DJI Mavic Mini: CE Mode 5.8GHz got 870 meters – How Come???

ok immediately record record we fly right away ok we change the home points we make the maximum distance with unlimited Hello All my Friends SALAM UDARA in this video I will try again flight test flight test with any additions what additional friends we see the video friends ok we get on with it to fly we first check that yesterday I use a manual transmission at a frequency of 5.8ghz on the 168 channel oh sorry on channel 153 153 we try to do flying we try to go straight up at height at height at height 30 meters height RC putus now RC lost I have to do this first like this the remote is lost remote control lost signal Tidak ada transmisi RT Pesawat tidak dapat mengirimkan gambar Ketuk confirm untuk RTH the drone lands on its own the drone lands on its own saya batalkan we try to go straight up try at a height of 14m we raise again its height we raise the height again we have to do it like this altitude at 30 meters is ok we try to fly at a height of 32 meters at a frequency of 5.8GHz this must be line of sight line of sight we put down GIMBAL 32 meters height 200m this rc position should be like this 300m 500m the signal is already weak RC signal lost RC signal still lost RC signal lost at 370m RC signal lost at 370m RC the signal is lost we do RTH RC not connected RC not connected RTH itself ok we try the test again Bismillahirrahmanirrahim (In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful) we take it off Yeah …. Al my friends I use what my friends are we put it down these are my friends I’m these are my friends I use these friends I will try to fly using this I will try to fly using this can be seen getting smoother … see we raise we raise this RC lost or not we’ll see at height at height 24m 25m 32m I rotate the dron I turn the drone in the same direction as the previous test we fly we fly we fly using the reflector What happened is it same or different we stop first we check What transmission do I use? 5.8GHz manual transmission on channel 153 exit we continue flying again fly 170m raise the drone while I raise it I raise at 40m I raise again I put my GIMBAL down to see at down weak signal he said I raise again at 50 meters these are friends you see 550m increase again my friends continue RC signal lost these are my friends we check 600m RC signal lost Aircraft not connected “Automatically RTH Itself” we do cancel auto RTH we return the direction again I canceled RTH we see the map … “the drone is in the opposite direction again as before” we try to continue flying again I did cancel RTH yes … this is the position we try again we continue dalam penerbangan still tight 680m 700m 750m 800m if up to 1000 meters I will go home I check hopefully up to 1000 meters raise again we check up to 1000 meters we go home raise again we check we continue to check up to 1000 meters 970m friends 970m OK 30 meters less my friends till 1000 meter Ok we back go home balik ke rumah our friends see I use what my friends? reflector parabolic reflector 1000 meters less 30 meters more on frequency at a 5.8GHz frequency at a 5.8GHz frequency on channel 153 in the manual position this is aircraft not connected can be seen my friends this is my friends i use this I use these my friends yes … look at that I use this please see …OK balik ke rumah at 5.8GHz so by using a parabolic reflector the shape is parabolic reflector this is whats reflect signal from antenna focused not radiating everywhere focused that see drone come he has worked until 970 meters 970 meters ….my friends at a height of 52 meters see if I like it (reflector facing down / to the ground) lost signal but if I like it (reflector is parallel to the drone) following the aircraft movements so this drone is very vulnerable dji mavic mini the frequency must be focused because of the antenna the antennas are on the front legs the antennas are on the front legs I canceled the landing landing I cancel my friends at frequency at frequency at 5.8GHz frequency I use this i use this friends parabolic reflector this is the signal the signal is not transmitted omni directionally but by using this reflector the frequency will be emitted instead of omni directional again but directional directional facing there this is the antenna this is the antenna of my friends one or two antennas this if I like it he (beam frequency) will be focused to the two antennas so at the moment this drone is flying like this so at the moment this drone is flying like this signal frequency from RC antenna to aircraft antenna directionally it’s at 5.8GHz Ok, my friends this afternoon I tried coincidentally soon the Maghrib prayer so I just tried at the 5.8GHz frequency the 5.8GHz frequency which according to CE Mode (RC Specifications) the maximum distance is 300 meters but by using this tool …. my friends can reach a distance of 1000 meters in CE Mode Ok, my friends see you again subscribe to my channel if you want sincere all my friends subscribe to my channel I will continue this video regarding mavic mini or fimi drone I will continue thank you friends a good afternoon SALAM UDARA

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