Let me show you how to make aquarium
filter driven by an air pump. The filter I am going to show you is a bit
different than other conventional air filters. It plays with water pressure. Its working mechanism is like an heart. You’ll enjoy making it. what you need? 1st thing is a bottle, you can take
a half liter bottle like this. You can see that there are two things
you have to do on it. You need to make holes at
the bottom of the bottle like this. it is on you that how many holes and
what size of all you want to do. Be careful what size of fish you have in
your aquarium so that they cannot get suck to the holes. 2nd thing is the hole for an air
inlet from air pump. This is an ordinary aquarium piping
connector you can easily purchase. What you can use for making holes? I used soldering iron you can use anything. Like simple rod/needle by heating
it on the fire. There is an obstacle on tubing connector
inside of the bottle. This will help strengthen the connector
with glue. Use super glue or silicone to fix it here. Pull it from inside of bottle with glue so that
inner plate of connector attach to bottle. Pour a few drops of super glue
or any adhesive or silicon outside too. So that there is no water leakage. So this is what we have done so far. Next thing I want to show you what
you will do with the top of the bottle. This is cap of the bottle and you need
corresponding pipe of similar diameter. You can purchase from any hardware store. Make a hole on cap of the diameter size of pipe. You can seal it on cap using any
ordinary tape around pipe. With some force, move it until the
tape is between the cap. Now I want to show you what we have done so far. Now I have filled it with some filter media. You can see in the bottom I have placed
some marbles to support water passing. Water will flow in through these holes. Above the marbles, there are
smaller stones. After stones there is synthetic cotton
used as filter media. You can use anything like sponge. After synthetic cotton, add extra layer of
little fine but coarse gravel. It will stop synthetic cotton from
climbing up with water pressure. At the top, some more stones. Now you can see that I have placed the
cap with pipe I have shown you before. Filtered water will be pushed from
this outlet at the top. Now we can place this bottle filter into aquarium. This upper portion will not have any
water but only air. Because when air is pushed here it
will push the water down. At this level where the bigger pipe ends. Due to air pressure, water will make
its way out from bigger pipe. As water level will arise, more water will
be sucked up from the bottom of the bottle. Let’s see demonstration by placing it
in the aquarium. This is working example of the filter. With this speed of flow, the whole
tank of around four gallon can be filtered in less than half an hour I guess. See that top of the bottle till the end
of the bigger pipe is empty. Dirty water is coming into bottle from
bottom from these small holes. Filtered water is coming out from
the bigger pipe at the top. This pipe outlet can also be inside
of the water surface. By now, I haven’t seen any filter with
such working mechanism on internet. It’s working like a heart. 🙂 Let’s increase air pump’s power. This will help absorb a lot of oxygen
in the water. I hope you have like it. 🙂 Don’t forget to like and comment!

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