* Wolfie dying * Oh my God, check out the insides Booom! Hey yo, what’s good? Before I even say one word, You guys already know, I’m the like GOD So go down and smash that like button. Let’s get 250,000 likes minimum! You already know what it is. Today we’re making the biggest, gummy taco in the world. I’ve got David behind the camera, Take it easy. Just Dustin behind the camera. SUUUUUWWEEEEE So, I’m not gonna bore you guys okay. You’ve seen how to make gummy. I will briefly run through it, but this is a lot different than the burgers. I’ve got a sh*t load of gelatin here, I’ve got a sh*t load of gelatin here, I’ve got sugar, I’ve got the basic supplies, but basically, let’s just start the video. This is probably going to be our best one yet So the first step, obviously, is boiling the water, putting the gelatin putting the sugar, because if you don’t put sugar in the gelatin, A) It’s not as thick, and B) it tastes like ass. OK, so all the pots are just starting to boil as you guys can see. So now we’re going to throw in the ‘gee-lie bee-lie pet-rak-goo-mye’ ‘Peet-rat-goo-mye’, but important announcement dustin has an iphone 5s what the hell is this shit you guys actually one on this video I would personally buy dustin a seven plus because see that, i like it what the hell is this guy smash my case SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON! and i will buy him a new phone that shit needs to go yo David is gonna start with the scoops gonna start with the scoop were like and I’m gonna get me a huge scoop ready? wait wait tornado for you guys we got multiple wisk I’m just gonna hope Justin is gonna help on this one the second pot going whirlwind tactic you already know what it is David on the scoop, Dustin on the handle it started overflowing guys we moved it back there this one’s going and just make sure that the gelatin is going to be thick enough time we have a tester in the freezer so this stuff freezes really rock solid gelatin and we know that jellybellygummy is gonna be good is going to be good right Oh it’ll be there anyway now it goes the taco so for the talk of Moriarty hula-hoops how to think about whoo-hoo baseball definitely going to show you how to dance full let’s go get out let’s drop it okay let’s pick it up anyway we are going to melt together also a bitch it’s actually not my idea I have no clue hasbro the show but I asked the soccer and Ginger Baker so shots and I’ll into their channel in the description basically they used who as we all know what I’m going to do I’m going to gorilla tape all three of these loops together to look like this high and then we’re going to put a tarp inside of here and then for the jelly in the chart so that it can’t leave i also got cable lock just make sure that the sharpless working at the table tops were here as well that’s one of the vehicles have one chance to drive through its me don’t ask me no sure that the chance to 10 / 10 that’s cool that’s a shower gotta shoot set shots subscribe to this channel what if something’s burning leaving only attempt David gets go shut up go try to see verse 34 swe guys do you feel you can’t do it this is now officially gorilla tape all the way it better now he has got the week something you have more weight to your loopy in the little loop adding some quick sugar to each one just to make sure that they taste not like absolute last until the amount of safety precautions going into this next up is absolutely insane so basically what we got is this plastic table covers off a dollar-a-month we got this fabric tablecloth pieces could cause it’s not okay just show you got far as David said you know take it back to order to do they wear other show you the same table walk while this is the perfect anti league system let’s say for the jelly and you’re just going to dip the classic in the ghumai to see if it melts because it’s a melt then it’s not ready to go because it’s so damn hot melt Rascal that’s why that’s why you’re so it’s been about 20 seconds or broad easier like 1,000,000 flimsy look oh ok so we’re going to make cooled water and imported make information more proof for it we were all sleeping on that little kiddie pool there swearing in the second round night look at that guy’s this circle is forming literally perfectly but we don’t really know there’s literally no we’re pretty so there you go i think that’s going to show now your color first thing we’re going to doesn’t set goals for towel over it will remove the bones are going to try that our face unlock it a little wetter listen up so you time we’re not even when we’re not using words were using coconut believe i’m down cocoa here we go a little bit of coconut honestly its way to blend in your fucking really don’t know this Ridge that smells delicious now we’re going to add in the color palette of colors we were taking yellow and we’re going to need a little bit of ground ok not where you know how strong it is literally a quarter that they returned the technology as you can see it already started in yellow and we want to make it a little more thick and rich so this time we’re going to add milk bro you doing up the frost I’m sorry did we just move past the fact that you just fit completely in the thing we all 38 well we’re going to go that way i was actually smooth though you can be the talk show progressed one thing about the cockleshell they put every point in the show this afternoon evening I’m not going to go mean it was just me shall we can have some sectors I’m gonna sprinkle pepper corns around the show and just like that you’ve got a cockleshell we got to pan for these two pans for the salsa arrest for cheese lettuce and grow up because he doesn’t walk okay okay got the logic so much red you have no idea of showing their edits longer a two-round alert is meat is looking fresh eyes comment down below this looks like block David fuck up it went like killed 9200 even know about drawing orange with it’s useless black the lettuce is honestly so i just made this weight and I’m going to throw in some grease and make them nice and walk he could stay with Washington indicate i got my green food coloring here and we do each o’clock we talk about your real foods in this one too many going to last walk handed off thought okay okay you know what we’re just gonna have the real avocado in it and get the best with he’s putting avocado television ok oh yeah like I was saying guys were just chillin chillin chillin ok so all the ingredients are officially done i was back in about 48 hours once everything freezes over and we will construct the world’s biggest gummy taco let’s go has seconds make it alright so it’s been around 40 Alex since i last checked on it coming I went out and bought some taco bell just we can compare and contrast what I’m making competitive problem if you’re looking finally got the cheese there’s no salsa on this one but you got the meat and you got to let it we may block though because why not walking going to make flavor to have so now you guys know the drill we’re going to check on the gummy but both get fucked salzburg it don’t mean I’m not to worry about because it’s that we’re going to be cutting up anyways but wow porn mention solid and it’s already peeling off the edges me tonight she’s good that is critical for success I think that watches political rock at colorado it’s right over here that actually run with the big guns right here guys this is what you’ve been waiting for the shell is looking nice it looks like we don’t have solid you smell it through the coconut is looking strong guys we have to transport this to the heating cables hanging going to go for it i have a box from right here i’m going to fold it on pretty thick it’s going to be before your journey of the way that it also has a wooden plank which is going to be in the center just to support the middle of it when we were waiting for free we got a hard-working people under the barbri just filled it we’ve come too far to back up your power you it’s like a band-aid you just gotta with it i’m going to i’m going to slide off row i’m really walking in this up guilt in every anyone else no no no no no what we officially got the taco shell out of the plastic wrap they’re so thin layer of plastic underneath it because it’s easier to slide things under and we don’t know how we’re going to fold yet the next that cutting up the cheese cutting up the lettuce and making the burger meat which is pretty damn easy if you have a katana so first thing we’re going to do is the orange cheese as you guys can see in the taco taco and strategies without my people cut right here we are going to do in line we’re going to repeat this process for all the cheese mix that all humans realize that the fruits that grow I got a little kids that are you anyway guys we’re going to cut you in half and I think this is the perfect right here doesn’t just remind me to the peppercorn are honest I so we have with hopefully doesn’t bring some time off hey there’s only one way to cut off the beef obviously just like the top are going to show you the picture household has very like ground beef products all around people with tomatoes adjusted to make double time well conceived in doing so now take this out guys in this district what people don’t know that can openers can do it protecting something that three two one ball and how we traded for now that he was doing sault sainte ground be noted though this is definitely the most efficient way to Adam you guys that wanna wait look at that these guys look at you would be bad to my life is this so the next step is the lettuce ow lettuce on the taco for talk about hospitals is perfectly shredded the perfect alignment of wine it doesn’t look that in anyway so I’m gonna replicate it obviously you’ve got me both yeah and just like that you’ve got the perfect let guys that doesn’t even come on the system to keep this letter what is it looks delicious so it might be it might be a takeaway that everybody wanted to taste anything would call it a little more for more but that’s not good great flow so we added the gloss and we also added the cheese but David said because they have burritos tacos okay there little more spicy than the regular tacos it was like why not add some sriracha and I was like you know what I thought about it so go ahead and for that sriracha sauce this guy did it was a handy you know that they have a squirt bottle for that could put it to be I think that’s the doctor aceh now that it’s finally time you’re going to pull this popular everyone smack that like button please I need you guys to pray that this topic is not collapse when he told a nap 321 oh-oh okay all available the actual pumpkin leverage ok so the more you’re going to open waiting for the world’s biggest dummy talking about you all check we don’t everything that hard and we always gonna be chuckles an hour’s time delivery guys that’s gonna put it on the ground hopefully it doesn’t actually collapsing in the air i know it’s just heavy probably 200 pounds but i got this cool always I don’t know how old I got it I all go back the way when you get 12 pieces it doesn’t give up Oh talk to pull it out back you’ll get rid of that body so has it hey starts before the 50 for you ok so I’m going to give you tonight cut right down the middle with the katana this is that right oh my god oh my god I literally think we got the perfect check out the inside that it’s taco right here below you can literally see each layer by layer we got the fault that she’s the b-52 fucking through watches and never serve cheese is still there too i’m slipping just want to figure out at first light shall not no no I made it goes the late comedian cost relative whoever black leather cup date of the meeting first it always against high doesn’t slide it off call me take a bite of his regular taco which are you walking sorry but most of these dogs dogs it is green and 100 102 forgot about this why is it black I think that’s what it running clock going through this whole gummy do get a lot of is always sick kicks for the rule and whoever has it in their mouth the longest wins whoever has it in their mouth second-longest obviously this paper maybe having your muscle long as you fucking leave select your portion on 3321 a pop-by spun by like let’s do it hot haha no second place I was immediately like this reflects it up and show the duct tape on a scale of one to ten how do you rate it good for you give it like a 10 plus 12 our tent up in blossom 11-3 guys this is probably one of my better than me but coconut flavor if you guys were everybody trying to recreate this shit which I don’t recommend the coconut is a really good flavor to add it doesn’t taste bad like 11 or the orange but do not add sriracha is not add real fucking avocado we never tried that we can’t just do you mean we go ahead buddy comment down below what it sounds like okay so we’re done with the ok you guys if you enjoyed the video make sure to go down in my family but let’s get minimum to 1,000 likes on this video comment down below what other giant gummy going to be i know a lot of you don’t want to go to subway let me know in the comments down below also if you were my two boys just saying Reverend Davis 30 if you haven’t already subscribed to channel you’re playing yourself we make so many on both their channel just david perry play yard an organism called incredible because you know at the top of the attention they don’t do that even with the video and i always think that

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