Dr. Schwartz: To be able to be a part of their lives from puppies to their older years to when we all have to say goodbye is hard because you become part of their family. I feel like I’m losing my own dog over and over again, which makes it difficult, but I wouldn’t trade that to not be a part of their lives for that long It’s never long enough, but then it’s the other side that’s rewarding and the relationships that you build for all those years that help you keep going. Toby is an amazing, sweet golden retriever that I’ve been taking care of for numerous years. Bob was telling me that he thought he was just having a little bit more difficulty getting up, a little slower to rise, maybe lagging behind on a walk. Bob: It broke my heart when I saw Toby is not doing what he used to do. Dr. Schwartz: You have to have that mindset that they’re bringing me their pet, their family member, for a reason and that pet can’t say what’s wrong. He was definitely slowing down from arthritis. I felt Galliprant was the best option for Toby. It has one job to do, which is to block that inflammatory mediator that’s causing his pain from his osteoarthritis. I think we all do our best in trying to minimize how many times a day an owner has to give medication. Galliprant is nice because it’s just once a day. I think the owner compliance is much greater in situations like that. With Toby, I’m very optimistic. Bob: Come on Tobs, come on, Toby. Good boy. You can just see his face. He’s so much happier. Dr. Schwartz: His recovery is been truly remarkable. It helps a bond form a little bit stronger. Bob is happy, I’m happy, and I think Toby’s happy too. We hear that a lot. “Oh, it’s just a dog.” It’s like a knife in the heart because, to be honest, it’s not just a dog. To me, It’s not just a dog. My purpose in life is to be a veterinarian and I really sincerely could not imagine doing anything else.

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