[Music] and fries today I got my big mouth oh okay this is what a Big Mac looks like check it out it’s not big enough we don’t want the Big Mac fries look at them they’re tiny I know I know go down master like when you guys know I need my good luck for my gummy videos let’s try and a 200,000 thumbs up you’ve been killing it lately so I know let’s get started so today I’m back with not only myself I know I’m the dummy god but I don’t just Beth combine the camera so obviously we’re gonna need some gelatin okay guys and you guys know I go hard on the gelatin so I got some gelatin bro are you serious am i serious about what – hey sugar flavor what it’s a boy stuff this is possibly gonna be the biggest DIY I’ve ever done so basically you know I would explain everything I got but I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing so we’re gonna figure out what we’re doing as we go through the video basically what is in a Big Mac is there’s bun meat lettuce pickles okay I’m not doing pickles but we got cheese more button more meat and fries so I got this mode for the top of the bun this mold for the bottom of the bun I got wolves for cheese I got wolves for tomato because you know you can’t miss out on the tomato on a fucking burger okay Big Mac I need to add tomatoes your burger you don’t even like tomatoes I don’t like tomato but everyone likes Tomatoes except for me I fucking hate to me but I’d love to me exactly the Big Mac these Tomatoes we got molds for the patties we got moves for more patty we got molds for the middle one and we got normal for the lettuce and last but not least I got some primal picked up every fucking morning all right this better be enough if not I’m really gonna be disappointed okay I don’t want like in the story but you guys know how to make gelatin I don’t know how to do it cuz I failed all my gelatin DIYs but Dustin knows how to make it so first step is to warm up what’s first up water water big pot Brown cupboard that covers that cover right here okay I definitely lived in this house for a long time another one so everyone knows I’m the king of measuring on my channel obviously I always like to measure my stuff we’re gonna measure half of a quarter of a Richter scale okay following along you’re not I mean you gotta clean this bird but Richter scale measured me all you man circle shape and that’s I’m pretty sure that just equals out to one of those folds now you need the hexagon oval oval shape and then just do it so let’s fill it up guys and obviously you know what I’m filling it out there’s this way you can do it but there’s also this way so what I like to do is sometimes have a little fun with my camera mom just come in are you serious okay so we got one but it’d be the same technique with the second row this sprays too much mom come here for a second I need you to walk under this you don’t want to come here so what you’re boiling water guys it’s a common misconception everybody think mom does wrong it off put it to medium-high and then to the little guys because we’d like to be productive on my channel in the meantime we are gonna be making this McDonald’s fry box and my mom’s actually gonna be making it I bought some fuckin marker to do the shading so mom when you can’t make something yourself guys you got to get your arts and crafts mom basically if you want to make anything into the magic shape anybody watch Wizards of Waverly Place cuz I fuckin did I love that show okay I don’t know if you guys know but Justin Bieber got his instagram back so you’re gonna be like Justin Bieber got a finger back touch it in a shit turn into a fry box let’s do this you do it I don’t know what I’m doing recipe right yeah you gotta commit to it we’ll do it together three two one Justin Bieber guts fry box just like that there’s nothing over here you need to worry about nothing over my dad look we’re gonna do the end on this box I know it looks better with an Emmy my mom drew this and that’s definitely not this do the comparison this looks like Whoopi and this looks like a Ryan’s reason not to mention it might not fit on the box guys the box is so blessed so let’s go through the GI Bill I bet Raghu lon Eli beeline so as you guys can see the pot is steaming hot right now we’re gonna put half the band in each pot like so and it’s already starting to solidify oh we’re supposed to whisk it this is the small way where’s the biz Rick it’s not apologetic you can never have too much gelatin I don’t know if your science teacher told you otherwise they were wrong wolf he’s always right [Music] now that the gelatin is a bit warm we’re gonna put the sugar into so we’re gonna use half of it in this one this is enough to give you instant diabetes so what is high laid everything out on the table guys we are gonna have to fill all of that up with do you like be alive heal I’m feeling the rest of the gelatin is going in this one and you have to whisk it right away otherwise it will get higher the amount of gelatin I got could feed six hundred families you know throw the bacon and we’re gonna pour it into each of the mold so we’re gonna start with the buttons tell me that doesn’t smell yeah shit absolute shit okay we got the top button now the bottom button so now that the top and bottom funds are good we’re gonna grab the middle one oh my god that’s uncontrollable it’s leaking every why is the price old brown so when you fuck up guys don’t worry we’re recovering I did that on purpose guys I’m gonna teach you guys what happens when you fuck up we’re gonna pour this into this well just a nice yellow fry like so there we go so while that gelatin is cooking I’m just gonna add some food coloring in each thing fries need to be extra yellow so I’m putting a lot of yellow food coloring just to make sure they stay golden yellow crispy McDonald’s fries you know how they are I also got a little bit of icing coloring but this stuff is super saturated super concentrated you don’t want to use too much of this otherwise it’ll turn oh I forgot to tell you about that your stained that’s it no no no 100% staying for a week oh my god my fingers are now tinted yellow forever it’s gonna put a little bit of that something okay guys we got the brown icing sugar I’m not saying my finger Brown I don’t want you did you fuck him wave your eyes it does not clean it we got to be very careful with the brown guys oh I said I’m talking about okay got my strawberry flavoring we’re just gonna be flavoring the patty strawberries super strong yeah it’s super strong okay so you use it all right tuberous Robbie said to crush me oh it’s all gone okay so for the button we’re gonna do a little bit of pure lemon extract apparently it’s not sour I don’t believe it that’s heat units our boat holy shit that’s bad next one we’re preparing the lettuce the tomatoes and the cheese we’re going to need our pan dusting can you take the top off for me please I like that nice and oily there can never be too much oil there as if you actually made that we’re gonna be making the lettuce you want the legs to be nice and crinkly oh that’s a good idea where he’s pulling it through the door how is he still pulling it so like I was saying guys we’re just gonna need about this bigger piece for this okay we need this lettuce shape number one BAM that’s that romaine right there that’s that good shit she’s a little bit of orange oh that’s nice that’s what I’m talking well that’s that expensive cheddar cheese that you get from the gums actually dogs are not about expensive stuff quality it’s quality you know it’s part to be pleased so for the tomatoes we have red food coloring and red icing color we’re gonna use the food coloring because we don’t want it to be too red three dots of that should be good enough those are nice tomatoes those are really nice no you would not so basically now all we have to do is leave all these to cool down for like the next eight to ten hours but I’m just gonna leave them overnight for a full day so I can make sure they solidified and I will be back when they freeze tomorrow all right guys day two we are back everything should be gummy let’s go to the washroom and check it out as you can see you guys I told I’m gonna put a sign do not enter a gummy inside so that’s how you know shit’s important yeah so here’s what we got it smells fucking absolutely delicious actually let’s see how one thing is that’s fucking gummy it doesn’t even look fully gummy but that is way more successful than I thought so now what we’re gonna do is bring everything out to the table and make the DIY biggest gummy burger McDonald’s Big Mac burger in existence I don’t want any of you guys telling me I’m not the goat I’m the DIY gummy goo right and I got check this out this is like some thin plastic looking material the buns are nice tomato and ketchup are nice we’re gonna start with the fried okay so Dustin’s working on taking out the fries we’re gonna take them out and then put them on a cutting board and cut them after that’s the way it’s gonna go they just can’t break on us if they break up this it’s about to fucking swing down and smoke you in the head yeah anyways like I say hopefully they don’t break on us please gummy just come out in one piece I need everyone to smash that like button right now if one thing breaks then basically were fucked so give me all the good luck guys I’m not good with gummies you know I fail all the time let’s plop this over and see what this bad boy is saying three two one no nothing it’s not coming out this is not good right now oh it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming when you just suction it’s gonna break let’s go look at these McDonald’s fries just finishing up on the fries guys we hold the knife so it is just gliding in like butter this fry is a little broken by the neck but we’re gonna try and MacGyver a way to fix this but at least these fries are flawless so in order to get the fries to stand up we need to have a backing behind them otherwise they’re just gonna snap off so we’re gonna use wrist the board that I got but the thing about this is I wrap the tape around it thinking it was a good like life hack but it’s now stuck I pull it and my mom gets pulled with it we’re pulling the wrong way we got it off okay so now we are starting with the bird the first thing we need is the bottom of the bun three two one oh let’s go okay so the next thing on a Big Mac if we look at this cheese we’re gonna put on some cheese nice lay it on so that it hangs off the front oh my gosh delicious next is the Patty three two one oh yeah look at this concentration guys it needs a magic Wolfie top that is a patty if I’ve ever seen one that looks beautiful the cheese on the front of patty god damn what is next on this boiler oh yeah dehydrated drop cake okay we gotta be strategic with how we place these now we need to go a little bit to the left because it’s tilting a bit to the right more cheese align it with the other cheese some lettuce because you know diet Wolfie is still alive and well so here we go let’s go let us look at that so I’m over here too even though the weight will do Tomatoes next quick little yay whoa Oh tomato god this is just getting more unstable by the second yeah yeah I’m really scared we are limited on time all that’s under the patty we have another yeah but the Patty’s supposed to go under the tomato you have a Big Mac right there how did you yeah the party goes on top really patty goes on top confirm that it’s the last thing the hell is Hattie bun Big Macs also don’t have tomatoes do they don’t but my Big Macs I’ve tomato this cannot breathe hi this is it too many I say we go over there right a bit there’s a good balance drop panicky the ketchup does not want to move ketchup done three two one will expand kick the table world [Music] yes we’re just taking the thumbnail but the burger is starting to crack my mom is behind me and trip me it’s all good take the fries away this is way behind the scenes overthrown there looks like behind you the fries in front of the price where the burgers don’t panic you’re good you’re good 100% you can you see my mom my right arm is numb I’m taking that time now bro it looks beautiful though it looks good it looks great Oh still looking great all covered so guys check it out basically we have the fries these are definitely hard to like just keep up we have to put some support sticks inside each fry just to make sure they stand up but compared to regular McDonald’s fries and the burger I mean there’s not much else to say compared to a regular Big Mac anyways we’re just gonna get a nice cut through the door any other nice burger I feel like once we start cutting it’s okay it’s not sharp enough you got a machete guys be very careful okay yeah good I’ll give you a fried first yeah here’s your fries I need to have a McDonald’s try to compare it pretty good cuz I wanted I don’t want to eat too much down there yeah it looks good oh my god it’s not bad yeah take a slice people are you doing that’s been said you would take a slicer boom got some nice slices I’ve ever seen one that’s all you need neat ketchup you need tomato can’t stands on me if you got a compare so that’s a Big Mac those for real good the badge real quick it’s all good right Barry actually what it’s just so good oh my god so the white bunnies like 2d fruity then we put that in that that was actually blessed this one this one this one this one and I see this one this one and this one and this one are all shit there’s literally only one layer that was edible I mean top layer just to be sure no that was bad I’m not no guys I guess there’s only one way to clean it up guys oh look at that guys Oh anyways I hope you guys enjoyed that video if you did enjoy it make sure to go down smash that like button let’s hit 200,000 likes if we hit 200,000 likes I will make more giant gummies just comment down below what you want me to make also tell it to my boy just doesn’t act together that Bowl subscribe to Destin right now he’s the king of the fucking massive gummies slash just just a link at the top of description and I’m just to you guys soon with another bailer video and as always stay sad [Music]

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