Hi guys welcome to my channel and thank you for seeing this video todays video its about math Physics and there significant in aviation It is important to know ,how to calculate because every one use an calculator when things need to be calculated right and you actually need to understand Physics when you are flying an aeroplane I received tons of questions about math and physics and it seems there are still a lot of uncertainty about these subjets So here is the video about it , the short answer is of course Yes and yes. it is very important to have an basic understanding of physics and maths You have to know how to calculate quickly, precisely and byheart Flying aeroplane is all about Mathematics and physics . just think about it for an second how an airplane, able to take off with all that weight,how does lift and drag work and how do you calculate or distance an airplane need to fly in order to maintain,3degree Glyde angle down to the runway during the flight traning you have to pass 14 theoretical subjects some of those requried an basic understanding of math and physics Because you have to deal with formulas and calculation Principals of flight,mass and balance General naviation and Flight planiing and monitoring are just an few subjects that are all about Calculations , if you never have to do something Similar you will have huge, disadvantage to your flight traning Training is really intense ,there is simply no time To learn how to do math or physics ,when you are in it already Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to be incredibly good if you want to become an pilot, however you need to come first and understand different formulas and graphs quickly So basic understanding, of both subjects is really required, ohms law, turn radius Law of movement ,point of equal time Point of equal turn, the partial formula and the lift formula Are just some examples you will during the traning, if you think you are done calculating ,after the flight training then you are wrong, airlines have many different maths and physics test in order to select and asset, the people quickly During there assesment, you are often expected To calculate many different mathematical questions in a very limited amount of time ,with just an piece of paper& pen there is simply ,no way you can pass an selection process like this, if you haven’t partice before that As an airline pilot ,you face specific calculation on an daily bases Calculating fuel Cross wind ,tail wind ,endurance Time or checking the load sheet is all part of the job most of these calculation are done by calculator is usually not possible Or not really efficient ,but of course there is hope as always if you are watching this thinking Ok , im not that kind of person, who is able to that yet then there is no need to worry at all Math and physics are very easy to partice So are you still in high school then then you better make sure that you add these course to your curriculum and if you are little bit older and you left high school on an year ago then you remember that you are never to old to learn There are planty of institutions & websites out there that offer course for adults so if you are some one not really good at maths and physics just get the member ship and make sure you ace the mathematic and Physics test, this is some additional information For all my dutch viewers , out here when you entered 4th class of high school you have to choose an study program right ,well i choose long time ago, nature and techie with math b i choose math b , because this math is more oriented on like exacty sciences , if you are an hardwork student you need to go math b Math a is simply not enough Physics is always required

100 thoughts on “DO PILOTS Need MATH And PHYSICS? The Real ANSWER

  1. Mam i am from india……i have fear of maths &physics ….my ambition is to become pilot ….plz tell me the way to fear out….i am in 8 class

  2. hélio translation into portugueses I lives your videos ytube my english is basuc I more lesse língues please legend tanto you Tertuliano Brazil

  3. Wacht…. Heb je geen BiNaS bij die selectie toetsen hier? Anders zou ik echt dood gaan, zonder binas kan ik helemaal niks aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (ook niet zonder rekenmachine)

  4. complete bullshit…You just need to know how to plus minus devide multiply only..i.e. basic maths, dont need to know integeration differentiation or conservation of energy and momentum or projectile motion to become a pilot. you wil be flying the plane in the cockpit, not solving equations on the handrest.

  5. my problem and only problem is money , I love maths and physics but I don't have money to pay my the training :/ 🙁 🙁

  6. Very discouraging video to people who don’t excel me math. Listen Ive graduated flight school and I’m looking for a job now. I have very basic understand of physics but I graduated 5th in my class out of 52. This is a load of bull. So negative in my opinion

  7. Once you can add subtract multiply divide and can read graphs you’re golden for the math part. For the physics part there a few laws of physics you will encounter but these are memory items(things you should just remember), like how planes life. This video it’s very misleading tbh. And if you want check out mentour pilot someone who knows what they are saying and been in the airline for yearssss

  8. I don't care about physics theories and trigonometry. Most can understand those given enough effort. What I fear is stuff like calculus. Do u need to know calculus to do ATPL maths/physics?

  9. You don’t need maths or physics you just need basic things don’t trust what shes saying you can be at high school and take a social grade or somthing that dosn’t include maths and later you can go in the flight academy ok shes only been paid bye the company that shes saying

  10. I'm currently in 11th grade, and I take those important subjects – but I really hate physics coz I get so confused.. I really love maths – not very good at it..

  11. Hi… I am from India. I have completed my engineering in computer science stream and I wanted to become a pilot.
    I Want some more details about how to take admission in flying academy and from which courses I have to do through…

  12. If you're Malaysian and haven't graduate from SPM you might read this

    1.if you're science-side student you need to tackle the physic and get atleast B+
    2.if you are not a science-side student you need to tackle general science and get atleast A-

    others requirement (atleast)
    1. Maths B
    2.English B (A would be even better if you are willing to)
    3.BM B
    4.And last but not least 2 credits on other subject

  13. Presumably, you need to be calculating fuel, V speeds, maximum gliding distance incase of engine failure, and probably much more..
    Anyways i'm going to watch this video now xD

  14. I'm alright at maths but its one of my weakest areas but im very keen and eager to learn on how to operate an aircraft. I know quite a lot about airplanes more on the science side but the maths and Physics side I'm not so good at. I would like more advice and essential math formulas that a pilot must know

  15. Very glad to see this video…

    Young people who are interested in a pilot career need to understand that flight is all about math and physics…yes you can become a private pilot without much math…(you will still need some basic math just to pass the written exams)…

    But if you want to be a professional airline pilot you will need more…if you want to become a test pilot, you will need an engineering degree…some of the better air forces of the world put you through what amounts to an engineering education just to earn your wings…

    The more math and physics you have, the better…

  16. I disagree with her however if math isn't your strong point. Get knowledgeable on airline math before training, problem solved. Give yourself a weeks time to learn all there is with flight math.

  17. What are you trying to do ? Scare people off about becoming pilots lol. We use maths everyday we just have to apply it to aviation. If the person sets their mind into it and they are willing nothing can stop them. Instead of saying all that you should be encouraging people.

  18. Do you think math is difficult? here is a sample of admission pilot test in my country. Brace yourselves!

  19. So what do you need to study in high school?I'm so anxious that if I can't understand physics in high school.

  20. I am 14 years old I am planning to be a pilot I learned how to drive by books and I am training math and physics to get ready for the atp

  21. i am not very good at math and physics but still i passed ppl and now i am getting my atpl training i am not saying we don't need them , we need to learn but we don't have to be perfect. we should learn enough

  22. I agree with eUK95, this video, although informative seems to put people off being pilots, because it makes it seem much harder, more selective and unreachable than it really is. After doing a lot of research, specifically about the requirements of my country’s airlines (Australia) it is not as important to ace maths and physics as it is made out in this video. Other than that, it was a good video.

  23. Someone help me out of this and make me calm down because can or not be a pilot without physics? Help me :')))))))

  24. Is 19% out of 100% good for a pilot? Nope… But seriously, I'm training to be a Recreational Pilot and I'm nearly halfway Sweet!

  25. Dutchpilotgirl you make me more inspire becoming a pilot someday even though im not good at math. There is nothing impossible with God! I would go for it, and I know that I can!

  26. The thing I like most about math & physics is that they are part of the EXACT nature of our universe.  They are absent of  opinions.  The closest they come to opinions is new theories and even then they are not classified as facts until they are proven without a scientific doubt.  Fakers, liars & pretenders have a very short timespan in math & physics and I like this very much.  The rules are clear, precise & logical in math & physics and I like this very much; I always know what the rules of the game are.

  27. I am 14 and i chose physic, computer science,additional maths economics and accounting for O level.I plan to take computer science, Physics and maths as my principal subject for A level,can i still become a pilot without chemistry or an aeronautical engineer?I wont have any chemistry degrees

  28. I think all pilots should learn from other pilots successful stories; the topic from this video made me think of how pilots Robert Pearson and Maurice Quintal saved everyone in a B 767 using a slip manoeuvre to lower altitude without gaining much speed, the Gimli Glider:

  29. Guys we don’t need math and physics and we only need memorizing control and only very basic maths and physics just don’t screw up the stuff

  30. Lol I guarantee using a calculator WILL be way more efficient than using my brain on the fly like how your describing it to be. But it just sounds like pilots do basic addition and multiplication while on duty just like any other technical jobs.

  31. I knew there was math and physics but I just didn't know the complexity/difficulty. If anyone could give me an example of the type of math that would help a lot. I just want to know what to expect because I'm not good at math at all. I hate it.

  32. Mrs. Dutch pilot, may you please tell me how you got into flight school. Because I have one more year of high school and I'm going to write my IGCSE Cambridge exams next year and tell me all the subjects I need to pay attention to and focus on. Please reply quickly and thank you

  33. Hello!! would there be a need to perform and learn higher mathematical techniques such as linear calculus (integration and differentiation)?

  34. Mi piace Milano molto. Ho visitato Milano due volte. In fact I was so impressed by Italy that, I too, was inspired to learn Italian. I just returned from Europe and Amsterdam was my point of entry. I studied Nederlance prior to going but I had never been exposed to it and there’s just no way to get a feel for a language until you’re attempting to speak to a native speaker while looking the person in the face and listening to the real living language. Thank god my flight lessons are generally easier and more fun than language (not by much because deep down, people are a little scary with makes it an adventure).

  35. Thanks for the website recommendation, I just signed up. Need it for better understanding of math and physics for my cadet interview preparation. You are awesome!

  36. Girl please this website is takes all my money! Give some free advice ?? I want to start practicing my math and physics but not to pay for it

  37. Kind of over exaggerated. Its required great to know… but you cannot do those calculations at the required pace…. during the jet age let's say when we had the 100 and 200 737 series… pilots were expected to do mathematics based on formulas but the complicated stuff was always done by the FLIGHT ENGINEER and thus we had non precision and semi-precision approaches….. fast forward to 2019 we have stuff which is incredibly precise and no flight engineer too, these complex calculations are done by the FMC/MCDU in a very dynamic environment which is augmented by ATSU, it's all about how fast those calculations can be performed repeatedly so that you can also derive the deviation from mean and to which extent, then we have the EFB and the list just goes on. You want to do those calculations all by yourself read about kinematics, parabola and vectors. With that knowledge try and solve a question with non variable data and see how much time it takes, long story short if you are doing that and flying …all at the same time it's going to be a disaster. About flying modern jet…. you need to learn how to manage systems get the necessary flying skills and more important than anything else experience….. the answer lies in muscle memory and motor coordination.

  38. I am an engineering student so if I pass engineering mathematics so aviation mathematics is just piece of cake for me

  39. …Opps…
    I have a friend who sucked at math but wanted to be a pilot
    when he watched this video he broke into tears "/

  40. this nigga is talking shit. she sounds like it is a math degree. when you don't know shit then don't share wrong informations. fucking piece of shit

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