*dat amazing meter animation* For every Aluma in the city there’s a Doluma Caaaabbb! The train’s at 3 only right – I’ve already booked a cab! We’ll have an awesome ‘thala pongal’ celebration! Okay? Hello, I’m calling from Doluma cabs, you’ve booked a cab? Yes, Sir. Thank you for looking up Doluma cabs, please stay on the line. Thank you for staying on line with Doluma cabs, what car you want? Send me an Innova sir, physical mop. Sir, stay on line a bit more, thank you. Sir, thanks for staying on line sir. Note my address and send the car quickly. What car you want?
– I told you already – Innova!! Uh, sorry sir, we’ve got only (TATA) Indigos.. K send it. Uh, sorry sir, even that got booked just as you were thinking. But there’s an estilo – shall I book that? Tell me immediately and I’ll book it. Alright, send me that. Uhh, No. 6 Parthasary Street, T. Nagar. Hello Sir, this is Mark from Doluma Cabs. Ah Mark, could you please tell me your exact location – where you are? Uhhh…Sir… Doluma Cab Mark speaking sir… Yeah Mark, I could hear you. Where you are? Uh Sir, my name is Markandeyan. They call me Mark out of affection. Sir…sir, can you tell in Tamil? Where are you bro? In the car sir. Bro, where are you?? I need to go to central station. Ah, okay sir! *beep* helloo?? Sir, hello sir. Doluma cab Mark speaking. Bro, you know the way right?? How will I know sir? Then why did you cut the phone?? Uhhhh….. Uhh..ehh…Doluma cabs, Markandeyan speaking sir! Okay, I’ll tell you the address correctly now – follow it and come. In T. Nagar correctly.. I know T. Nagar route sir, I know, I know. *cuts call* Sir, you don’t worry sir. Will be there in 5 minutes. 5 minutes! Ah sir, tell me sir! Where are you man?? In the car only sir 🙂 Where’s the car at bro? *snooze* Its in full traffic! When will you ever come? Sir, will come in exactly 5 minutes! Now, tell me correctly: In which area, and on which road, are you driving your car on?!?! On the main road! Uhhh.. Will come in 5 mins sir. *rage mode on* Sir, where are you sir? I’m here only…where are you though? Dindigul sir.
– Dindigul?! Sir, Dindigul Thalappakatti. You’ve come there huh. Okay, from there.. Wait for 5 mins, will come! Eh? Sir, where are you exactly? Yo, where the heck are you?? Sir, I’m in the ca..
– Tell that once more and…! Sir, I’ve arrived sir. You’ve come?? Where are you sir? I’m standing outside only. See here sir – I’m also standing outside only. Pink colored car – I’m showing my hand – look! I can’t see sir…what road are you on? I’m standing on Parthasarthy road – German hall. German Hall?? Why did you go there sir?! Why I went there…? Yo, where did YOU go?! Sir, I didn’t go sir. You only told me to come – so I came! I’m at Central Station. Come quickly. Can’t park it here. Yo, I booked a cab to GO TO central. What ya mean by going there and asking me to come?! Idiot boy, keep the phone! Sir… Sir, Doluma Cabs Markandeyan speaking sir. Sorry for misunderstand sir. Tell me the way from central to your house. Exactly 5 mins – be there sir! Be there! Sir…? Ma, tell me. Whom are you speaking to for 2 days?? 2 days…2 days…?? We ourselves have come to Chennai for Kaanum Pongal. Now, you better come and pick us up on central station. Okay mom, you stay there. I’ll.. I’ll…do something. Just stay there, wait – I’ll come. Sir, Doluma Cabs Markandeyan speaking sir. You’re at central only right? Do one thing – my mom’s there. Pick her up and come. Apologies, your Doluma Cab booking has been cancelled. If you want to do a new booking, you can do it yourself through your mobile app. This is Markandeyan from Doluma Cabs. Senior driver. Like me, for all those who’ve suffered trying to go home, On Madras Meter’s behalf, I wish you a happy Pongal! Anyways, happy Pongal to you all. Pray for us also, okay? If you want to continue enjoying our hardships subscribe to Madras Meter. Uh, there’ll be a red button in the bottom. If you press it like you press a horn, it’ll get you subscribed! Okay? 🙂

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