Do Fuel Additives Work in Your Car?

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to show you how modern
fuel injection cleaning systems work, now I’ve been working on cars for the last
46 years, so I’ve seen a lot of changes in both the cars and the gasoline that
goes in them, so needless to say, cleaners at work 45 years ago, aren’t going to work that
good today for two main reasons, first modern gasoline has up to 10% ethanol in
it, and second, many modern cars like this
Volkswagen, have gasoline direct injection systems, that often lead to
carbon buildup inside the engine, now if you’re using an old-fashioned additive
like seafoam, it doesn’t have the additives that are going to work with
alcohol and with gasoline direct injection systems all that well, it’s
called seafoam for a reason, that was originally used for two stroke outboard
motor engines, but today even most outboard motor engines are four-stroke
engines, so if you want to keep your engine and fuel system clean, you need an
additive that can work with four-stroke motors, and with gasoline it has ethanol
in it, now the naphtha and the pale oil that’s inside the seafoam works great on
two-stroke motors, they need oil in the gas anyways to make them run, but if
you’re driving a modern car, especially if it has gasoline direct injection, and
the fuel has a lot of ethanol in it, you need an additive that’s made just for
that, a modern car with modern gas, not an old motorboat engine, now the main
cleaning ingredient in gumout is polyetheramine, or PEA, it’s a nitrogen based
cleaner, where do you see those signs at the Shell gas station that’s a nitrogen
powe,r it’s the same stuff that they’re using, it will clean the inside of your
engine really well especially if you have a gasoline direct injection, where
the carbon buildup often occurs if you don’t have enough cleaner, and it also
has corrosion inhibitors, so when you pour it in a gas tank,
it keeps the ethanol and the gasoline from corroding your system, now I’ve had a lot
of complaints from my own customers saying they hate that gasoline that has
ethanol, because it makes their cars run poorly, it can actually corrode stuff,
but if you have anti corrosion inhibitors in it, it won’t hurt your car, now
I know some people are going say, hey why should I listen to that guy what does he
know what he’s talking about, well actually I don’t believe what most
people tell me either, so you can do what I do, use the stuff
and test it, I use my borescope to look inside the engines once you take a spark
plug out, to see if the stuff’s actually cleaning, you don’t have to buy real
expensive, one you can get them for 80 or 90 bucks nowadays, they’re all made in
China, just do like I did, take out a spark plug, just put it in a hole and
look inside before you use the cleaner, then run two or three tanks full
full of gas with a can of this stuff in, and then check it out with a borescope
again to see if it’s clean, here’s a before a picture with the piston all
clogged up with carbon, and here’s the later picture, where you can see it’s
much cleaner, so if you’re like me and you want your car to last forever,
you might try some of this gumout multi-system cleaner, and remember if you
have any car questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel

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  2. Question I have a 2005 Dodge neon with 40,000 miles…. 95 Toyota Tercel with a hundred and forty thousand miles…. Is it okay to use the seafoam additive in the oil and also the gasoline… Enjoy all your videos thank you for your knowledge

  3. Did I understand correctly that if it's 2 stroke engine, use seafoam, if 4 stroke, use Gumout tuneup? I got a 2.3l 98 honda accord. Any idea if it's a 2 or 4 stroke engine? Thanks!

  4. I had an 89 Crown Vic. Everey 35000km I had to put injector cleaner in the fuel tank. The car would be running so bad it would start bucking while driving. After adding the injection cleaner and burning a quarter tank of gas the, car would be running perfect

  5. I changed from using Techron cleaner to the Gumout cleaner with PEA in it (the can looks different that what Scotty shows in this video, but is apparently the same thing). My fuel economy improved, and this was over 1,500 miles of testing, by 0.9 mpg, a large increase. Hard to fight data.

  6. Were you paid by Gumout company in anyway?
    Please be honest because it dose make a difference if you’re honest and upfront with your viewers. There are many people saying that you were paid by Gumout.
    Is this True?

  7. Hey so I have a 2008 Nissan Sentra with about 128,000 miles. What would be safe to use on this car, assuming that no one has tried to clean the engine before? I want something that’ll be safe on the car

  8. "why shall i listen to that guy? what does he know what he is talking about?
    well actually i don't believe what most people tell me either, so you go do what i do, use the stuff and test it!" HAHAHA Scotty Kilmer da man!

  9. How do additives work on GDI engines as they never enter the intake manifold. We need something to clean the valves

  10. Overuse something like 5 bottles of STP 5-in-1 additives for gasoline on just one tank is bad for the vehicle? My friend put almost 5 bottles in one month, the car always presented problems of detonation and the person exaggerated in the doses of additive for injector cleanings but until the moment nothing happened.

    Its bad for the car? The car its a Corsa 1.0 Turbo 115hp 2015

  11. "They are all made in CHINA!" LMAO You deserve a show on TV! More Entertaining than anything I've watched in years! KEEP ON TRUCKIN' W/VIDEOS!

  12. Hey Scotty. How about that new product Lucas put out? "Lucas Complete engine Treatment" ??????? That's the name of it

  13. Hey Scotty, got a quick question for ya…. I have a 2013 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi with 125000 on it, I have had it since it was born bought it with 3 miles all highway miles I used to work about 10 hours away from my house I've done run nothing but name brand gasoline in it, and had the oil changed every 5000 with synthetic blend Valvoline, recently it has started to have almost like a cam lope (like a cammed V8) no codes and fuel efficiency is still the same just curious if there's any additive so I can run through the engine to try to clean it out, I'll pull a lot with it but I don't dog it out or beat the hell out of it I've taken extremely good care of it I just don't want it to start giving me issues I've seen some of your videos and I know you're not exactly ecstatic about dodges and the ram engines but I've had good luck out of mine just want to keep a rolling along if you have any pointers or things I can do I would greatly appreciate it. I absolutely love your videos I think you are funny as hell and you get your point across I watch you all day at work thank you

  14. I know this right because I can actually FEEL the difference in my direct injection vehicle when driving (especially when accelerating)! But what I'm wondering, now that I have a turbo charged engine, is what to make of the claims I'm hearing about potential damage to a turbo from fuel injector cleaners?

  15. I must disagree with the seafoam.

    I use this regularly on motorcycle carbs and gas tanks.

    Must say seafoam is the best carb cleaner without rebuilding.

  16. I love the comment section every now and then I find some gems, people who used fuel additives and claim their Toyota echo turned into a Lamborgini right after using the fuel additive.

  17. What do you think about Berryman B-12 Chemtool Fuel System Cleaner ? I've been using it for years , maybe decades.

  18. Your 94 Celica could last 1 million miles vs. 950,000 miles if you use this stuff. All fuel today has the additives in it to keep the injectors clean and your engine clean. No need to waste money extra additives. The engine was not really gummed up at all. All that cleaner made it look better, but it did not change the performance or longevity of the engine. It might even hurt the engine if you strip away the little bit of carbon buildup.

  19. Hey Scotty do you recommend this for motorcycles? I’ve got about sixty five hundred miles on my Yamaha R3. I love your videos btw. Fellow native Houstonian ✌🏼

  20. Scotty how do you apply this kind of products? With empty tank then fill up for good mix up , or half full the top up with fuel? Thanks for the info!

  21. Scotty, a guy in the comments below seems to think you showed a picture of a new piston for the "after" shot. I really put stock in what you say so I hope he isn't on to something.

  22. Hey Scotty, I have looked at a lot of videos using a borescope testing various fuel system cleaners including Gumout. None of them show such a dramatic difference as your video which is night and day. Almost all of them seem to make a barely noticeable difference. Now most of the tests ran it either once or twice only. You suggested either three or four tanks. Are you really suggesting that fuel injection cleaner three tanks is what made this dramatic difference?

  23. I used Lucas upper cylinder lubricant and it gave me a code for o2 sensors. They are brand new less than 3 mos old!!!!!

  24. Hi there Scotty! Do you recommend this Gumout fuel additive for a 2015 Yamaha R3 fuel injected motorcycle? Love your videos ✌🏼

  25. Scotty i used a fuel injector cleaner just before i went on a 400km trip and during the trip i noticed my 4runner was revving more than 2000rpm then after driving for an hour or so the check engine light came on. I reached my destination and the next morning i started my car and the check engine light was gone. I started driving after a couple of mins i again noticed my car wasn't revving more than 1500rpm and the check engine light came back on.

  26. Hell. Thanks Scotty. Used to be a car guy, have been focusing on work and my new career, however, I have a lot of time off and an old 04 F150 4.6l 2v 2wd that I just pulled out the garage. Ol' girl is going to get some lovin' now !!

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