48 thoughts on “Does Your Fish Tank Need an Air Pump? | Aquarium Care

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  2. Really easy to understand way of explaining thanks! I just got a small tank today only 90L but good size for the room, heading to the pet store today to get stuff to prep the tank for a few week before adding the fish, can't wait!

  3. I broke the suction cups on my wall bubble thingy and I'm a little fearful for not adding the wall bubbles in there. Is this safe? I have Oscar Fish.

  4. please help I have 2 goldfish and they both go to the top of the tank and release bubbles so do I need a air pump for oxygen. plzzzz can someone reply back

  5. can you just add a air pump to your water pump where it sucks the water to make smaller bubbles where the water comes out?

  6. I've never used a air pump in my tanks other than my five gallon I use to have, I have two filters in my 30 gallon and there is a 2 inch gap I've never had a problem I had 3 fantails that lived in it for a year with no air pump. I now have tropical fish and they to are getting more than enough air, air pumps are noisy I prefer not to use one and you don't need a air pump if you have a good flowing filter and a decent gap between the water and the flow.

  7. Air pumps put more air in the tank if you have a beast of a filter you don't need one. Even if you need one and dont want one your fish will stay alive you'll just notice that they stay at the top of the tank more often than not. Ingore all these retards in the comments. Air pumps are not needed they will make your fish more comfortable though, it's their form of a A/C

  8. at night photosynthesis will not take place ,so plants cant produceO2 ,so did it consume O2 which is needed for my fishes??my and gaurami died after i putting plantss pls any one help me…………….

  9. Air pumps are way too NOISY as hell and not necessary but cheaper specially if you are using a sponge filter. If you are using a water pump for your water filter, just allow the water to splash down to agitate the water and cause bubbles in the water. If you are using a hang-on back filter, the surface agitation is sufficient enough. If your using over the top filter, just remove the nose to get higher elevation hence better water agitation. Use common sense for other kinds of water filter.

  10. My fish is sick and im healing him i check his temreture every few mins. But it doesnt have a air pump it goes up for air every few mins is this bad???

  11. just need sufficient moving water surface. No need to break the surface. air pumps disturb the water surface.. the bubbles give very little oxygen.


  13. can i just use a 10 gallon air pump in my 55 gallon tank? i dont need alot of air bubbles just a little something extra for the fish to enjoy life. so why would i need a bigger pump, wont the small pump still push out some air in the tubing?

  14. My 3 gallon aquarium doesn't have air pump for 3 days now because it was out of order for whatever reason, and I'm noticing my fishes seems very sluggish. They used to be hyper active. I think the broken air pump has something to do with that.

  15. Hi sir,,I have a fish tank,,, in my house, i plan to buy a koi fish,, but my fish tank,, have a air pump only available,, it's okay for the koi,??

  16. If you give lecture, start off by explaining what the topic is. For example, if the topic is air pumps you firts explain what are air pumps.

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