Dr Trust Eco Rechargeable Weighing Scale – Zeus

introducing the dr. trust Zeus eco recharge personal scale for high-precision eco-friendly weight tracking this sleek and stylish black scale is perfect for any modern home and can hold up to 150 kilograms in weight with a built in long-lasting rechargeable battery and included USB cable you can charge your scales from your laptop tablet or even wall adapter without ever needing to buy new batteries the red LED display keeps your weight measurements safe from prying eyes giving you the privacy you need when tracking your weight and allowing you to weigh any time of day or night we’ve even included anti-slip feet for added safety and protection on any surface to get started place the scales on a hard flat surface and step on and off again to initiate calibration when the scales show zero step on and stand still with your weight evenly spread across both feet the display remains steady when an accurate measurement has been taken if there has been an error in the reading or the scale has been overloaded the display will show eat our own and if the scale needs charging it will display lo4 low battery the scales will turn off automatically after a few moments to conserve energy keep track of your weight the Eco way with the doctor trust Zeus eco recharge personal scale dr. trust trusted for life you

10 thoughts on “Dr Trust Eco Rechargeable Weighing Scale – Zeus

  1. @drTrust , please inform how to change weight unit from st to kg.
    In manual its written press the button above LCD, but there is no button above LCD.

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