  1. de-icer –
    nipples –
    thrmo cube –
    make sure you get a cold weather one ( white) the TC-3 one the warm weather ones are red

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