Is everyone fastened?If not then we’d get haters on us
“Hold on” It’s difficult to shoot a video after long break,but as I promised I’ll be on World Championships to do it Today is the last seminar with Dmitry Berestov in US, here he is and there is Dmitry Lapikov And here’s taxi driver, that’s how they look in Houston
“He got too insolent” She speaks RUssian?! She’s a friend of ours and owner of the gym where me,Dmitry Berestov,DMitry Lapikov and Maksim Mironov had seminars As I told today’s the last seminar and tomorrow we’ll be shooting championships I’m going to shoot the most important stuff only and those of you who are very interested in WL, can watch it on Eurosport Also I’m going to shoot behind the scenes,cause Dmitry Berestov and Dmitry Lapikov are acting strange here “How is it going?”
Well, it’s 9 p.m. and we’re working This is the view from gym in hotel where all the athletes stay and here’s the competition gym And we’ll go there after workout to support our guys As you could see I managed to lift 200 kg Pause Santch I starter to thing about 1,5 months ago in Melbourne and realized that I can progress in it if I’d do it regularly I focused on this exercise on purpose and people knew it,cause I posted that news That’s why people were asking me about it and was a little nervous The night before that snatch I was as nervous as before competitions When I snatched it I realized that it’s not my limit and I can try 205 kg It’s not my resoultion now,so you wouldn’t push me to do it, I’m not putting that goal for now, but theoretically I can try it in future I’ll be doing fitness and bodybuilding in December to prepare for Thai vacations 2 and to let my tendons and ligaments have some rest And in January I’ll start weightlifting again Everything’s great! Our guys are competing on a good level This competition is interesting to watch,even though organizers don’t have long experince in WL comps,but they did it great! That’s who I met here and Apti tell me how are you doing,cause recently the only thing I hear from you is talks about injuries Tell me how the competitions went for you? “Well, there’s not much I can say, you saw it yourself” “The only thing that I want to say is that there’s no blueprint in sport, no matter what program you do and how you train” “No matter what type of regimen you follow it’s unpredictable in sport” “WHen I was leaving a gym after training I didn’t have any doubts about in my head about my workout and if I didn’t finish something” “I did everything I should” What happened in the snatch?
Cause from the 1st attempt I could tell that it went wrong And what about C&J?
“On C&J I could use more of strength so I was more confident,but santch is very technical movement and small wrong movement and it’s all screwed up” You were showing yourself that bar is going back, what’s the reason?
“I guess it’s my technical mistake,cause my movement is not sharpened yet” We were talking with guys and came to a conclusion that all of your problems are coming from back injusry “Yes, it had a big impact on my technic and my workouts,cause my movements became wrong ” “And also I have imbalances now and my right shoulder gets 30% of load and left one 70% and so on” Do you have any serious injuries?
“Well, I feel sore now of course,but fortunately didn’t get any serious injuries yesterday” What kind of emotions do you have now?Are you dissapointed or angry?
“Only I know my emotions now”
Do you feel angry? “Of course I feel angry and now want to train even more, even though I was working my butt off in the gym, but it’s still not enough” “But I hope it’s for the best and I’ll take 1 step back to make 2 steps forward”
You said it like an Olympian who went through it all Well, you know it works and what to do and I wish you to turn up
“Thanks!” Hi! How is the business class?
Is that the only bag you came with?
“Yup,in lifting shoes and that’s it” How are you?
Was catering good in business class?
“It was great and I slept a lot” We fly back together
“In business class?”
Hell no! Artem,congratulations! Did you expect to win chamionship?
“I had that goal before coming here and was prepaing for it” “I went through a lot to get here and it was a long road and I was waiting for this moment long time” How old are you now?
I won wolrd champonships at 22. How many competitions you had as an adult? “Universiad and 2 world championships”
So 3?
“This is the 4th one” What do you think about your lifts, how much can you prgress in weight?
“Well, I think I can try to breK world record in C&J” When you attempted wordl record last year, were you stronger than today?
“No,I couldn’t prepare appropriately last year,cause I had back injury” You had back injury last year?
“Yes, me and Apti both were injured and this year I was healing back” So people are wathcing you now and asking that you’re 21 and already have injuries?
“Yup, it’s professional sport and you can’t avoid it” When did you get turnt up and realized that you would kick some ass?
“Well, it’s all depends on person and I’m the one who get turnt up at warmp-us in trainign hall” “And,of course, the audience and atmoshere is great and I wanted to lift there” What was your most memorable attempt?
“Well, the last 215 C&J and had some good fight while in scissors ” You know yourself better,do you think this victory would get you too relaxed before Rio?
Cause people forget world champions next year and never forget Olypic ones “No,I won’t get relaxed,cause it’s my goal already and I’ll prepare even harder and will heal my injuries so they wouldn’t leave any questions” I don’t want to look in the future,but athletes tend to end career after winning Olympics,would you end yours if you’d win? “I think I wouldn’t end my career,only if I’d have a serious injuries,but in any other case I’m doing it 14 years already and it’s my lifestyle and I can’t live without it” Wish your fans something for Christmas and you will more of them after victory “Guys,I wish you success and personal results and achievements, never give up and finish what you start, each loss is just an experience” I think you’ll have lots of wishes in comments
“I’ll watch it” I’m sitting now with winner and medalist of world championships and you ask how do they achieve they results, well… Here’s Apti Aukhadov and Artem Okullov and they’re getting them fries! Guys are learning to use Periscope Here’s new world champion in snatch
How this competition went for you? “I think it went well,cause i competed with strong guys and I hope I’ll do better next time” What are you future plans? Will you cross to 105 category?
“Yes,I will,cause I’m tired of training with injuries” How old are?
You have injuries already too
“Yup, I have back injury and hope you’ll see me next time in 105” Artem,how does it feel to be a star?
“It feels like this” “That’s my star scepter and I will visit competitions like this” Artem,control yourself, it’s lots of temptations here
“A lot!”

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